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Little Cooking Saint – 0280 – Toothed Bur Clover with Garlic (a)

Chapter 280 – Toothed Bur Clover with Garlic (a)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Even as everyone’s attention focused upon the mountain peak, Shiyu already felt as though her entire being had dispersed into heaven and earth.

Drink nectar at dawn, rest in the woods at night; watch the dazzling sun rise to the sky and appreciate the majestic setting sun; view the hundred flowers carpeting the field and breathe in the fragrance of fine grass; hear the call of ten thousand beasts and birds and forget your yesteryears.

The figure seated on top of the bluestone dais was very still. Their vitality appeared to be a little tattered. Meanwhile, the people realised that the oppressive feeling that hung over their heads was starting to let up. They could breathe easier now.

“Have they… succeeded? How come I don’t feel anything?” someone asked.

Beside him, a few more experience Cultivators looked at each other and sighed.

“They failed.”

Immediately, dismay showed on everyone’s faces.

They were all Ninth Realm Cultivators. All suffer under the pressure of the Dao of Suppression. When someone from this world did not manage to breakthrough, most did not feel any happiness.

How many towering heroes and superb talents had failed at this crucial step? Regardless of how many there are, another one joined their ranks.


Ge Estate.

Suo Lan frowned.

How could she have failed? Had he overestimated her?

Now that things have come to this, he would have to reconsider everything.


Imperial College.

Elder Feng as well as the rest of the elders all looked very gloomy.

They all felt that Shiyu’s condition right now was like a candle in the wind. A wrong move and her vitality could be snuffed.

“Should we… we get her to stop? If she could not breakthrough today, she could still try again. However, if her life is lost here, she would lose everything,” said Elder Feng.

“But, she clearly took the Fortune Pill. Even if she were to fail, it would not happen like this,” Elder Gu frowned worriedly.

Unless… something worse happened?”

“I shall wake her up,” said Elder Feng.

A single light kick later, he was at the peak. Just as he was about to approach Shiyu, a black cat appeared before him.

“It is not time to give up yet,” said the black cat.

“What?” Elder Feng was not surprised by the talking cat. He was more surprised that it tried to stop him. He frowned, “Look at her condition, her strength is getting weaker. If she goes on like this, her life could be in danger. Even if she doesn’t breakthrough today, she could try again next time. If you want what’s good for her, you should not block me.”

However, the cat refused to move.

“She is different from the rest of you,” Fat Cat’s eyes glowed. “I believe she will succeed.”

“Different? Just what’s different about her?” Elder Feng looked a little anxious.

He knew that Shiyu has no family that could serve as her backers. Moreover, the fact that he could smoothly breakthrough into Divine Transformation stage was also due to this girl. Therefore, he had always seen her as one of his grandchildren.

Now that Shiyu’s life was in danger, how could he just watch from the side and do nothing?

But this cat…

“Do you know of the Master of Illusions?” Fat Cat asked calmly.

Elder Feng’s eyes narrowed, then widened suddenly. “I have heard of it… are you saying…” Elder Feng glanced at Shiyu for a few long seconds. “A Master of Illusions?”

Fat Cat nodded, “Correct,”

“Ah!” the old man actually took a couple of steps back out of shock. “Then, would her life be in danger if this continues?”

Fat Cat avoided the question with, “I believe in her,”

Elder saw that he could not shake Fat Cat and decided to back away, “If it looks like her life is in danger quickly inform us. We are at the foot of this hill. If you see any problems just call us. Also… the Eastern Empire is facing some problems now. However, us old men are still here and will not let danger come to her… aih. I will leave now. You continue to keep an eye on the matter.”

Fat Cat said nothing as he quietly tucked himself down beside Shiyu.

Meanwhile, Shiyu continued to meditate quietly.


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Imperial City.

The matter of the failed breakthrough was on everyone’s lips. Everyone felt sorry for the mysterious person who attempted the Divine Transformation Realm breakthrough challenge and failed. The oppressive pressure they felt as well as the suddenly thin Spiritual atmosphere was all forgotten as they commiserated together over the matter.

Two days later the whole of Imperial City was once again shrouded by the same oppressive pressure.

Everyone looked up at the sky and muttered to themselves. Wei, don’t tell me the same person is trying to challenge the Divine Transformation realm again?

However, those who within the College knew differently. After all, this oppressive feeling came not from the mountain peak but rather from one of the villas situated closer to the foot of the mountain.

While Shiyu was challenging the Divine Transformation realm, Lin Fan and Qing Chen had been preparing themselves to do the same. Right now, the person attempting the challenge was Lin Fan.

When the Dean heard this, he immediately became concerned. He was worried that Lin Fan would face the same trouble as Shiyu. Thus, without further thought, he brought the Fortune Pill for Lin Fan.

Once Lin Fan took the Fortune Pill, the aura around his body suddenly became volatile. Like a storm, his Spiritual powers heaved and agitated until even the sun’s rays were blocked by his power fluctuations.

Compared to Shiyu, his breakthrough was extremely smooth. The vortex of Spiritual powers culminated to a certain degree before reaching a critical peak. Then, quite suddenly, as though some barrier had been breached, the oppressive feeling suddenly doubled and flashed out in all four directions.

Luckily, this only last in a blink of an eye and quickly dissipated. After which, Lin Fan slowly opened his eyes.

He had successfully broken through in half a day.

“You broke through so quickly?” everyone stared at Lin Fan in shock. F*ck your mom, isn’t that too quick?

Everyone recalled that person at the top of the mountain. It had been seven days now but still no reaction yet.

Lin Fan took a little time to reorient himself before raising his head to look at his comrades. When he noticed Shiyu’s absence, he asked, “Where’s Xiao Shi?”

“According to grandpa, Xiao Shi has the potential to become a Master of Illusion one day and therefore her breakthrough would be different from ours. She’s still at the top of the mountain.”

“Still not done yet? I’m going to go take a look.”

He left the Villa and made his way to the bottom of the mountain where he met Elder Feng and Elder Gu. Both elders looked very gratified to see him.

“As expected of our most talented student. Even your breakthrough effort is shorter than others.”

Lin Fan saluted the elders before saying, “Elder Feng, is it alright if I take a look?”

“Go ahead,” Elder Feng took a step to the side.

Just now when Lin Fan broke through, he had caused a great disturbance in the Cultivation world. Even so, Shiyu did not appear to be disturbed. Therefore, it should be alright for Lin Fan to go and have a look.

Lin Fan thanked the elders and leapt towards the peak.

When he reached the peak, he saw that Old Gu, who had not appeared in front of others for a long time, floating nearby.

“Teacher, it’s been seven days but Xiao Shi still hasn’t broken through yet. Can you tell what’s happening? Will there be danger to her life?” Lin Fan asked a little worriedly.

Old Gu floated around Shiyu once before saying, “This is not something that outsiders can help. Her spirit has left her body. It would depend on her what happens to this body.”


[Gumihou: … Gumi is 80% sure what Shiyu’s spirit is doing now]


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