Little Cooking Saint – 0275 – Jellybean of Origin (d)

Chapter 275 – Jellybean of Origin (d)

Translated by Gumihou

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After leaving Tan-Tai Chu’s place, Suo Lan strolled along the streets of the Capital alone. His boots clicked hesitantly against the stone tiled floor as he pondered over what to do next.

Meeting the Third Miss here was a very big deal. If he had not met Elder Huan earlier he might have had thoughts about getting close to Third Miss.

Judging from Third Miss’s attitude, she harboured great animosity against Elder Huan’s disciple. Therefore, he had to be careful and properly consider his position.

One side wants to protect, the other wants to kill. To think he’d be get caught in the middle… Regardless, the most important question now is, how should he maximise this opportunity to his benefit?

Should he bet on Third Miss? Or Elder Huan?

Although he was part of the Tan-Tai Clan, like many others who serve the clan, he did so for the benefits he could get. Things like Cultivation resources and training opportunities and such.

He felt very moved by the favour shown by Third Miss and Elder Huan but ultimately, he could only choose one side over the other…

So, who should he choose?

Suo Lan hesitated.

Opportunities and risks exist side by side, this saying perfectly describes his current situation.

Sighing, he looked up and found himself staring at the gates of the Imperial College.

[1] “… …”

[1] Wait, wasn’t he on his way to Patriarch Ge’s estate?

How did he end up at the Imperial College’s gate?

Imperial College, ah… this is where that lucky kid is staying. Elder Huan had ordered him to send a letter to her, pity she was not here.

Suo Lan smiled and turned to leave.

There were [2] no outsiders hanging around the College entrance. Anyone who wants to gawk at the College would generally look at it from afar. [2] While there were usually a few students around, Suo Lan found himself alone on the white marble tiled floor of the entrance this very moment. He looked up at the towering trees beyond the gate, deep in thought. When he turned to leave, his footsteps made dull echoing sounds.

One step, two step and… Suo Lan stopped.

He had weighted the value of siding with Third Miss versus Elder Huan but isn’t there another, far more important, variable he should consider? The person at the centre of this conflict, Elder Huan’s disciple, the lucky little girl Shiyu.

Just what kind of person is Elder Huan?

He’s someone that even the Tan-Tai Patriarch treated with courtesy. According to the rumours, Elder Huan had been looking for a disciple for some time now but had not found one due to his ridiculous standards.

Is Elder Huan someone who would lower his standards just because he can’t find anyone suitable?

No, impossible.

Elder Huan is only 300 years old, he could live another few hundred years easily. Therefore, there’s no way he would casually pick someone off the streets after delaying for so long.

If Elder Huan chose that Shiyu girl, he must have seen great potential in her.

As a Master of Illusion, his heir should also inherit skills as an Illusionist.

Suddenly, Suo Lan’s heart began to thump.

A Master of Illusion, ah. A Great Master of Illusion is not someone he should offend.

Moreover, if he recalled the conversation correctly, the girl was not the one who sought out Elder Huan. In fact, Elder Huan was the one who ended up coaxing the little girl with all kinds of benefits and promises, he even ordered Suo Lan not to kill her people, ah.

Therefore… what if that girl become the second Elder Huan?

If he stand on the side of Elder Huan, he would likely gain the favour of two Great Master of Illusion. As for Third Miss… Third Miss is now a Divine Transformation 5 expert. It would be a long time before she comes into power and by that time, he was fairly sure she would not remember him.

Suo Lan stood at the fork in the road. However, he could already see how one side is more advantageous than the other.

Don’t rush.

He calmed his heart down. Let’s take care and analyse everything first. Study all the details before making a decision.

Suo Lan did his best to be objective. However, in his heart of hearts, he had already chosen his side. Therefore, when he made his way back to Patriarch Ge’s estate his footsteps sounded much firmer than before.


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On the other side of the City.

Tan-Tai Chu knew that she could not delay matters any longer.

Her only opportunity is during the window when Elder Huan was absent from the Ninth Realm. Once Elder Huan returns and takes her away, there is no telling under what circumstances they would meet next.


She spat the name out like a curse.

From the moment she laid eyes on that person until recently, she had never regarded that person as someone worthy to be considered an opponent.

She has plenty of rivals and opponents, all of them requiring to at least match her in terms of Cultivation.

As for that Shiyu, if not for that face of hers, she would never have noticed that little insect.

Even now, though she had expressedly come to the Ninth Realm to clean out that Shiyu character, she never took the matter seriously. This was why she bothered to take the slow method. A step-by-step approach of getting closer to them before finally giving them a big ‘surprise’.

Who would have thought that this insect would actually dare to set their hands on what she had been eyeing!

That thing should just disappear!

“Uncle Lin, the three of you should pull every effort into catching that person. It’s best if you could catch her alive. If not, just bring me the corpse.”

The three servants nodded. They will obey Third Miss’s order unconditionally.

However, despite Tan-Tai Chu’s passionate order, no matter what method they use or how hard they try to find that girl. It was as though the girl named Shiyu had completely vanished.

If she had not gotten confirmation from Suo Lan, Tan-Tai Chu would have thought that Shiyu had already left with Elder Huan.

“How could someone just vanish into thin air?” frowned Tan-Tai Chu.

Later, a public announcement released by the Imperial College gave her some idea of what might have happened.

The final tournament prize has been revealed. The Imperial College had placed Fortune Pills as the final reward!

Fortune Pill.

Able to increase the probability for Core Condensation – Great Perfection realm Cultivators to breakthrough into Divine Transformation level!

As soon as this piece of news went out, Cities nearby nearly boiled over with excitement.

Divine Transformation!

How many heroes and great talents in the Ninth Realm have been hovering between the threshold of Core Condensation – Great Perfection realm and Divine Transformation realm under the Dao of Suppression?

The Divine Transformation Realms represents not only a tremendous increase in Cultivation level but would also extend a Cultivator’s lifespan by another hundred years.

In this world, being able to extend one’s life meant more opportunities to Cultivate and accomplish things. Because lifespan is not something you can just purchase anytime you like.

Once your lifespan is up, no matter how powerful you are, you will disappear forever.

However, aside from breaking through realms, very few options are available. Very rare medicines and artefacts that could increase a person’s lifespan are there but they are ‘very rare’ and great luck is needed to encounter them.

Even so, once such a rare medicine appear, fierce competition would arise as people tried to snatch it for themselves. Ordinary people have no chance to participate, not even to try and ‘fish in troubled waters’.

After all, as long as people are alive, they will have hope.

Right now within the Ninth Realm, all Core Condensation – Great Perfection level Cultivators are desperate to get their hands on this miracle thing. A faint light had lit up the dark. How could they not rush like moths to it?

Thus, the Ninth Realm is boiling with excitement!


[Gumihou: Ah, another strategists who calculate until the grass don’t grow. The two of you are clearly very closely related.]


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[1] Adjusted Sentences for Dramatic Purpose: Split the paragraph to make it more impactful.

[2] Deleted ‘there were usually no people near the entrance of the of the College

Because of continuity issues from:

Chapter 36 ‘From time to time, college students dressed in black college gowns would pass through the gates

Chapter 259 ‘…more than a dozen people inching towards the guardhouse with red faces…

Replace ‘no people’ with ‘no outsiders’, but what author really meant was literally nobody because of the ‘dull echoing footsteps on tile’ so added ‘at this time’. You can arbitrarily change things for your convenience but please make sure it’s at least plausible.


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