Little Cooking Saint – 0298 – Grilled Rushan (a)

Chapter 298 – Grilled Rushan or Grilled Cheese Lollipop (a)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Issues in this chapter: Logistics of hugs, logistics of paragraphs, logistics of people meeting, parting, travelling together, logistics of flight…

What the shi-!!


Lin Fan knew that Shiyu was right. In the end, he chose to follow along with her suggestion and set off for the Eighth Realm first.

Qi Chuyun returned to Xuan Chu. It had always been her intention to return there one day. In the past, she had to leave her home due to her lack of power. Now that she has the strength, she will return to the Xuan Chu and clear the Qi Clan debts one by one.

As Dong-Fang Zhen said. Everyone has their own responsibilities. The purpose of Cultivation was to gain strength. Enough strength to better carry out these responsibilities.

With everyone pursuing their ambition or fulfilling their responsibilities, it would be difficult for them to gather together as they had once done.

“I’ve buried three jars of Burning Knife under this tree. 10 years later, let all of us gather here and open them together.”

“Yes,” said everyone.

“From today onwards, everyone, please take care of yourself,”

“We will,”

After Shiyu had finished packing up her things, she went off to bid farewell to the Dean and elders, asking them once more to help look after Xiao Qi. Finally, her friends gathered together to send her off.

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When Shiyu left the College, she took Uncle Wang with her. Not only was Uncle Wang someone who only listens to her orders, but he was also a very powerful combat force. [2] Though the elders were a little reluctant to lose such a powerful person, it’s pointless to keep someone who would only obey Shiyu. Furthermore, since she was on an important mission, it’s best to equip her with the best possible personnel to better assist her in the future.

[3] Especially since she intended to act alone.

However, when she stepped out of the College gate, she saw Liu Suifeng standing there, obviously waiting for her.

[3] This was unexpected.

Liu Suifeng coughed, “I heard you’re leaving? Our Liu Clan has some flying beasts prepared. You can come and borrow one for a ride.”

Shiyu noticed that Liu Suifeng’s expression was a little odd. However, she did not think too much of it and merely put her hands together in a polite salute, “Many thanks.”

“No need to be so polite,” Liu Suifeng’s eyes disappeared under his smile.

She followed after Liu Suifeng, and encountered Feng Luo and Lin Fan, presumably, both were also on their way to the Liu Estate.

“We need to go through Profound Sky Empire to get to the Eighth Realm anyway. Since you’re on your way there, we might as well travel together. Leaving early or leaving later is the same. We’ve already spoken to the Dean about it,” explained Feng Luo.

[4] They arrived at the Liu Estate all too quickly. Liu Suifeng led them over to the area where the flying mounts were being kept.

[4] “Here we have some of the fastest mounts,” he boasts. “Grandfather told me to let you have this one.”

[4] The flying mount he was showing off shook its head and stared quizzically down at young people. It was a giant eagle.

[4] “This is a Level 4 beast, it’s much faster than any flying beasts from those found at ordinary stations.”

While Liu Suifeng was listing all the virtues of this flying mount, it finally occurred to Shiyu that she would be parting from Lin Fan and Feng Luo soon. [5] She suddenly turned and gave each a tight hug. Suddenly all three hugged each other tightly in one big group before Shiyu broke off the group hug to climb onto the flying mount. [5] Uncle Wang easily leapt onto the mount behind her and the giant eagle shook its wings.

“You must take care!” Shiyu waved at the people below her, blinking increasingly misty eyes as [5] Feng Luo and Lin Fan leapt onto the back of the eagle.

[7] “… wait, why…?” Shiyu was confused.

[5] “Didn’t I say we’re heading towards Profound Sky Empire too?”

[7] “… …” what was that emotional hug just now?!

[5] Before Shiyu could properly rearrange her thoughts, the Giant Eagle flapped its wings and shot to the sky.

[6] For a moment, [7] while Shiyu was still trying to sort out her thoughts, the Giant Eagle suddenly stopped ascending and hovered in the sky with spread-out wings that seems to span the sky.

It screamed once, its large body casting a shadow over the Imperial Capital.

People on the ground instinctively looked up at the sound, gasping in awe at the shadowy figure of the eagle that crowded out the sun.

At the palace, Dong-Fang Zhen also looked up. He stretched his hand out to wave good-bye at the shadow.

[5] Feng Luo leaned over to one side of the eagle and waved down at the Imperial City, “Bye everyone! Take care!”

[5] “… …”

[7] In the sky, Shiyu clutched at the harness, nearly flying off the Giant Eagle when it suddenly gave another sharp screech before folding its wings back and [6] rocketed through the sky.

[7] Clouds buffeted her hot face as she left the Capital with a slightly bigger entourage than she had anticipated.

“… …”

“Don’t worry about it!” Feng Luo shouted. “Aren’t you still in the Ninth Realm? The two of us will be going straight to the Upper Realms after this. Ah, I’m suddenly feeling a little reluctant.”

He buried his face into Lin Fan’s back.

[7] “… …” Shiyu stared stiffly at their ambiguous position. Lin Fan was seated in front, while Feng Luo clutched him from the back.

Thus was the scene of Shiyu leaving the Eastern Martial Empire.

Meanwhile, by a certain main road of a certain small town, a black Soul Drawing Flag slowly fell to the grass.

There were many people travelling on this road, however, none came near the flag. After all, such flags were considered unlucky and most would spur their horses to trot even faster to avoid it.

The flag lay on the ground for a whole day and night.

The next day, a middle-aged man dressed in Taoist clothing saw the flag and approached it. Seemingly unable to help himself, he stooped and picked up the Soul Drawing Flag…

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The flying mount flew Shiyu and the others from the Imperial Capital like an arrow before it suddenly took a dive. [5] Shiyu was still reeling from the whiplash of emotion and was not at all prepared for the sudden trip downwards.

She was feeling puzzled when suddenly, she noticed three people standing together on the ground.

They look very familiar…

It was Liu Eleven, Ling Xiaoxiao and Gan Ping.

“… …” the eagle spread [6] its wings wide to stop its descent and landed lightly beside the three people.

Shocked and puzzled by this sudden unexpected turn, she pointed at the three people with a trembling finger, “You… why are you here?”

Liu Eleven was looking at her incredulously. “Why is it you? Where’s my eldest brother? He told us to wait here! Was it to meet you? Is he here?”

He craned his neck up, trying to look for Liu Suifeng.

[7] “… …” this Liu Suifeng! What other surprises had he left her?!

Wait, did he just dump his responsibility on her?!

[8] She whipped around to stare at Lin Fan and Feng Luo. The two of them blinked back at her, just as dumbfounded. Then, they all stared at the little group on the ground.

“… …”

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The three people on the ground had been touring together to gain experience and seek enlightenment. Liu Eleven had pestered his elder brother, one Liu Suifeng, for a long time before getting permission to go travelling. Liu Suifeng had told them to wait for him at this spot, promising to meet them here to travel together.

In the end… the three of them arrived at the meeting point but Liu Suifeng never turned up… the ones who turned up here were Shiyu and her group…

Now that they have reached this point, what is there to misunderstand?

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!!!! I’m going to beat up that brother of mine! That untrustworthy bastard!” Liu Eleven screamed.

“Then, will you three be going back now?”

However, when this question was posed to them, all three showed a reluctant face. Especially those who had sneaked out of the house and ran off without telling their parents. Who knows what kind of punishment they’ll face once caught?

“So what? The three of us could take on the martial world on our own!” Ling Xiaxiao said boldly. “Anyway, this sister brought a lot of money with her and I refuse to go back until I’ve spent every last coin!”

The other three nodded vigorously at her sensational claim.

Seeing the three of them so raring to go Shiyu felt moved by their enthusiasm. She said, “If that’s the case, why don’t you come with me? I happen to have something to do and needed a bit of help.”

Three pairs of eyes lit up.

“You’re sure? We can come with you?” by travelling with Shiyu, they would have a dependable person backing them.

“Of course~” a smile spread across Shiyu’s face. The smile resembled the one worn by a certain wolf who had swallowed a certain grandmother from some other storyline.

By the time Liu Eleven and his comrades clambered onto Shiyu’s giant eagle, [6] really, she should have known something was up when Liu Suifeng lent her such a huge ride, the people at the Liu Clan also found out about Liu Eleven’s disappearance.

“What are you worried about?” Liu Suifeng set down the teacup sent by a pretty maid. After winking at her, he slowly turned to his grandfather and said, “He’s now on the road with Shiyu and Lin Fan, one could say that this is an opportunity for him to grow.”

Patriarch Liu looked slightly mollified by Liu Suifeng’s remark. He was still a little worried but it was true that travelling with Shiyu and Lin Fan would benefit the child.

After all, young people should go out and see the world to grow. To better understand something, it’s best to experience it themselves. Being constrained all the time would stunt a person’s growth and prevent them from achieving great success.


Right now, Shiyu has no special opinion on what’s happing.

Only… the Liu Clan’s giant eagle was very huge.


[Gumihou: F*ck you very much, Author-san. Whatever. Your noble melancholic chapter has now been transformed into a chapter filled with comedy of errors, hilarious misunderstandings and stupid absurdity. Well, it was meant to be hilarious at the last quarter bit, Gumi just accelerated the process]

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[1] Grilled Cheese Lollipop aka Kao Rushan:

[2] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: At least say something about informing the elders that she’s taking this very powerful person with her. Also, made it look as though it was the elder’s decision to let her take Uncle Wang. Because this novel is moving towards ‘everyone but Shiyu has hardly any autonomy’.

[3] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: ‘However, when she stepped out the College gate, she saw Liu Suifeng…’ The ‘however’ here is problematic since it came out of nowhere. Build more sentences to support this ‘however’ and lead the text to a smoother transition.

[4] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Missing information from-

“We need to leave together anyway…”


The flying beast was a Tier 4 Beast.

No transition, never got to Liu Estate, did not even know what manner of beast until 3 paragraphs later. Also, switched the ‘Tier 4 Beast’ text to a dialogue.

[5] ‘The three of them hugged each other

…the logistics issues of the hug, the men and women thing, the emotion behind the hug(s), also, what about Liu Suifeng and Uncle Wang? Also, why are you hugging emotionally when you’re travelling together-

Delete! Delete! Delete!

[4] “But, I won’t be going straight to Profound Sky Empire,” said Shiyu confusedly.

[4] “We know,” said Lin Fan.

[4] “We just want to walk you to the Liu Estate,” said Feng Luo cheerfully. “Surely that’s alright?”

[4] “That would be nice,” Shiyu smiled. Secretly pleased to have a little extra time with her friends.

… wait, I have to reinstate some of this, f*ck!

the people who gradually grew increasingly smaller

[5.1] …deleted the above and made a reverse clown car joke instead.

Because after all Note 6’s emotional wave goodbye, it turned out that LF, FL, Uncle W and LSF were also on the Giant Eagle. 

The f*ck is going on?

Gumi also gave Shiyu’s emotional wave goodbye to Feng Luo while she’s still stunned by the 2 guys that unexpectedly leapt onto her flying mount.

[6] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: How does a giant eagle fly as a ‘faster than ordinary flying mount’ thing.

[7] Changed Shiyu’s emotion from ‘sad at leaving friends’ to ‘bewildered’

Also, deleted the original paragraphs below:

Shi Yu sat on the eagle, surrounded by a screaming wind. The wind blew her clothes and hunted, and the city below was getting smaller and smaller, and finally it was all covered by clouds.

After failing to see the imperial capital city, Shi Yu was a little confused, “I still left.”

Long ago, she knew that she would not stay in the imperial capital forever. But when I left, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of affection.

… all are deleted because the ‘sed alone scene’ did not actually happen.

Also, FL and LF are supposed to look sed but they only look gei now.

[8] For anyone who’s interested, Note 8 is where Lin Fan and Feng Luo suddenly appeared after the Great Hug Goodbye of Note 5.


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