Tondemo Skill – 289 – Fiercely Angry Ugor-san
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Tondemo Skill – 289 – Fiercely Angry Ugor-san

Chapter 289: Super Angry Ugor-san


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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We were back in Doran once again after a long time.

“I’m back~” [3] Elland-san crowed.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw one of the staff members scurry off. [1] They must have gone to bring Ugor-san because a fat, balding, very, very angry little man soon appeared. [5]

“Ah, I’m back, Ugor-kun~”

“… what do you mean ‘I’m back?! You absolute fooollll!!!!!” Ugor-san’s voice echoed across the entire Adventurer’s Guild. Even the macho muscle bound Adventurers flinched.

“Did I not tell you to come back right away after you’ve taken care of business at the Royal Capital?! What makes you go dungeon diving at Avering? What the heck were you thinking!?”

Ugor-san is really very, and I mean super angry.

“I- er, I really meant to come back right away but then I heard Mukouda-san was heading towards the Avering’s dungeons and I felt that I must go with him…”

Elland-san looked like he was being overwhelmed by Ugor-san’s anger.

“And what does Mukouda-san going to the dungeon has to do with you? You just want to go, didn’t you!? Didn’t you!?”

“N-no, the thing is… [5] the Pixie Dragon! A Pixie Dragon is going to challenge a dungeon! How can I, a dragon lover, miss the opportunity to challenge a dungeon with Pixie Dragon Dora-chan…”

[5] …as expected.

[5] He had just had to say the exact words to make things worse.

“You…! Here I thought you’re the idiot of all idiots, but you’re just beyond stupid!!” [5] Ugor-san predictably snapped at this stupid answer.

“U-ugor-kun, surely calling me an idiot is too much…?” [5]

“Did I not remind you over and over again to come back the moment you’re done with work at the Imperial Capital? Have you forgotten your responsibilities here?!”

“W-well, that is…”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t hear it!? You…!!”

Ugor-san was nearly incoherent with anger. [2] I think it’s about time I leave. I’m never more thankful for telepathic communications than right now.

““Fer, Dora-chan, we’re leaving now!”

““U-umu, let’s get out of here quickly!””

““A-ah, yes, lets.””

I clutched the straps of my Sui porting bag and sneaked out of the Adventurer’s Guild with all my familiars.


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“Phew, I’m glad we got out of that place safely,” I said.

““Umu, I’m not sure what happened but that fat little man [9] was very angry.””

““Humph, that Elf was too annoying. Serves him right.”” [3] Dora-chan sniffed.

[5] I privately agree with Dora-chan but said, “Let’s go to the Merchant’s Guild. I want to rent a house here. We should get something big for everyone, right?”

““Umu, bigger is better,””

““Big rooms are nice, but baths are nicer,”” [5]

“Of course we must rent something with a bath. In fact, let’s get something with a bath large enough for Fer. He hasn’t had a bath for quite a while now,” 

““Mu, a bath? Me? I don’t need one.””

“What are you talking about? We’ve gone dungeon diving and travelled quite a lot. You must be covered in dust and gravel. I wanted to bathe you after the dungeon challenge but the inn’s bath is too small. Anyway, I’ll rent something with a large enough bath just for you,”


While we chatted through telepathy, we arrived at the Merchant’s Guild. [8] The last time I was here, I had a letter of introduction. I don’t have one with me this time but it should be fine since I’ve already met Adriano-san, the Merchant’s Guild Master.

I headed towards the reception area.

“Excuse me,” [3] I waved at Fer and Dora-chan. [8] [4] “I’d like to rent a house for a week. It should be large enough to fit all of us.” I showed them my Iron Rank Merchant’s Guild card as well as my shiny S Rank Adventurer’s Guild card.

[8] “Eh? S Rank Adventurer Mukouda-san is also registered with the Merchant’s Guild!? Please wait for a moment,” [3] the receptionist’s voice was very loud and excited.

I pondered over the wisdom of showing her my shiny golden S Rank card. On the one hand, it draws a lot of unwanted attention, on the other, it cost a lot of money to rent a proper house. Which was why I showed them the card of someone who makes lots of money in case they doubt my credit limit.

It did not take long for the receptionist to lead Adriano-san over. With him was a male staff member in his 40s with average height and build.

“It’s been a long time, Mukouda-san,”

“Yes, it’s been a long time.”

“Word has it that you’ve fully cleared Avering’s dungeon?”

“Well, somehow…haha,” [3] as expected, a Merchant’s Guild Master is very well informed.

“If you happen to have any Drop Items or jewellery of any type to sale, I’d be happy to take them off your hands.”

“Ahh, all jewellery have been bought by Avering…” [5]

“What a shame. Well, since you are looking for a place to stay with your familiars, let me introduce Nikolai. He manages our real estate department. Please feel free to ask him anything.” [5]

[6] Nikolai-san stepped forward. After the obligatory introductions and small talk, I said, “We’d like a house with a bath large enough to fit Fer,” [5]

Nikolai-san introduced three properties to me.

The first was an 8LDK house with a reasonably large garden. [2] The second was a 9LDK building with a large garden but a little old. The third property was a 7LDK building with a much smaller garden but its chief attraction was that it’s close to the city centre. The first two properties were formerly owned by nobles whereas the last one used to belong to a merchant.

I checked out all three houses and ended up settling on the first one.

As expected of a house formerly owned by an aristocrat. The building was very nice and fully furnished. Even Fer was able to walk around on the inside with no problem.

More importantly, the bath was very wide and gorgeous. The rent of 78 gold coins was not cheap but I happily paid Nikolai the rent money and received the key from him.

“Let’s bring the Red Dragon to be dismantled tomorrow. Since we have nothing else to do, let’s take it easy today.”

““Oi, you promised me turtle meat tonight!”” [3] Dora-chan’s voice vibrated in my head.

““Yes, yes, I hear you. We’ll have turtle meat tonight,””

““Turtle meat? Sounds good,””

Ah, looks like I shall have to prepare lots of Turtle Hotpot tonight.

Let’s eat our fill tonight.


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