Little Cooking Saint – 0273 – Jellybean of Origin (b)

Chapter 273 – Jellybean of Origin (b)

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After that flash of light disappeared, Shiyu could finally see words appear on the inky pages of the book.

Shiyu quickly scanned the words. The layout of the book was the same as the one on the first page. The main difference was that the list of dishes on the third page featured recipes with special emphasis on heat control.

The first page dealt with knife skills, the third page was about heat control. After completing the tasks given on the first page, the reward was a method to enhance the fire inside her body. However, thanks to Ocean Heart Flame this method was not useful to her at all.

Well, not useful to her doesn’t mean it’s not useful to others. In fact, if the circumstances are right, she would not mind exchanging this method for a greater benefit.

For a new Cultivator starting out, getting this kind of reward is very good. She could imagine that the Master would not be stingy with the reward for mastering heating control.

“So it’s this,” Fat Cat sounded a little surprised. “I believe I know what the reward on this black page is.”

“What is it?”

“It should be similar to what you can do with that jade talisman you showed me before,”

Shiyu’s brows twitched, “You mean, I could temporarily escape Dao of Suppression…”

“Yes, furthermore, this one is better. People who use the jade talisman would enter a weakened state for a week. That’s the greatest drawback of the talisman. However… there’s no such weakness in our method,” Fat Cat’s yellow eyes were glowing like lanterns. If all goes well, perhaps the crisis upon the Eastern Empire would truly be lifted.

Shiyu instant understood the underlying message [1].

If she could make something similar to the jade talisman, that means the Eastern Empire and the College would have an Ace in hand! A true hidden Ace!

“Don’t rush, your goal now is to reach Divine Transformation Realm,” said Fat Cat calmly. “You can only cope with the future situations after you’ve improved your strength.”

Shiyu nodded, “I understand!” Things must be done according to priorities. Improving her strength is the most important thing now. “I shall go into Close Cultivation.”

Target, Divine Transformation!

Luckily, she was already on the verge of reaching the Great Perfection level. Once she reached that level and use the Fortune Pill…

The rest would come naturally.

Shiyu left Saint’s Dwelling to update her friends roughly about what’s going on as well as her decision to go into close Cultivation. After that, she moved all the necessary cooking tools into her space and properly began her close Cultivation.

Her Cultivation Way depends on cooking. Right now, she needed to turn the beast cores Second Master had gifted her into dishes filled with Spiritual energy. It was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.

After Shiyu retreated into close Cultivation… no one really noticed a difference anyway since she rarely appeared in public.


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In the middle of the Imperial College Square, the entire place was ablaze with activity. Tan-Tai Chu stood nearby and stared as Feng Luo and Lin Fan battled it out on the stage. Her eyes kept roving about uncertainly.

She had noticed something off these past few days. The so-called Champions have suddenly reduced their meditation time and have plunged themselves into a battle frenzy. During the day, they would do battle against each other in the College arena, at night they would battle against outsiders at the Central Square.

The only time they took a break was the middle of the night.

Just what is going on with these people?

Moreover… it’s been several days since the last time anyone had caught sight of Shiyu…

Were they preparing for some unknown event in the future?

Tan-Tai Chu frowned. She did not like the feeling of having things happening outside her control. However, this was an unfamiliar place. So, how would she know whether this is their normal behaviour or not?

She should speed up her plans-

Suddenly, a long sword flashed in her direction. Tan-Tai Chu instinctively ducked out of the way of the sword and her sword was suddenly in her hand and pointing in the direction where the wild sword came from. A young man on the stage was staring condescendingly down at her.

He jerked his chin, “Want another battle? Perhaps I’ll let you win this time,”

Tan-Tai Chu was immediately provoked. She adjusted her grip on the sword and charged up the stage, “I don’t need you to let me win!”

While Tan-Tai Chu and Lin Fan were battling it out on the stage, Feng Luo wiped the sweat off his face and said to Dong-Fang Zhen and Liu Suifeng, “They battled at least once a day for how many days now? She hasn’t won a single bout yet, right?”

“Don’t blame her for being weak, blame Lin Fan for being too freakishly powerful. Who leapfrogs into power after every challenge? This kind of thing is not difficult for him,” Dong-Fang Zhen sighed.

“To be honest, I’m curious who in our group would break into Divine Transformation first,” Liu Suifeng said. His arms crossed over his chest and a foxtail grass dangling from the corner of his lips. Combined with his bright red clothes, slim body and handsome face, he exuded a coquettish beauty.

“What’s to be curious about? Little Shi is the closest to the goal. I dare say once she comes out, she’ll be at Great Perfection level at the very least. Once she takes the Fortune Pill… tsk, tsk,” Feng Luo said with a little envy. The next step would be Divine Transformation Realm, ah!

A year or two ago, Divine Transformation realm was like an unattainable mountain on the hazy horizon. A peak waiting to be climbed.

But now, that peak no longer appeared far away. It seemed so near that he might actually touch it.

All these changes happened in the past two years.

Feng Luo had once analysed the trajectory of his success and realised that if not for Lin Fan and Shiyu, his growth would not be as smoothed as it had been.

If he had developed according to the plans made by grandfather, he would be in his fifties before touching the threshold of crossing over to Divine Transformation.

He had been really, really lucky.

Luckily, he had not stayed in the Feng Estate and came to the Imperial College instead.

Luckily, he treated his friends with sincerity.

However, he also believed that it was not a bad thing for them to know him, Feng Luo!

While Feng Luo, Dong-Fang Zhen and Liu Suifeng chatted with each other, Qi Chuyun was distracted by her own thoughts.

When the Qi Clan was destroyed. It would not be an exaggeration to say she had been desperate and had no choice but to come to the Eastern Empire to beg help from the last person who had shown her goodwill. Who would have thought that by coming here, that thin thread of hope had grown and multiplied infinitely?

It’s the Divine Transformation realm, ah…

Why had the whole of Qi Clan done so many terrible things? It was to raise more Divine Transformation people among their clan members.

Unexpectedly, under such a desperate situation, things turned out beyond what she had hoped for. That thin thread of hope became powerful hope.

This is beyond good luck, it’s transcendent luck!

However, she also knew who it was that opened this path for her.

As Lin Fan said, the gifts given today should be redoubled and given back in the future. That way, she would not have to be embarrassed about accepting them now.

She believed that one day in the future, she would have an opportunity to somehow assist Shiyu.


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While the College was having a lively challenge, a man dressed in a black cloak approached the College.

He looked at the sign placed at the entrance of the College and made his way towards the guardhouse where the gatekeeper resided.

The plan was to let the gatekeeper know he wants to meet with Shiyu and hoped that he would pass a message to her.

However, when he saw the gatekeeper, he was taken aback.

“You! What are you doing here?!”

And why are you a gatekeeper in this place?!


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