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Little Cooking Saint – 0276 – Jellybean of Origin (e)

Chapter 276 – Jellybean of Origin (e)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou

It was already the Eighth Month and [1] the final traces of midsummer still lingered within the Imperial Capital.

Once the next autumn rain comes, this final shadow of midsummer would be washed away and never be seen [1] until the next season.

Yet, [1] even before the midsummer was could be officially declared over, the commoners of the Imperial Capital were starting to become lively again.

The reason for this is:

“Don’t you think there are more and more Cultivators in the city…?”

The Cultivators were obviously different from commoners and they took great pride in their special status.

Whether they are handsome or covered in hideous scars, dressed like beggars or celestials, obviously carrying weapons on their backs or seemingly weaponless, all of them have a touch of arrogance on their faces. 

[2a] With so many more Cultivators in the city, the number of conflicts inevitably go up.

For a lot of the commoners, it became the norm to open the door and find a puddle of blood, a broken limb or sometimes even a body just outside their front door. [2b] This was still preferable to having their homes turned into collateral damage by fighting Cultivators.

For the next few days, chaos was rife within the Imperial City.

The Dean had predicted this and had sent people out to maintain law and order. However, even he had not expected matters to be so serious. The Fortune Pill had attracted too many powerful people to one place. With all of them aiming for the same target, it was inevitable that conflict would happen.

Moreover, the majority of these Cultivators were very arrogant and have no respect for the official uniforms of the common people. Used to killing, they have no problem slaying people they thought might as well be insects.

Who cares about the deaths of a few mundane people here and there?

When the third report [2c] came to his desk, the Dean’s face hardened. Later, students of the College were sent out to patrol the city to maintain the law and order.

A message immediately circulated the entire City.

Whosoever touch a single hair on a student of the Imperial College will not only be disqualified from competing for the Fortune Pill, but the wrath of the elders of the College with also fall upon their unworthy heads

There are at least five publicly known Divine Transformation Elders within the Imperial College.

Once this message was sent out, security suddenly became so much better.

There were still little conflicts here and there, but no one dared to physically attack each other in public anymore.

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[1] Author-san tried to use the weather as a symbolic thing but did not quite fully execute it. Assist.

[2] Deleted Stuff: 

[a] ‘…their temperament is still clearly distinguishable from ordinary people…

Yes, yes, this is the second time in three paragraphs, enough already.

[b] ‘More are cultivators fighting, they will affect the surrounding residents

You’ve already said this, just get on with the next point.

[c] ‘…incident caused by Cultivators fighting…affecting the residents and causing resident’s death…

Like this is so totally not necessary since we have been talking about it non-stop for how many paragraphs now?


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