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Tondemo Skill – 286 – Hearing about That Country and Those Heroes from God of Creation-sama

Chapter 286: Hearing about That Country and Those Heroes from God of Creation-sama


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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Eguchi Ren-sama: God of Creation will mostly stick around for a while. We’ll also hear more about those three heroes soon.


“So, what have you been doing?”

Before the god they called ‘God of Creation-sama’, the rest of the pantheon could only stammer and mutter ‘erm…’, ‘ah…’ or ‘that is…’

“Ninril-chan is the best person to explain. You made contact with Other Worlder-kun first.”

“Yes, indeed!” [5] the other gods and goddesses chimed in and pushed all responsibilities onto Ninril-sama.

[6] Even from a world, or dimension (?), away, I could feel how despicable these gods and goddesses are.

Oi, aren’t you guys just too horrible?

“Wh-why should it be great me? Why can’t one of you explain it!?”

“You’re the first one to grant him a blessing, so you do it!”

Is that the strident and authoritative voice of Kishar-sama? She sounds like a bully.

“Oi, is anyone going to do any explaining here?”

“Please wait, Ninril-chan will explain,” [7] there was a scuffling sound. Presumably, Kishar-sama had pushed Ninril-sama forward.

Gununu, Kishar and the rest of you, I will remember this!”

I could almost imagine her shaking her fist at them.

The old man’s voice came again, “Well, Ninril? If you are going to explain things, do it quickly.” [5]

“Ah… um…”

It was with many ‘ahs’ and ‘ums’ that the whole sordid story of how these gods and goddesses forced me to make offerings to them was revealed.

“So,” the God of Creation summed up. “Venerable Ninril, for the sake of getting your hands on Other World goods, you gave him a blessing? Once the others knew, they also followed suit [5]?”

Silence followed his very accurate assessment.

“You bunch of nitwits!!!”

[6] The God of Creation’s voice roared in my head and I swear, thunder rolled across the sky. No, wait, I didn’t imagine the latter. Lightning actually lit up the whole sky just now…

“You, all of you gods and goddesses who are meant to watch over and protect the mortals… how dare you exploit this human!!?”

“N-no, we’re not exploiting. We exchanged it properly with our blessings,” Ninril-sama tried to defend herself.

[6] This Deplorable-sama is either really brave or really stupid.

“You are wrong to demand compensation for your blessings! How many people have you blessed? Have you ever demand anything from them? Hmm?”


“Th-that is…”



“N-No, the thing is…”

“No, I mean, wait, I mean…”

Looks like none of them could give a good answer when pressed.

“From the lack of answers, I believe you haven’t. A blessing is given to assist people after you have evaluated them properly and deem them worthy. As venerable gods and goddesses, you should understand this well.”

[6] “… …”

When no one answered, I could only imagine the gods and goddesses hanging their heads like scolded school children before the headmaster.

“Just what is it that made you behave in such an unruly way? Well? Show me.”

There was some scuffling and clinking noises. I guess they are showing their loot to God of Creation-sama?

“My dear venerable children. Did you take all these from him? I suppose I have no choice. As punishment, I shall confiscate everything here.”

“N-no waaayyyyy!!!”

Arara~ confiscate?

I wonder if those gods and goddesses could stand living without their stuff? I tried imagining it.

Ninril-sama on a sugar withdrawal without her cake.

Kishar-sama in tears over losing her beauty night cream, she’ll probably be in despair.

Agni-sama without her daily doses of beer.

Ruka-sama… who’s always been rather stiff and unresponsive but drooling over the ham gift set. I can’t imagine the gloom that would fall over her.

As for the liquor loving duo, they had actually been the most helpful, aka pushy, about helping me to level up and even gave me an item to help me with the dungeon challenge. They schemed so hard to get their hands on that 12-year-old whiskey…

Although a part of me was gleeful, a bigger part of me felt a little sorry for them. I mean, it’s kind of troublesome to keep having to give them offerings each week but it’s not like I spend my money anywhere and the blessings, as well as skills and item I received, are all pretty useful.

Should I try to intervene?

“E-excuse me, God of Creation-sama?” [5]

“Ah, it’s the Other Worlder. Excuse me, I am the God of Creation of this world, Demiurgos. I’m sorry for the trouble these venerable ones have brought you.”

“I am called Mukouda, very pleased to meet you. As for trouble… I was summoned into this world very suddenly and have no idea what to do with my life. However, due to some fortuitous encounter, I met with Fer, Dora-chan and Sui.”

In fact, I could say my life is pretty good now. In the first place, the number one cause of my problem is that shady pig king from the Kingdom of Reijseger. They were the ones who performed the ritual to summon heroes and I was unfortunately dragged into it.

“That shady pig king? Well, that kingdom has hardly any decent people in it. However, the situation had been going downward ever since that current king sat on the throne.”

Eh? I forgot that the gods and goddesses could hear my thoughts.

Sorry for bad-mouthing the locals.

“Considering the fact that he’s as fat as a pig and greedy as one, you’re not wrong. I had been wondering what we should do with that country. As Gods, we are not allowed to interfere with the world… however, that despicable kingdom had conducted the Hero Summoning ritual not once, but twice.”

“Eh? Twice? Have they performed the ritual again?”

“Maa… [9] when that pig king summoned your group, they were supposed to call only 3 heroes. However since they summoned those three and yourself, it counts as two Summoning rituals.”

[9] “I-is that so…”

“Honoured friend, do you know that Reijseger is at war now?”

[8] “I… expect it, since the reason why I left was that they were on the verge of attacking Malbert…” [5]

“Yes, the Summoning was meant to have you heroes fight for them.”

Woah, having seen the status of those heroes, I could imagine that the country was very pleased to have summoned such high-quality fighters. There’s no way they would not make those teenagers fight in the war. [5]

Speaking of which… “What happened to them?” They had laughed at me when they saw my status but since we’re all from Japan, I could not help but be curious. I’d probably be sad if they get dragged into a war for the pig king.

“They appeared to be fine. The heroes managed to realise the true face of the people who summoned them and escaped the country…”

Apparently, the heroes were completely isolated from other people by the leaders of the country who tried to trick them into putting on ‘Slave Bracelets’ on themselves. In fact, one of the girls, Rio (a cute girl with bob haircut, I think) put on the bracelet and turned into a crazy fanatic until her left arm was taken off by a monster in a battle to level up…

Whether fortunately, or unfortunately, Rio regained her sanity and all three of them ran away from Reijseger.

“Where are they now? And what happened to the girl who lost her arm?” Having done my research, I know that no country near that cursed Reijseger could be considered ‘safe’.

“Not to worry, all three are now residing within the Kingdom of Malbert. They are now registered Adventurers like you and are working in a party of three.”

“Really? I’m kind of relieved since they are all still teenagers… but isn’t Malbert the target of Reijseger? Also, aren’t their identity kind of sensitive?”

“It should be alright. The aristocrats of Malbert are aware of their presence but have made no contact. They have plenty of powerful fighters stronger than the  three ‘Heroes’, so they should be alright. In fact, I believe Malbert would not pull them into the war for fear of risking political trouble with Reijseger.”

“Right, right, since Reijseger uses things like ‘Slave Bracelets’ they probably imagine that another country would try to do the same and make false accusations on ownership of heroes or something to justify their war.”

Really, that country is just too despicable.

Umu, that they are. A fat and rotting kingdom trying to expand its territory without a good grasp of its own strength. Malbert has finally lost their patience and would be taking some very decisive actions soon.”

[8] Erm… I could not see God of Creation’s face but I could swear there’s a malevolent smile in his voice.

“Speaking of which, Reijseger has also been harassing the Demon Territory. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they would aid Malbert when war is finally declared. In other words, Reijseger will eventually collapse without divine intervention.”

Yeah, considering a king like that, they would need divine intervention to escape intact…

“Speaking of which, is the girl with the missing arm part of the Hero’s party?”

Umu, that child had styled herself as an expert in support magic. Her contribution to the team is quite active despite having only one arm.”

Ah, I’m glad to hear it… not that she had lost her arm, of course! But that she’s still working hard to live her life properly.

I could probably do something about that with one of Sui’s special elixirs. However, I’d have to make way to Malbert… what should I do…

“Do not worry about that child. I have my ways. Since the four of you have been summoned into this world by force, I have some flexibility over certain things.”

That’s reassuring, “What’s your plan?”

“The three of them will be coming to the church at Marlbert’s royal capital to get married soon. Following that, they will challenge a nearby dungeon. Once there, they would have the great luck of finding a certain healing elixir.”

“Ahh, that sounds… wait. Hm? Did you say they’re heading to the church to get married? Are they there for someone’s wedding?”

“Oh no, those three will be getting married soon.”

“… three? ….married?!”

“Polygamy is not uncommon in this world.”


Polygamy between a handsome high schooler and two high school girls…

“The road of hardships automatically deepens the bond between men and women. Uhyohyohyohyo~”

What the heck?


They had to be a decade younger than me and…



Curse you! I’m taking back all my sympathy for you little brats!

How could those people be happier than me?

I, an adult but not a single woman by my side!

Grrrr, I hope that handsome high schooler explodes!!



[Gumihou: Tsk, tsk, tsk, Mukouda-san.]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

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[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] “What I then heard from the God of creation was that the shady pig-king led the kingdom to the Summoning of various so-called ‘Heroes’, me included, as well as a group of three high-schoolers from Japan.

Not sure why the God of Creation had to explain all that to Mukouda-san who should know this best. Reworked the information to ‘3 + 1’ individuals summoned = 2 separate summons.


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