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Tondemo Skill – 290 – Do Not Oppose Ugor-san

Chapter 290: Do Not Oppose Ugor-san


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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The next day, I came to the Adventurer’s Guild and went straight to the receptionist to ask for Elland-san. I was immediately guided to the Guild Master’s Room.

I opened the door and saw-


Well, of course, Elland-san was there since he’s the Guild Master. [1] However, Ugor-san was there too. The angry-looking little man was standing to the side… supervising a half-dead looking Elland-san who was filling out paperwork.

“Ah,” said Ugor-san when he noticed me. “Welcome, Mukouda-san. I heard from this Idiot Guild Master that you brought a Red Dragon to us?”

I-idiot Guild Master? Isn’t that kind of, I don’t know, disrespectful?

Well, it’s all Elland-san’s fault anyway, and I kind of understand where Ugor-san is coming from.

“Y-yes, I’d like to ask you to dismantle the Red Dragon and, if possible, buy some of the dragon materials…”

“Of course, of course! Everything we got from the Earth Dragon was sold at a great price. Though we did get a lot of dungeon Drops from you, the amount it fetched was nothing like what we got from the Earth Dragon materials,” [1] Ugor-san was smiling widely now. Probably cheered up by the number of gold coins dancing in his head.

“Ugor-kun, you demon! Devil! You even sold the Earth Dragon fang I was planning to make into my dream sword!” [1] Elland-san had tears running down his face even as he continued to work at his desk. [5]

[6] “… …” should I feel sorry for this dragon otaku?

“Humph! Say what you will. It’s your fault for doing whatever you like. That dragon fang was sold almost as soon as it was put up. It fetched a surprisingly high price too.”

“Uwaaahhhh!!!!” [3] tears gushed from Elland-san’s eyes.

No matter how pretty an elf looks, [2] it was really awkward to see a man cry. So, I pretended not to see anything.

“Leave that Idiot Guild Master alone, Mukouda-san. Now, I’m sure that materials from a Red Dragon will be even more valuable than that of an Earth Dragon. Do allow me to buy them,”

“Of course. Could you dismantle it now?”

“Naturally. It’s time to head over to the warehouse. Idiot Guild Master, it’s time to go [5].”

“I get to dismantle a Red Dragon!”

Suddenly, the torrent of tears disappeared and he was all smiles again.

Elland-san, are you sure you’re alright? In the head?

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“Alright, please place the Red Dragon here,” Elland-san bustled around the table that served as the dismantling area. “Hurry! Hurry!”

It was the same table he used to dismantle the Earth Dragon.

[6] I shrugged and took out the dragon from my [Item Box].


“So, this is a Red Dragon…”

Both Elland-san and Ugor-san had their eyes fixed upon the Red Dragon.

“According to Fer, this dragon is still young, it hasn’t fully matured yet and therefore hasn’t reached its full size.”

“Is that so…” Ugor-san looked surprised.

After all, the dragon was pretty huge at about 12 to 13 meters long.

Meanwhile, Elland-san was muttering to himself, “I’m so, so lucky to get to dismantle a Red Dragon now, right after the Earth Dragon too, hehehe…”

“How long does it take to dismantle a dragon?”

“About three days, since I need to study every single part of it,” said Elland-san cheerfully.

“… …” you said the same thing back when you dismantled the Earth Dragon.

As expected, this Elland-san could be unexpectedly disgusting.

“Idiot Guild Master, you don’t need three days to take a dragon apart. Do it in one day!”

“U-ugor-kun, how could you say that? Three days! I need at least three days! There are so many things I need to inspect, please let me have three days?”

“What do you mean inspect? Don’t you mean to stare at stupidly? We’re drowning in a pile of work now so hurry up and get it done in one day. No objections!”

Guu…” Elland-san shrank under Ugor-san’s glare.

Looks like even he realised it would do no good to oppose Ugor-san. Perhaps he knew he’s really at fault and did not try to argue back.

Well, things would probably turn out worse for him if he did.

[8] “Mukouda-san, we shall have the dragon dismantled by tomorrow afternoon. I shall decide what to buy as well and not the Idiot Guild Master. [5]”


I had done nothing wrong, but why do I feel intimidated as well?

[Gumihou: This chapter is so short, lol]

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[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

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  1. Jii

    Lol ugor is even more ruthless than I thought, sold that fang without so much as a warning, honestly good for him

  2. Philip

    Looks like Elland’s title was updated by mister Ugor, a very angry mister Ugor. Lol, to think that the dragon crazy elf would actually waste time just staring at the dragon instead of dismantling.
    Thanks for the first chapter this week! Awesome translation as always! May God bless you!

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