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Little Cooking Saint – 0299 – Grilled Rushan (b)

Chapter 299 – Grilled Rushan or Grilled Cheese Lollipop (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Seven days of flying later, the giant eagle perched on top of a mountain peak.

When Shiyu looked down from the mountain peak, she observed a sprawling city that was no less prosperous than the Imperial Capital.

“We’re here,” Shiyu jumped off the eagle’s back, followed by Liu Eleven and his group as well as Uncle Wang [1]. She waved at Feng Luo and Lin Fan, “You don’t have to stop with us. Just go straight to Profound Sky. I look forward to hearing your feats of legends!”

“Sure thing!” Feng Luo called back cheerfully.

Lin Fan stared at Shiyu for a moment before jumping off the giant eagle and said to her, “I have something I wish to speak to you about.”

Shiyu looked at his expression, then at the others around them for a moment. Finally, she pointed out to a location not too far away and said, “Let’s go over there and talk,”

The two people made their way there. When Feng Luo saw the three newcomers eyeing the disappearing duo, [2] he quickly jumped down and gathered with them to watch the drama unfold from a distance.

[2] Please read this at kitchennovel dot com ~

When Shiyu felt they had reached a good distance, [2] enough to pretend the others were not listening or watching from a distance, she turned to Lin Fan and said, “What is it?”

Lin Fan breathed in deeply. His lips and tongue suddenly felt dry. The words broiling within him suddenly felt difficult to get out.

Once the words are spoken, would their friendship become awkward?

When Shiyu saw his awkward face, she was struck by a sudden premonition. Her eyelids jumped and she had a weird feeling that she knew just what he was trying to say.

Just as Lin Fan managed to adjust his mentality and said, “Xiao Shi, I…”

“Hold it!” Shiyu held up her hand, stopping him from speaking.

Everything about Lin Fan screams ‘love confession’… leaving her with a sudden very unspeakable feeling. On the one hand, because Lin Fan is the local Male Lead, he is destined to have a lot of peach blossoms stuck to him in the future. Although his collection might not be as complete as the original goods ([2] see dead Xue Qingge and that one long forgotten childhood friend, Lu Yan or was it Lu Mo?) It is a fact that he would have more than a few peach blossoms stuck to him.

On the other hand, from all the novels and movies she had seen, a confession should be something that is done just before the final push for victory. The bugle horn for the final charge. It should not be wasted at the starting line.

When she first saw this theory, she thought it made a lot of sense and kept it in her mind. Now, facing an imminent confession from the Male Lead, it suddenly came to her mind.

Perhaps Lin Fan had some good feelings for her now. As for how long it would last or whether these feelings would grow or fade with time, no one could tell. Not even Lin Fan himself.

As for herself, she did not have any feelings of ‘liking’ towards Lin Fan. Personally, [3] as a proper working adult woman in her past life, she prefers a man who could give her a sense of security rather than a handsome dashing Male Lead. [3] Those are better appreciated from a distance, like in novels or TV dramas.

Since there are no feelings of love, it’s better to speak clearly and cut off this mess at its roots lest it moulders and turned into some kind of weird drama for her future self.

“Lin Fan, since we came from the same hometown, I have always treated you as a brother (golden thigh). Once you leave, we have no idea when we’ll see each other again. However, no matter what, I hope that you’ll find your happiness.”

Lin Fan knew he was being politely rejected and felt a little wronged. However, he was not discouraged.

“Why can’t my happiness be with you?”

“But, my happiness isn’t with you,”

Lin Fan suddenly found it difficult to breathe, “Is there no chance at all?”

“At least, that’s my current opinion now,”

Lin Fan breathed in deeply. He felt a little sad but still managed a smile. “I understand. It’s getting a little windy now, we should go back.”


The two returned to where the [4] eagle was waiting in silence. Feng Luo looked between the two of them and at the ambiguous atmosphere between them. His gossipy persona surged and he said, “You two…”

Shiyu grinned at him, showing teeth, “You try and guess. However, whatever comes out of your mouth would be forever remembered by me. Let me tell you now, I am the very vengeful type…”

“Ahem, ahem,” Feng Luo suddenly stood very upright, looking every bit like the heir to a large clan. “What I wish to say is, ahem, are you done speaking? If so, we should be off.”

“Haha, go ahead. Have a pleasant journey. Please remember that your life is the most important thing. Make sure to come back alive,” Shiyu repeated her goodbyes again, [5] feeling a little numbed by now from all the emotional upheavals of the day.

After the events at Dawn City, a new kind of feeling kept brewing within her. She had a feeling that, after saying goodbye to many people, it’s possible that she would never see them again.

Life, after all, is filled with incidents. Like a game with a basic clearance level, it’s possible that more than half of the people she encounters would be eliminated before they could reach the middle of the game.

A kind-hearted person may not necessarily live long; the wicked may not die quickly. Such is the world.

The giant eagle shook itself and got ready to fly. Lin Fan looked down and suddenly said, “Now doesn’t include the future, I will work hard.”

Shiyu laughed and waved at him.

Well, if she could become the reason for someone to work hard, that’s not bad either.

After the two young men disappeared into the clouds, Shiyu looked around. Liu Eleven, Ling Xiaoxiao and Gan Ping stared back at her. She said, “Let’s go, we have a task to complete here.”

Of the three newcomers, Gan Ping looked the calmest. Still, they were all quite excited to be outside of their familiar stomping grounds. As young people, Liu Eleven and Ling Xiaoxiao were the most thrilled. They cast their eyes about yearningly, as though they couldn’t wait to just fly out into the world.

The city at the bottom of the mountain was called Grand Martial City. Shiyu had no idea why it was called Grand Martial City but the reason she chose to stop here was due to its geological terrain.

The whole of Ninth Realm was divided into the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range, the Oceans and the 6 Continents. Grand Martial City sat on a narrow strip of land squashed between Spiritual Beast Mountain Range and the ocean, just like a human neck. In order to get to Profound Sky Empire from the Eastern Martial Empire, one must pass through this strip of land. That is why she decided to camp on this stretch of the throat.

The country where Grand Martial City was situated was called the Sacred Universe Kingdom whose custom was entirely different from Eastern Martial Empire. One is close to the sea, the other is mountainous; one is in the north, the other south. Here, one could see the mix of different cultures and traditions from the vastly diverse buildings within the Grand Martial City.

Structures made from wood, stone and even some treehouses and various suspended buildings could be seen. At every turn, it was as though they had stepped into a completely different country.

Seeing Liu Eleven and everyone else’s interest, Shiyu asked Uncle Wang to accompany them while she strolled around Grand Martial City on her own.

As the main transportation hub of Sacred Universe Kingdom, anyone heading towards north or south would have to pass by this neck of woods. Therefore, it’s very convenient for her to inquire after news from all directions.

The population was not limited to within Grand Martial City alone. On the contrary, houses and mansions lined the road towards the city, making the roads just as busy as the city. At the intersection of the main road was a teahouse. The building looked like it had been there for many years.

With so many customers going to and fro, of course, the patrons of this teahouse were many.

Shiyu stood at the intersection and studied the traffic. She quietly nodded to herself: Yes, this is good. A waiter hurried over to her and warmly welcomed her into the teahouse. She followed the waiter in and sat down with a pot of tea, taking her time to observe the comings of and goings of people as she leisurely enjoyed her tea.

She sat until evening fell. The waiter’s temper was quite good. When he noticed she had no intention of leaving, he did not prompt her to leave and still smiled at her whenever he came to top up her tea.

Once it was full dark, the people were much fewer. Finally, the last of the customer left and Shiyu said to the waiter, “Is it convenient for the owner to see me? I wish to purchase this teahouse.”

The waiter was taken aback. Still, he managed a smile and said, “Miss, our teahouse can’t be sold so casually.”


The owner was not short of money after all. To suddenly sell such a profitable and strategically placed teahouse, this little miss must be daydreaming.

[Gumihou: Hmm, Shiyu’s attitude reminds me of someone… who was it again? I think it was a certain girl in green…?]

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[1] Adjusted Detail for Logistic Purpose: Poor Uncle Wang was forgotten again. Sed…

[2] Added Details for Comedic Purpose: A scene was supposed to be funny, but was made awkward by the lack of details. Please allow Gumihou to supplement. This includes the page break.

[3] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Give reference to her working adult self.

[4] Adjusted Details for Logistic Purposes: In the original text, ‘they returned to the eagle’s back’… like, why is Shiyu climbing onto the back of the eagle? Also, isn’t Feng Luo huddled with the other three?

[5] Refer to Chapter 298’s ridiculousness. Gumi has to huddle under the covers for a couple of days after that devastation.


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