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Little Cooking Saint – 0271 – Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun (h)


Chapter 271 – Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun (h)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Are you willing?

“Of course I’m willing,” said Shiyu. “I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. So why would I not be willing?”

“Aren’t you worried that I’d make use of you?” Huan Mo asked with a raised eyebrow.

He threw back the problem that Shiyu had been preoccupied with just now.

“Of course, I’m worried,” said Shiyu truthfully. “However, we must pay the price for what we want. Who asked me to be moved by your terms? I have to risk more to gain more.”

After all, this is not the kind of world where you can just sit back and enjoy the benefits without consequences. If someone wants to offer you something good, there must be a reason behind it.

Love does not exist without reason, hate also does not exist without reason. In the end, good things do not happen without reason.

“You are too sensible,” said Huan Mo. “However, having a clear mind is an important part of being a Master of Illusion. I shall consider this your good point.”

Suo Lan sat quietly on the side. 

As the newly established master and disciple turned what should have been a touching and meaningful relationship into something like a business deal, his feelings grew a little complicated.

In truth, this master-disciple pair really are acting in perfect harmony. At least in terms of their thought process. Both were overly sensible people who knew what they wanted. There was no need for superfluous remarks or circular flatteries. Just state your terms, your bottom line and list your conditions neatly.

“Now that you’re my disciple…”

“Wait, I haven’t told you one other thing yet. That is, I already have a teacher, if this bothers you…”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” Huan Mo quickly replied. “Those are trivial matters. So long as you are willing to accept my tutelage, everything else is all insignificant.”

He’s not one of those narrow-minded petty fools who hold tradition above all things. Everything is fine as long as he felt it’s fine.

“Er, I guess there’s no other issue?” this new master of hers was truly different from everyone else she had ever met.

There was no need for any dreary ceremonies or lengthy tests, nor was he arrogant or pompous. He gave off a very… free and unrestrained kind of feeling. It was very… original.

“Excellent. Now, having a disciple is very important to me. As for the reason, I shall explain it to you in detail when I have time. I can settle my side of things for you but you should also prepare yourself to meet my requirements. Let me warn you, my requirements are very high so you should do some mental preparations.”

Shiyu exhaled, “Surely it won’t take people’s lives?”

“Not usually,”

“… …”

“Alright, let’s talk about other matters later.”

They had spoken a lot but only the three people at the table could clearly hear what was being spoken.

Suo Lan felt a little wary. The elder must have deliberately called him over to sit and listen to their conversation for some reason.

However, no matter what, the elder was one of their own. Therefore, he would not make things difficult for Suo Lan.

Shiyu also nodded. Now was not the right time for sensitive talks.

Anyway since they had already agreed to this master-disciple relationship, further details could be discussed later.

Shiyu looked down and saw that she had finished her noodles and meat, leaving only the soup… oh, and one Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun.

She had been so caught up with the negotiations that she barely tasted the food in front of her. Shiyu picked up the final Pan-Fried Bun with her chopsticks and swallowed it down in a few bites [1]. Only now was she able to think about the taste.

The flavour of the prawn stuffing was quite good, filled with the refreshing taste of seafood. The broth inside contrasted nicely with the crispy skin. One could enjoy the crisp and fragrant outer shell as well as the soft chewy dough. The Pan-Fried Buns from this stall are really exquisite.

Once she had devoured the last bit of food, Shiyu stood up, “… Second Master, it is late. I shall return first. If you wish to see me, just inform the old gatekeeper at the door. Is shall come and meet you as soon as I can.”

“Of course, you go first!” Huan Mo waved his hand generously at her.

As soon as Shiyu left, Suo Lan felt his heart rate pick up.

There were only him and the elder now. If he was not mistaken, this is a sign that the elder wishes to speak privately with him next…

“Elder Huan…”

“You’ve heard everything just now. Well? What do you think?”

As expected…

“I shall obey your words,” after all, even if the sky falls, it is up to the taller people to prop it up. Anyway, if anything untoward happened, it would fall on the shoulders of this elder first.

“Good,” Huan Mo nodded with approval. “Surely you don’t need me to tell you what to do next?”

“No need,” Suo Lan stood up and turned to his subordinates. “Come, let us return.”

The subordinates dressed in black were taken aback. However, they dare not violate direct orders. In the end, what everyone saw was a bunch of menacing, black-clad Divine Transformation experts trooping out of the Ge Estate to sit and eat at a noodle stall before trooping back menacingly into the estate.

This is…

Just how delicious are those noodles?

The ordinary people moving about the streets had no idea that a terrible tragedy had just been narrowly averted.


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That afternoon, Uncle Wang the gatekeeper appeared at the Villa.

He came bearing a gift in his hands.

When Shiyu saw Uncle Wang, she sighed: This Second Master of mine is too powerful. To be able to control Uncle Wang, his Cultivation had to be at least above Nascent Formation.

The Ninth Realm is just too narrow. The truly powerful people reside outside of this realm. In fact, the so-called Divine Transformation experts are probably at the bottom rung outside of the Ninth Realm. Outside is where true geniuses who could dominate the world ruled.

Who knows when she would be able to leave the Ninth Realm and meet these famous characters? It would be even better if she could do battle against them.

“I really want to know more about the world above, ah.” Just thinking about it made her excited. “Anyway, no matter what let’s just break into Divine Transformation realm first.” thought Shiyu as she opened the box.

As soon as she removed the lid, her breathing stuttered.

Within the box were three rare herbs and ten beast cores. She could not tell how old the rare herbs were but the cores! All of them were Nascent Formation beast cores!

This was exactly what she needed most now!

Shiyu was speechless. This gift was too precious. She had a feeling that if Second Master asked her to climb a mountain of blades and wade through a sea of fire, she would whip out her cooking knife and charge forward!

After some deep breathing exercise, Shiyu finally managed to calm herself down enough to hug the box to her chest and disappear into her space.


Meanwhile, Huan Mo was in the middle of giving some instructions to Suo Lan when he suddenly stopped speaking. Suo Lan looked up and saw Elder Huan’s body had become oddly transparent.

A sudden thought occurred to him and he swallowed, “Elder, you…”

“It’s nothing, my physical body is in a battle with someone,” said Huan Mo.

Suo Lan’s pupils shrank. So the elder before his eyes is really a clone? To think that he never even suspected it…

No matter what, he was still a Divine Transformation 5 expert, although not top tier, he’s not weak, ah! At the very least he should be able to feel when something’s not right!

Then again… facts are more shocking than fiction.

Suddenly, Huan Mo frowned, “This person… is very strong!”

To think that he could tell which was a clone!


[Gumihou: I wonder how long Huan Mo will stick around.]


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Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun   

[1] Shiyu seriously likes to swallow her food without chewing. I mean the author even used 囫圇吞棗 aka ‘swallow in one gulp’ or ‘accept without thinking’ to describe her eating process. Special emphasis on the ‘without thinking’…

This is why Gumi does not believe in her ability to taste food let alone properly cook it.


What Shiyu must look like


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