Little Cooking Saint – 0274 – Jellybean of Origin (c)

Chapter 274 – Jellybean of Origin (c)

Translated by Gumihou

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Suo Lan had not expected an ordinary Cultivation school in the Ninth Realm to have such a powerful gatekeeper. [1] Moreover, it was someone he once knew. From the glazed eyes of the person, he was clearly under the control of someone. Has Ninth Realm developed to the point where masters powerful enough to enslave Nascent Formation people had appeared?

Or, was it the work of the anomaly backing the College?

Suo Lan was unclear about the details. However, his only task was to deliver a letter from the elder. As for the rest, he will merely spectate from the side.

However, when the gatekeeper informed him that the person he’s looking for was missing, he could only leave the guardhouse to try again later.

His appearance at the gate of the Imperial College, brief though it was, had already been remarked by many secret observers.

Especially by the people from Patriarch Ge’s faction. “Surely Lord Suo Lan is not planning to leave us and join the Imperial Family faction?” isn’t this too scary?

“Impossible. There is no way the Imperial Family or the College would compromise.” Compromising meant choosing to become the pawn of a higher force. If they had been prepared to compromise earlier, the Imperial Family would not have resisted in the first place.

“Then, why did Lord Suo Lan come to the gates of the Imperial College only to just leave? Don’t tell me he came to kill the chicken and frighten the monkeys but gave up when he couldn’t enter the College gate?”

Patriarch Ge frowned, “Who knows…” he could not even begin to guess what that person was thinking.

While this side was speculating over this visit. Several others have also noticed the matter.

“Are you sure? Was that person really Suo Lan? Why had he come down to the Ninth Heaven?”

“Of course I’m sure,”

The two people speaking were Tan-Tai Chu’s servants.

“If it’s Lord Suo Lan, shouldn’t we inform Third Miss about this?”

“Of course, we shall inform Third Miss the moment she returns!”

Tan-Tai Chu does not reside in the College. Normally students could not enter and exit the College easily until they have achieved a certain level. However, Tan-Tai Chu was obviously someone with insidious motives. Therefore, it was better for her to stay outside.

That evening, Tan-Tai Chu returned to the residence with minor injuries.

Nowadays when she fought with Lin Fan, she did not act as desperately as before. Since her attack power had lessened, Lin Fan had also lightened his attacks. His beatings were less cruel lately.

At times, Lin Fan’s other companions would fight her and she also held back and did not beat them to death.

After half a month of this, she could feel that they were not as wary of her as usual. In short, one could say that her time spent softening them up has not been wasted.

When she returned, Uncle Lin reported what he had seen that day.

Tan-Tai Chu was immediately alert. “You’re saying you saw Suo Lan at the Imperial College? Who is this Suo Lan?”

Don’t blame her for not knowing him. There were too many little fishes and shrimps characters like him in the Tan-Tai Clan. It’s not worth her time to remember the names of these insignificant characters.

“Suo Lan is one of the stewards of the Clan. Third Miss may not know him but he’s under the direct orders of the Patriarch,” explained Uncle Lin.

Within large families, it’s normal to have faction struggles. The Tan-Tai Clan is no exception.

“Is that so?” Tan-Tai Chu thought for a moment. “Have him come see me tomorrow.”

It did not matter who this Suo Lan person is. What’s important is how he could be of use to her right now.

What she had not expected was the shocking news that Suo Lan would bring her the next day.

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That night, on the same day of Suo Lan’s first visit to the College, Uncle Lin came to visit him. The next day, Suo Lan came to Tan-Tai Chu’s place as ordered.

[2a] He was surprised by the appearance of the Third Miss. As someone from the Tan-Tai Clan, one could not avoid hearing about the gifted Third Miss blessed with the potential to surpass even the Patriarch.

Therefore, what was she playing around here? Why is she not Cultivating at the Eighth Realm?

Nevertheless, regardless of his thoughts on her work ethics, Third Miss had summoned him. Therefore, he had to come and see her.

After the initial greetings, Tan-Tai Chu asked, “What is your business in the Ninth Realm?”

Suo Lan thought for a moment, before saying, “Apologies. The mission came from the Patriarch. Until the mission is completed, this lowly subordinate cannot disclose it.”

If he had not met Elder Huan, he would have revealed everything to the Third Miss. However, after meeting the Elder, he had a feeling that big changes are afoot and it would not be prudent to reveal too much for the time being.

Fortunately, Tan-Tai Chu was not interested in whatever he was doing and said instead, “Are you the only one here?”

“There are a few men with this subordinate. Elder Huan was here earlier, but he had since left.”

“What!” Tan-Tai Chu’s gaze sharpened. “Elder Huan was here?! Why was he here?”

Naturally, she knew that Elder Huan was an Honorary Elder of the Tan-Tai Clan. He was not someone even grandfather could easily order around.

Therefore, he might not even be here on the orders of grandfather.

“This subordinate is not clear. However, before Elder Huan leave, he accepted a disciple.”

The words toll a like bell in Tan-Tai Chu’s mind.

Elder Huan had accepted a disciple!!

Not too long ago she had personally approached the Elder to show her sincerity and yet the man was not moved. To think that he had accepted a disciple, and one from the Ninth Realm!

“Who was it!?” the words were gnashed out between Tan-Tai Chu’s teeth.

Suo Lan had not expected such a big reaction from the Third Miss. He quickly revealed, “The disciple Elder Huan has accepted is a student from the Imperial College, Shiyu.”


Tan-Tai Chu’s eyes widened suddenly.

It’s her!

How could it be her!?

The armrest of her chair had splintered under her grip and a strange feeling twisted in her chest. Jealousy, it was jealousy.

To think that person would be accepted by Elder Huan…

Elder Huan…

Huan Mo…

She first came down to the Ninth Realm to obtain the Tea of Enlightenment that had gone through Lightning Tribulation because she had heard that it would help change one’s Sea of Consciousness.

But now, while her mental power was still the same Elder Huan had already found a disciple.

Moreover, it’s that wretched twin sister!

“When did he accept this disciple?” 

“Three days ago,”

Tan-Tai Chu suddenly snorted, then coughed. Blood splattered from her mouth.

Three days ago…

If she had gotten rid of that wretched Shiyu then, how could such a despicable thing happen?

No, she still has a chance. 

“You said… Elder Huan has left, right?” a ruthless light flashed across Tan-Tai Chu’s eyes.

Suo Lan was taken aback, “Third Miss, you…”

“Heheh,” Tan-Tai Chu gave him a sharp look. “You are not allowed to speak of anything that happened today. You have never been here and you have never seen me. Do what you have to do and leave. Understand?”

Suo Lan’s expression was solemn, “I understand.”


[Gumihou: Shiyu had slapped someone even without knowing it. Or, was it that Tan-Tai Chu had just slapped herself?]

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[1] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Give more reason for Suo Lan’s shock 

[2] Deleted Stuff:

[a] Or, that is to say

Deleted, because it made no sense. Author must have wrote something before deleting it and forgot to streamline the information.



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