Little Cooking Saint – 0270 – Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun (g)

Chapter 270 – Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun (g)

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Shiyu paused again. Finally, she said, “Those are all very reasonable judgments. However, I don’t hate you.”

People are people, with their own unique personalities and characteristics. Later, they are weighed down by positions, statuses and social obligations. Thus far, Shiyu had been dealing with Huan Mo as a singular person, not his social position as an honourable elder of a clan out to decimate or control her people.

Therefore, even though both sides have vastly different positions, it did not stop them from being friends. In other words, when it comes to fighting, they would fight fiercely. When it came to eating and drinking, they can do so heartily as friends. A gentleman’s friendship has nothing to do with one’s rank.

Moreover, it’s not like she had any deeply rooted hatred against the Tan-Tai Clan. Right now, the relationship between herself and Tan-Tai Chu was a little uncomfortable. Besides, her people (Lin Fan) had even bullied Tan-Tai Chu a bit. If the Tan-Tai Clan planned to stick their necks out for Tan-Tai Chu, that’s something they should look out for in the future.

“Hah!” Huan Mo smiled. “These noodles are pretty good. Suo Lan, you come and try it.”

Suo Lan cast a glance at the stall keeper, who was already putting a bowl of noodles together.

The people at that table were all demons and as commoners, they can’t afford to provoke any of them. Please eat quickly and leave quickly, we beg of you!

Shiyu looked at the person in black sitting to the side. Though she and Huan Mo are not enemies, the same could not be said between herself and this person. Moreover, the people on her side are enemies against their side.

This contradiction is irreconcilable. Thus, for these hostile forces to sit at the same table and eat noodles was kind of unexpected. Even the people at the table felt that it was all very strange.

When Suo Lan continued to say nothing but ate his noodles quietly, Huan Mo went on chatting with Shiyu, “You should know who Suo Lan is,”

“I can take a guess,” if her guess is right, this person should be part of those so-called Enforcers. For now, there aren’t many powerful forces in the Ninth Realm aside from them.

“If you know who they are, you should also know that you have no hope of winning,” so what if the Imperial Family join forces with the Imperial College and manage to suppress Suo Lan? Don’t forget, there are more Enforcers stationed in other countries he could call for help.

Even if Suo Lan suffers a loss now, he could come back with reinforcements later.

“I know,” in fact, the people around her also know. However… “Some things are not done because of hope, but hope came because it is done.”

“So you are making preparations for that little hope?”

“Of course,” to be precise, they were betting on the fact that these Enforcers still wish to look after their face and dare not make things worse. At least, for now.

Under the Dao of Suppression, it’s difficult for people to break through to Divine Transformation realm. If a dozen powerful Divine Transformation masters suddenly appear from the Imperial College in one go… imagine the shockwave it would cause.

Those Enforces wished to quietly infiltrate the Ninth Realm first and control it from the shadows. Eventually filling all authoritative positions with Enforcement officers to take over the place.

Right now, they were still at the early stages of infiltration. If they cause an uproar here, the Enforcers would receive backlash from all of the Ninth Realm Cultivators. Because of this, the College bet on the fact that they dare not do anything too outrageous yet.

Huan Mo did not comment on her answer. After all, nothing had happened as yet. Everything was all talk now. Only facts are reliable.

“Let’s change the topic,” said Huan Mo. “Do you know what are the Masters of Illusion?”


Suo Lan, who had been immersed in his noodles paused. Here it comes!

Sure enough, he had guessed right. Elder Huan is seriously considering this girl as a disciple candidate.

While Elder Huan and the girl were talking, though the meaning of their words appeared to be obscure, he was not a man without brains. It did not take much thought to guess what was going on.

However, he did not think that what he had done until then would cause any issue. After all, the opponent was… just too weak. On the other hand, if she became Elder Huan’s disciple… the situation would be… different.

Suo Lan flashed a glance at the girl who had appeared quite relaxed in the face of all these strong people around her and was a little disappointed [1].

Though he could tell that this person was really a young girl, the human face mask prevented him from seeing her true appearance [1].

Forget it, let’s just sit here and listen.


Shiyu nodded at Huan Mo, “I know.” Fat Cat already explained it to her.

“Well then, would you like to have lovely pure white hair like me?”

“Pfft!” Shiyu suddenly snickered. “No way!”

This sentence suddenly reminded her of a certain online game that was popular in her past life. It was so popular that it sparked a unique trend of white hair where girls spent their hard earn money bleaching their hair to that special shade of silver-white. That kind of high-end fashion trend was not something ordinary people could emulate, therefore, the phrase ‘would you like white hair?’ [2] became the number one pick-up phrase for rich guys.

Naturally, Huan Mo did not know this weird fashion trend behind that phrase. Seeing her odd smile, he lowered his chopsticks and said, “Have I said something funny?”

“No, no,” Shiyu waved her hand. “I accidentally thought of something odd. Even though your white hair looks expensive… ah, no, that is, very nice. What does it have to do with the Master of Illusion?”

“This is a major characteristic of a Master of Illusion. The more profound the power, the whiter the hair.”

“So, you’re a Master of Illusion?” Shiyu was surprised. She had not expected this white-haired weirdo to be a rare and legendary Master of Illusion that everyone could only talk about. “… I have a question but I’m not sure if it’s rude to ask.”

“Ask away,”

“How old are you?”

“Still young, just past 300, not more than 400.”

“… …”

“Well? Are you interested to become my disciple?” Huan Mo asked casually. “Since you are familiar with the term Master of Illusions. You should also know that an illusionist is more powerful than an ordinary Cultivator of the same level. Your mental power is quite profound considering your age. However, with no one to guide you, you could take more detours than needed to succeed.”

“But…” Shiyu spread out her hands. “You haven’t even tested me or anything. Are you sure you want to just accept me as a disciple? What if I turned out to be evil or do bad things in the future?”

Generally, masters would only accept disciples after giving them a test or finding out more about the person whom they wish to take as a disciple.

“Very sure, I am confident in myself.”

“What are you confident about? Your ability to judge people?”

Huan Mo swept his gaze over her, “Confident in my ability to clean up my own mistakes.”

Shiyu, “… …” just what is the definition of ‘my mistake’? This conversation is getting rather uncomfortable. “It sounds like being your disciple is very dangerous. I fear I cannot accept this blessing.”

“Perhaps you should consider all of the benefits of becoming my disciple before making the final decision,” said Huan Mo. “Pills and precious herbs are a matter of course, I can also prepare anything else you want or need. Furthermore, I can guarantee there will be no deaths.”

Huan Mo’s words shook Shiyu’s heart.

These advantages… all sound very tempting and incredible, ah.

She forced herself to lower her head and took a sip of her soup. Then, she took a bite of the Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun. As she chew over the crunchy bun, Shiyu felt her heart calm down a bit.

“Don’t you feel that we are more like a pair of merchants haggling over the details of a contract than master and apprentice?”

Huan Mo laughed, “Indeed, it is very similar. Unfortunately, you are not easy to trick. I can only impress you with clear benefits and conditions. Who asks me to need a disciple right away? As for a master-disciple relationship, I fear it would take us a dozen years to cultivate the proper feelings. I don’t have much time left. We are all intelligent people here. Well, are you willing?”


[Gumihou: …I can accept Shiyu’s haggling skill here. Somewhat. It’s normal in Chinese culture to haggle over stuff after all.]


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[1] I guess Suo Lan is disappointed that his eyes are broken and could not see what Shiyu’s face looked like until he deliberately ‘flashed a glance’ at her. Or, could it be Elder Huan’s presence was so dazzling that Shiyu only appeared as a black spot in his eyes?

[2] 要不要白發 – Do you want white hair – supposedly a pickup line but can’t find the source.


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