Little Cooking Saint – 0269 – Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun (f)

Chapter 269 – Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun (f)

Translated by Gumihou

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At this, everyone glanced at each other.

After a bit, they said, “Isn’t this a little impossible? Perhaps Lin Fan and Qing Chen could do it, but the rest of us are a bit too far behind, ah,” Qi Chuyun, who was currently at Core Condensation 5, felt that getting into Core Condensation – Great Perfection level was too farfetched a dream.

“Don’t you still have me?” said Shiyu confidently. “Opportunities are created by ourselves. As long as you can give me enough beast core, I can help you reach Great Perfection stage in half a month.”

“Even us?” [1] Qi Chuyun and the rest were a little breathless with shock.

“Right, all of us,”


“[1] I can’t do it alone, of course,” said Shiyu. “I’ll let you in on a little information. You’ve already experienced it yourself. The higher the level of the beast cores the more Spiritual energies you get. There are very few high level beast cores in the Ninth Realm but don’t you remember? We have lots of people from the upper realms within the Imperial Capital now. You should know what I mean, right?”

How could they not?

If they are from the upper realms, no matter what herb or tools they carry, it would be miles better than what could be found in the Ninth Realm. Perhaps… some might even have high level beast cores on them.

According to Shiyu, as long as she has the necessary beast cores, she guarantees that she could send the entire group of College Challengers into the Great Perfection level. This was a very big opportunity for all of them.

“We must discuss this matter carefully,” said Lin Fan.

Shiyu nodded, “You take care of getting the ingredients. I’m going to keep busy.”

So long as everyone focuses on their part of the job, they could achieve great things.

However, because she had to concentrate on turning all the beast cores in had into Spiritual rich food, Shiyu had no time to go out at night.

Naturally, she had to let Huan Mo know.

Shiyu did not dislike this odd character. After all, geniuses have their little characteristics. Looks like Huan Mo suffered from an excess of self-love?

Sounds about right.


That evening, Shiyu got ready to go out for the last time and quickly found Huan Mo. She told him about not being able to leave the College for the foreseeable future and to not look for her.

[2] When Huan Mo heard about it, he expressed a little regret, “Another fun thing is gone,”

Shiyu frowned helplessly. To think this risky and important thing she had been doing every night was considered a ‘fun thing’ in his eyes. The gap between their realms left her speechless.

The light was spreading across the sky. Distant houses and mountains transformed from shadowy fixtures to more solid landscapes with details. The surrounding streets were becoming livelier too.

The people in this time and space are very diligent. Most of them were up before dawn. When the light of dawn stretches its fingers across the sky, businesspeople had already set up their stalls.

By the time various fragrances floated across the Imperial Capital, the streets were bustling with voices.

While Shiyu and Huan Mo watched the people pouring into the market that morning, Shiyu suddenly asked, “Have you tasted the food of the Ninth Realm?”

“I’m practising inedia,” meaning he had not.

“You can still have a taste. Come on, I know a place where the food is not bad,”

Shiyu lead Huan Mo towards the food stall set up directly opposite the Ge Estate.

Before the stall were a few clean tables and chairs. When Shiyu and Huan Mo sat down, they immediately attracted the attention of the other diners.

“Their Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle is very delicious. You’ll know when you taste it. If you don’t like it, you can take this opportunity to try other things. I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like in the Imperial City,” said Shiyu sincerely.

For some reason, Huan Mo’s crestfallen expression after hearing that Shiyu would not be able to accompany him out for ‘fun nights out’ made her feel a little guilty.

This guilt led her to bring this guy to this noodle place.

After all, people should have some hobby in their life. Without a goal or hobby of some sort, what’s the purpose of living a long life?

She felt that this Huan Mo must have lived a very austere life. He must have Cultivated to the point where he’s so powerful that life became very boring.

“Boss, two bowls of Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle,” called Shiyu to the busy stall owner.

“Certainly!” the stall owner called back. “Would you like to try our Pan-Fried Buns? The filling is made with shrimp and is very tasty. Money-back guarantee!”

Having fallen for this shop’s noodle dish, Shiyu did not hesitate to say, “Alright, we’ll have those too!”

The stall keeper beamed, “It’ll be ready soon!”


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Opposite the shop, the gates of the Ge Estate opened and Suo Lan came out.

[3] Their purpose today was to kill people.

It’s been a few days since they arrived at the Eastern Martial Empire and those who could be persuaded were persuaded; those who could be bribed were bribed. The only ones left were those bone-headed people with stiff spines. They have come out to spring clean the place.

Normally, bloody matters like this would be done under the covers of darkness. However, to ‘Kill the Chicken and Warn the Monkeys’ they have decided to act during the day.

The gates of the Ge Estate creaked opened and Suo Lan stepped out, followed by six men in black cloaks. The large cloaks concealed their bodies and their faces, making it difficult to make out their features clearly.

There was an air of grimness about them that chilled the hearts of the people around.

“Look away! Don’t look at those people directly,” the commoners whispered to each other. “It would be bad to catch their attention.”

The previously noisy street suddenly went quiet. Only the snap of black cloaks was heard.

The sound was not very loud but terrifying nevertheless.

Suo Lan ignored the commoners and was about to leap onto his mount when he accidentally caught sight of something from the corner of his eye. After a closer look, his knees suddenly felt a little weak.

Was that Elder Huan sitting at a street stall?

Surely his eyes are playing tricks!

Huan Mo seemed to have noticed his stare and waved back as greeting.

However, Suo Lan misunderstood this hand wave and thought that this venerable elder was calling him over. Therefore, he led all six of his black-clad subordinates to Elder Huan’s table, their little group clearly freaking out the local people with their chilling presence.

“Elder,” he said respectfully.


Shiyu, who had been sipping her soup paused.

“Elder?” she looked at Xuan Mo inquiringly.

Seeing that there Suo Lan was standing right next to them, Huan Mo waved at a nearby chair. Then, he turned to Shiyu, “An honorary elder.”

“The type that eats the most and works the least?”

Huan Mo nearly choked, “Something like that.”

“From the Eight Realm? Which Clan?”

“You should know them. Tan-Tai.”

Shiyu nodded, “I do know the name.”

Seeing that she was not keen to speak further, Huan Mo said curiously, “Aren’t you surprised?”

“I have some suspicion,” she guessed that he must somehow be involved with the Tan-Tai Clan. However, she had no idea his status was so high.

To be able to serve as an Honorary Elder, he must be very powerful for a clan that produces Tan-Tai Chu to want to maintain a good relationship with a weirdo like this.

“Here I thought you’ll draw your sword at me or pull a bad face before leaving,”

After all, from a certain point of view, he is her enemy too.


[Gumihou: I guess we’ll be seeing mature, wise and calm Shiyu for a bit. It’s not completely OOC so Gumi is not too unhappy with it. On the other hand, Huan Mo seemed to have forgotten that he had been chewing an apple with his mouth open when he first encountered Shiyu]


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[1] Adjusted Details to Combat the Vague: Unsure whether the ‘us’ meant ‘even we could do it’ or ‘it all depends on us’. Went with the former since the beginning bit is also very vague. Reinforce the message in the later paragraphs.

[2] Delete: ‘The next day’. She’s meeting Huan Mo ‘that night’ but the next paragraphed started with ‘The next day’ and continued on with Shiyu speaking to Huan Mo. Anyway, presumably she meant ‘after a fun night of robbery and was about to go home in the wee hours of the morning’. Except she had already ‘told him about not being able to leave the College’ in the previous paragraph.

[3] Added Details to Clarify the Vague: The term used here is 帶人出門 which could mean ‘escort someone out’, take someone out (kill), take someone out (for a tour) or even drag people to the gate. Later paragraphs contained ‘Killing Chickens to Warn the Monkeys’, so presumably, it’s option 2.


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