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Little Cooking Saint – 0281 – Toothed Bur Clover with Garlic (b)

Chapter 281 – Toothed Bur Clover with Garlic (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


“Teacher, you don’t sound too sure about it?”

“Of course I can’t be sure. Those Master of Illusions are people who are extremely lucky and with every breakthrough, they will gain a great number of skills. Because of their strong mental powers, their spirits could blend in with Heaven and Earth, allowing them access to things that ordinary Cultivators could not perceive. Their so-called uniqueness probably has a lot to do with this.”

Old Gu recalled the Master of Illusions he had encountered in the past and all were all-powerful individuals without exception. “However, it is also very difficult for Illusionists to advance. That little girl is just starting out, it would probably take her a few hundred years to properly mature her skills. Moreover, time is not the only requirement… still, it’s not something to be discouraged about. Speaking of which, what kind of Spiritual Root have you awakened this time?”

Lin Fan, who had been listening curiously to his teacher’s explanation, answered his teacher’s question honestly, “I awakened Thunder and Metal.”

“That means your body now has four Spiritual Roots. Once all the Spiritual Roots are awakened, your achievements would not lose to an Illusionist. In the future, you might even have the opportunity to merge your Spiritual Roots and gain a special ability that could rival those Wen Brothers,” said Old Gu with a smile.

“The Wen Brothers?” he thought back to Wen Xian, who had displayed [1] a rare affinity with the trees back at Spiritual Beast Mountain (to the point where Feng Luo nearly died from jealousy) but had asked for Water Attribute herbs when Feng Luo offered to repay him. Also, didn’t he once mention that he’s a Fire Attribute Cultivator?

Having three different Spiritual Attributes might be rare but not unheard of. With the vast majority of people having only one attribute, people with double or even five attributes are relatively rare.

Lin Fan first thought he was a Fire Attribute Cultivator until the day he broke through Core Condensation Realm and suddenly awakened his Water Attribute root. This time, he unexpectedly awakened Thunder Attribute and Metal Attribute when crossing into the Divine Transformation realm.

“Those brothers, ah… what they have cannot really be considered Spiritual Roots exactly. It should be something closer to Primal Chaos Energy. It’s a bloodline ability. Impure bloodline would result in five Spiritual Attributes or Roots, a pure-blooded descended would awaken the Primal Chaos Energy.

While others struggled to reach the top. The descendants of these people could raise their Cultivation just by sitting around. There’s no point envying them. Once you’ve raised yourself to Immortal Realm your offspring could also inherit this kind of blood.”

Lin Fan, “… …” sure enough, the difference between people varied a lot. However, he believes that his future would not be worse off than these brothers.

“Speaking of which, can you tell what was [2] Wen Heng’s current Cultivation level?

For a man who could casually create voids with a wave of his hand… just how powerful does he have to be to do that?

“I’m not sure,” said Old Gu with a shake of his head. “However, he should be close to what my level was when I was alive.”

“Which is…”

Old Gu gave him an unreadable glance, “One step from Immortal Realm.”

“… …”

Old Gu patted him on the shoulder. “Work hard. You have many people to surpass in this world.”

Lin Fan nodded firmly, “I also believe I can reach that height.”

Lin Fan and Old Fu stood together at the top of the mountain for a while. Shiyu had not moved at all during that time. Old Gu soon return to the jade pendant but Lin Fan stayed in place. He had just broken through and could take things easy for a while.

He sat down not far from Shiyu and stared into the distance facing the same direction.

Let’s just… pretend we are both admiring the scenery together, ba.

Shiyu had no idea that Lin Fan had broken through ahead of her. What she was seeing now was a whorl of Spiritual energies flowing into a void. The colours of the auras corresponded to the five elements and were dazzling to look at.

She wondered through the swirling auras, feeling much stronger than before the longer she stayed among them. As she continued to stroll, a sudden wisp of purple essence flashed by.

Qi of Origin!

Shiyu’s eyes brightened and her whole body felt like it had turned into an arrow as she chased down the purple wisp…


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The news that Lin Fan had broken into Divine Transformation Realm quickly spread through the College. Nearly everyone became excited the moment they heard the news.

A Divine Transformation expert at less than 20 years old? They are already 20 years old, ah! So why are they still stuck at Core Transformation stage~

Outside, the whole of the Imperial Capital was boiling over with excitement. Not long ago they had been shaking their heads, lamenting over the failed breakthrough of someone when suddenly, a newly established Divine Transformation expert was born!

What an amazing twist!

“I heard that expert is not yet 20 years old!” someone said enviously. “What great luck is that?”

“They are just lucky to have gotten their hands on a Fortune Pill. What’s to be jealous of? If I have the same luck, I might have become a Divine Transformation expert by now,” someone sniffed.

As soon as he said this, many unhappy voices piped up, “Hey! Will you die if you don’t brag? Looking at your miserable self, you probably can’t breakthrough even with 10 Fortune Pills!”

“You…” the man stood up and slapped the table with a glare.

However, his companion quickly pulled him down and said placatingly, “Anyway, this shows that the Fortune Pills the College has are the real thing. If we could get our hands on one, we could also break into Divine Transformation Realm.”

While they were still talking excitedly about this latest news, a second story waved through the Capital. It turned out that the person who attempt the breakthrough a week ago and the successful person were completely different!

Though both were Imperial College students and about the same age, one had succeeded while the other had failed.

However, this rumour was soon dismissed by the Cultivators.

Do you know how hard is it to fulfil the terms needed to break into Divine Transformation Realm? Just one person in the whole College reaching that stage is already an incredible feat. Can you imagine the resources needed to raise a single Divine Transformation master? How could there be two of them?

Don’t make stupid jokes.

Thus, this news was treated as a wild rumour on top of someone else’s rumour. It’s much more believable to think that the Imperial College managed to invite some rich and talented young talent with tremendous background into their College and that the person just happened to breakthrough there.

Even so, this rumour provided plenty of fodder for the Imperial Capital gossip vine.

What was more important was that this proves the existence and effectiveness of the Fortune Pill. Soon, many Core Condensation – Great Perfection realm experts expressed their willingness to join the College so long as they are given priority for the Fortune Pill.

This brought relief and worry to the Dean and Elders. However, there was nothing much they could do about the matter but observe the situation for the time being.

While the College people were celebrating Lin Fan’s breakthrough, Tan-Tai Chu suddenly realised the lack of progress over the mission she had entrusted Suo Lan.

That very evening, she called Suo Lan over to explain himself.

Suo Lan appeared, hurriedly prostrated himself and said, “This humble one has done his best to fulfil Third Miss’ orders. However, the formation around the Imperial College is too tight. Direct attacks don’t work at all so we switched to covert infiltration. However, once our people are inside, we were helpless too.”

Tan-Tai Chu grew angry, “Since you cannot shake the College why have you not attack the Imperial Family?”

Suo Lan became even more helpless, “It’s not that this humble one is unwilling, but once this humble one makes a move they would retaliate with extreme prejudice and upset the Patriarch’s plans.”

Tan-Tai Chu grew frustrated, “You can’t do this, you can’t do that, so what are you here for?! Are you deliberately frustrating me?”

Suo Lan immediately lowered his head and said, “How could this humble one dare? This humble one is here under the orders of the Patriarch and… Elder Huan had instructed this humble one to act carefully before he left…”

The moment she heard the words ‘Elder Huan’, the anger on Tan-Tai Chu’s face gradually drained away.

Her eyes swept disdainfully over Suo Lan’s face. There was respect on his face but none of the worshipful flattery that most eyes tended to look at her. Finally, she exhaled.

If Suo Lan is useless, she could only think up a plan herself.


[Gumihou: … Gumi has a question. Why are we not talking about the Immortal Jade Petal Lotus? Isn’t that what Patriarch Liu and Elder Feng used to break into Divine Transformation Realm? Can’t Shiyu use Old Gu to send out a couple of these flowers to attract helpers? No? Author-san, have you forgotten about this flower? Surely if you can reveal Fortune Pills which are said to be ‘difficult to find even in the Eight Realm’ you can reveal that you have some Jade Petal Lotus which could actually be found on the Ninth Realm? Hello?]


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[1] Adjusted & Added Details for Logistic Purpose: ‘Wen Xian seemed to have water spirit roots, fire spirit roots, and later wood spirit roots’ is a bit vague, considering there are actual precedents for what had happened back in Chapter 91.

Also, deleted ‘Seeing the teacher mentioned the spiritual roots of the two Wen family brothers, Lin Fan couldn’t help but curiously ask’ since it’s rather redundant and contributes nothing to the chapter.

[2] Probably Typo – Original was ‘Wen Xian’ but that’s impossible so changed to ‘Wen Heng’


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