Little Cooking Saint – 0277 – Jellybean of Origin (f)

Chapter 277 – Jellybean of Origin (f)

Translated by Gumihou

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Imperial College.

Previously, the Dean had given the Core Condensation level students a mission. Their task was to eliminate bandits around the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range and take their heads in exchange for rewards.

Naturally, this had to be supervised by at least two Divine Transformation elders. The Dean did not have the time, therefore Old Gu and Patriarch Liu went in his place to supervise them.

The time set for the mission was originally half a month but it unexpectedly stretched into a full month.

After one month, the Core Condensation students have returned to the Imperial Capital.

Over a hundred students went together to the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range but only 83 came back. Hunting for bandits is not something that could be done through lip service. They have to put their lives against people used to casual killing.

In short, the students that went hunting for bandits would also be hunted in turn. If not for the presence of the two Divine Transformation masters, even more students could have died.

As for the 83 people who returned, they came back with the richest harvest.

Perhaps it was due to the baptism of blood, a cold atmosphere rolled off the bodies of these people. When they left the College, they had been cheerful and excited to show off their skills. When they returned, they became more introverted.

“All of you deserve a break. Now that you’ve all returned, there’s no need to be so anxious. You may be at ease,” said Old Gu. “Disband!”


These [1] Arcane Grade students did not speak much to others and quickly returned to their respective residences.

They were all too tired. In the past month, their minds and body have been strained to the limits. Now that they have returned to the College, they could not wait to fall into their beds and sleep knowing that they are finally safe.

Though they did not stick around the others long, the impression they left was quite powerful.

“Did you see? Just now those [1] Arcane Grade students, not a single one of them is below Core Condensation 3!”

“I remember when they left, the person with the lowest realm was someone who had just broken into Core Condensation level not long ago. Now… it has only been a month and yet they are already this level?”

“Beast! They are all a bunch of beasts!!”

“Just what did they eat? Did they take medicine X? How could they break through so quickly!?”

A large group of students muttered hotly to each other, their eyes burning with fervour. If they could just break through to Core Condensation level, they would also get the same opportunity to level up!

Just then, someone said in a small voice.

“Hey, don’t you think that fewer people came back from the mission?”

At this, the excitement died down and everyone grew quiet. They thought of the stern and solemn faces of the people and recalled something important. In battles between great people, the weak would be eliminated and only the strong would survive. Whatever quarrels and battles that happened within the College were just that, petty quarrels that would bruise the ego and perhaps send someone to the hospital at worse. No one really dies from these quarrels.

Outside of the College, a similar ‘petty quarrel’ could end up taking your life.

Therefore, they must be stronger, ah…

“I’m going to meditate.”

“Me too,”

“Let’s go together!”

One after another, the people who had gathered to watch the spectacle eventually dispersed. For people lacking in strength, if a pie fell out of the sky, they would only be squashed flat by it.

Elder Gu had no idea what profound thoughts were stewing inside the students’ heads. All he knew was that he had completed his duty was now speaking with the Dean.

“I’m sorry that so many students have lost their lives,” Elder Gu said a little shamefacedly.

“It’s not your fault,” the Dean patted him on the shoulder. “To be honest, even before they set out, I had expected some students to not make it. It is impossible to eliminate those evil bandits without losses on our sides. Even with you two in charge, accidents could still happen.”

After all, most of the students have never left the College or experienced a life and death situation. When faced against bandits who made their living killing people, it was inevitable for some to fall fighting against those wily bandits.

Aside from strength, the biggest difference between the two groups was their combat experience. “I cannot let my students hide in the College because of this incident. Blood encourages growth. I have been reflecting lately. Have I been too soft on my students?”

The Dean was pondering over some difficult matter. However, it is true that students will eventually leave the College to experience the complicated world outside.

The world will not welcome just anyone. Or, more like, the world will not welcome just anyone unless they are much more powerful.

“We shall continue this mission next year. There’s no need for you to blame yourself,” said the Dean.

Elder Gu nodded.

“That’s right, I noticed that the number of Cultivators in the Capital had more than doubled since I left. Has something happened?”

The Dean sighed and updated Elder Gu on what was happening within the Capital.

Elder Gu nodded, it made sense to use the Fortune Pill to attract some powerful Cultivators to their side, but…

“You say the leader of the people staying at the Ge Estate is called Suo Lan?” Elder Gu frowned.

“Yes, he told me himself,”

At this, Elder Gu’s face grew even uglier, “Suo Lan, ah… so it’s really them!”

He knew this Suo Lan character.

They suspected that this matter must involve the Enforcers but had no concrete evidence until now.

Now that they knew the identity of the people behind this matter, they could more or less guess the goal of their mission.

“What a bunch of upstarts,” Elder Gu was a little apprehensive. However, he actually fidgeted a bit before saying, “Looks like it would be difficult for us to defend the Eastern Empire.”

The Dean had already bet everything on the matter. He pragmatically said, “Things have progressed to this point, we can only continue down this road.” It’s useless to worry.

“It would be good to have some help now,” sighed Elder Gu. He thought of the monstrous backer behind Shiyu. If that master is here, they would not have to worry at all.

“Right! Where’s that Shiyu girl?” Perhaps she could go to Dawn City and get some extra help there.

Things have progressed to this point, surely it would not matter to elicit the help of those [2] Metal Eating Monsters?

“Shiyu is in close Cultivation now,”

“Close Cultivation?” Elder Gu’s eyebrows elevated. “Is she…”

The Dean nodded, “Yes, it is as you expected,”

He sighed a little and said, “Of all the newcomers, who would have thought that she would be the first?”

When the group of seven challengers were formed, he had expected Lin Fan or Qing Chen to breakthrough into Divine Transformation first. Who would have thought that Shiyu would have silently sneaked into the forefront?


[Gumihou: Will we see the pandas? Also, this is the end of the Jellybean Arc… where’s the Jellybean of Origin? Gumi has been looking forward to it.]


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[1] lol ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯

[2] Author-san actually said ‘them’. Gumi added ‘Metal Eating Monster’ to remind readers who was in Dawn City.


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