Tondemo Skill – 295 – What Should We Do with the Avering Dungeon Drops?

Tondemo Skill – 295 – What Should We Do with the Avering Dungeon Drops?

Chapter 295: What Should We Do with the Avering Dungeon Drops?


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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Once we arrived at the forest, Fer, Dora-chan and Sui set off excitedly with the extra-large magic bag with them. I guess those three should be fine on their own…

Meanwhile, “I should review my dismantling skills. Let’s see, what should I butcher next? I’ve already done Red Boar and Cockatrice… [5]”

Inside my [Item Box] were all kinds of monsters that Fer & Co. had gotten for me. There’s the Wild Bison but that animal is quite large, so I don’t think I’m quite up for it yet.

The Golden Sheep… Elland-san said the fleece is quite valuable so I shouldn’t try my inexperienced hand on it.

The Giant Horned Boar? That thing is the size of a mini truck, so there’s no way.

Finally, Rock Bird, hmm. This should be doable. [5] [6] It’s one of the first monsters Fer caught for me and one that was dismantled by the first ever party of Adventurers I encountered in this world, the [Iron Will].

[7] A wave of nostalgia rolled over me as I made my decision, “Alright, let’s go with the Rock Bird. Elland-san did say to try my dismantling skills on different types of monsters.”

[9] First, I pluck the feathers off the neck area of the bird and plunged my Vampire Knife in. While the knife worked, I collected the feathers and set them aside since they should be worth some money. Tail feathers, wing feathers, feathers off the top of the bird’s head and fluffy down feathers… Phew, that’s a lot of feathers.

Once the bird had been plucked clean, I picked up my Mithril knife and began to butcher the Rock Bird according to Elland-san’s lessons on how to take bird-type monsters apart.

[9] Some of the skin had been ripped off by me since I wasn’t used to the work. Also, the cuts were a bit rough close to the thicker parts of the bird but the overall job was fairly acceptable.

I appraised the internal organs eagerly but [Appraisal] said that though edible, it would not taste good.

What a shame…

While I worked on the Rock Bird, Fer and Co. came back.

“Welcome back, that was quick,” it’s rare for them to return while the sun was still in the sky.

Umu, not much good prey around,” was Fer’s explanation.

“Hmm, I guess that’s inevitable since we’re near a dungeon city with lots of idle Adventurers around.” [5] Still, it’s odd for them to not find any ‘good prey’.

When I checked the bag, a large cow with blue fur popped out. It wasn’t very big, by this world’s standard, but it was similar in size and shape to a Japanese Black [10] cow. Except, this one was blue. I checked with Appraisal and found that it was a C Rank monster called Blue Bull.

In fact, there were more than one of these Blue Bulls. “That’s quite a good number for a day with ‘no good prey’.” I commented.

Umu, we came across a herd of them,”

““Sui defeated lots of blue cows~~””

““While those guys were busy with the cows, I got a huge bird!”” [5]

I checked the bag again [2] and found four massive birds that looked like 2-meter tall giant turkeys. It’s a B Rank monster called Giant Turkey. In total, they brought back 38 x Blue Bull, 4 x Giant Turkeys.

“Wow, this is quite a haul,” I praised.

“Hmm, I guess…” muttered Fer.

The number of monsters in my [Item Box] had increased by a lot. I should drop by the Adventurer’s Guild tomorrow and have them professionally dismantled. After all, there’s only so much I could do as a newbie dismantler.

[8] Speaking of which… didn’t Elland-san mention he wanted some stuff from the Avering dungeon? [6] We even made a separate list and everything when counting out the Dungeon Drops that day.

He practically pleaded at me to let Doran buy the Dark Spheres as well as materials to make weapons and armours. [5]

[6] I guess both of us had forgotten this in the face of Ugor-san’s extreme anger…

[5] I should bring this up tomorrow.


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The next day, I popped into the Adventurer’s Guild and was immediately guided to the second floor as usual.

Elland-san and Ugor-san looked up with exhausted eyes.

[7] Ugor-san was the one who said, “Eh? Do you need something?”

[6] It was the voice of a man who was silently screaming ‘please no more’ at the person who looked like they wanted to create trouble. I felt a little guilty but also felt I should bring this up regardless. “Apologies for barging in on your work but [4] when we were at Avering, Elland-san insisted that I reserve some Dungeon Drops for Doran…”

[6] There, I brought up the matter and also a scapegoat (Elland-san) in case Ugor-san became angry…

“Idiot Master, why did you never mention this important matter?!” [7] Ugor-san roared.

[6] Eh? Elland-san still got scolded…

“You abducted me and locked me in here to work the moment I returned! What was I supposed to do!? [5]” [7] Elland-san wailed back.

“Enough with your foolishness, this is the treatment you get after playing around and skipping out on your work!” [7] Ugor-san replied coldly.

Gununu….” was all Elland-san could say because he really was in the wrong.

“So,” Ugor-san turned a pleasant, if tired, face at me, “what are the Drops from Avering?”

[4] “Oh, I have the list here… [5]”

[6] I respectfully handed the list over and watched as Ugor-san scanned through it with sharp eyes.

After a moment, he said, “We’ll take all the poison sac from the Venom Tarantula, both regular and special. The paralyzing poisons from the Killer Camel Crickets, both regular and Giant type as well as the Gigantic Cockroach outer shell, the skin of the special Big Bronze Iguana and all the Dark Spheres.”

“That’s a lot of poisons…” 

“Eh, there’s a pretty big demand for these. Especially for the paralytic poisons. I’d like to buy as much as I possibly can with the available funds we have.”

“I see, I see,” well, I don’t need all these poisons anyway, so I’m happy to sell them.

“I shall prepare the money for the trade now,”

“Ah, I also have a few monsters that need dismantling. If you could include them as well…”

“Oh? In that case, let’s head over to the warehouse. We can discuss the price of the Drops you’re selling as well as the materials from the monsters there.”

“Ugor-kun, I’ll come too.”

“Oh no, you don’t. You just stay here and do your job,” said Ugor-san sternly. [3] “Don’t slack off or I’ll work your ass off.” He nodded at me, “Please come this way, Mukouda-san.”

Woah, Ugor-san has zero tolerance for the former S Rank Adventurer and current Guild Master Elland-san…


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[6] The talk went as well as one would expect with a super professional like Ugor-san.

“Well, I shall see you tomorrow afternoon,” I said.

“Yes, I’ll have the money prepared for the Drop items as well as the materials from the dismantling.”

The monsters I’d asked them to dismantle are:

2 x Wyverns

2 x Wild Bison

3 x Golden Sheep

7 x Blue Bulls

1 x Giant Turkey

It looked like a lot to handle since the pickup time is tomorrow but Ugor-san assured me that they have a team of dismantlers at hand and they could take care of the job quickly.

I guess I’ll be alright in terms of meat for the time being. [6] I have a lot of pork and snake meat but very few beef and lamb types. It would be interesting to see if Giant Turkey turn out to be similar to the turkey from my previous world.

Alright, now that that’s all done…

““Hey, is it time to go yet?””

““Yes, yes,”” I said placatingly through telepathy.


““Dungeon~ dungeon~~””

In the end, we decided to head towards the dungeon again. Fer & Co. were not at all satisfied after the visit to the forest and still insisted on going into the dungeon.

“Please remember that we won’t be going to the lower dungeons, especially not the field dungeons. We just rented a very nice house so please make sure to return to the surface by tomorrow, alright?”



““Dungeon, dungeon~~””

Are you sure you understand?

I guess there’s no way to tell… however, since they are all so excited, I can’t bear to dampen their glee either.

Guess I’ll just put up with it as the tagalong friend again.


[Gumihou: Ahaha, I can just see Mukouda-san as the tagalong introvert behind all those extrovert friends]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

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[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

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[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] Took some liberties on the butchering process, since I have some know-how

[10] Japanese Black Bull


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