Tondemo Skill – 277 – Hungover Fellas

Chapter 277: Hungover Fellas


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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“Fua~ah…” my second awakening was much more pleasant.

Looks like that energy drink was really good against hangovers. With brighter eyes, I looked around the room and noted the still sleeping men.

Quietly, I put away my futon [5] and looked around the cluttered room.

There were liquor bottles everywhere. It was easy for me to clean up the place since all I had to do was chuck the bottles into my [Item Box]. Actually, litter picking was kind of Sui’s job. With her splitting ability, she could divide into many Suis and absorb all the rubbish quickly.

[6] However, since I have guests, I decided not to do this. What would I do if Sui accidentally absorbed something she shouldn’t? Like someone’s boot or something?

[6] Once I’ve tidied up what I could within the room, I went outside and put away the barbecue stove. The stove was still pretty dirty, but I’ll have Sui deal with it later.

Ahhh, it’s nice to be out in the garden like this…

Well, it was kind of dirty, so let’s tidy it up a bit. [5]

[6] The garden looked cleaner than I thought it would after a party, did Sui dissolve all the random rubbish into herself? I mean, I always made it a point to have Sui eat plastic packets and bottles whenever I cook. Also, I didn’t give them much food this morning, so maybe she helped herself to some Other World rubbish-

“Oi, are you done? I’m hungry.” [5]

““Yeah, me too. Gimme some meat, nothing like the stuff from this morning.”” [5]

““Sui wants meat too~”” [5]

Well, if everyone wants meat… hmm, we do have a lot of snake meat, so let’s make something from it. 

Since snake meat is fairly similar to chicken, I considered my repertoire of chicken dishes and decided to go with Grilled Chicken, I mean, Grilled Snake Burger with Tomato and Cheese.

I bought the necessary burger things from [Net Super] such as tomatoes and good melting cheese. For today’s meal, I went with Black Anaconda meat cut into fillets small enough to fit into burgers and sprinkled garlic salt onto the surface before frying them on the pan. It’s pretty simple in terms of seasoning.

I really like garlic salt. This brand of garlic salt combines garlic powder, salt and ground pepper which could be applied to both meat and fish.

Once the fillets were done, I took them out and line them on a tray, put a layer of tomatoes on the meat followed by a layer of cheese on top of the tomatoes before sliding the tray into the oven. Once the cheese had browned a little, it was done.

This simple yet decadent dish is delicious on its own or served on bread. I still have plenty of black bread in my [Item Box] that could serve as burger buns. I sliced the round bread in half and stuffed it with plenty of meat, tomato and cheese mixture.

“Alright, delicious burgers are done. Hmm, they look pretty good,” I quickly assembled a large batch and piled them onto plates for my familiars. [5]

Since Fer & Co will be wanting seconds later, I began making regular Grilled Snake Sandwiches with Tomato Slices and Cheese. [6] As my hands worked to assemble the food, I pondered what to have for lunch. I’d like something that’s easy on the stomach, like porridge maybe…

[5] “Mukouda-san, could we have some too?” [5]

“Hmm?” I turned around and found, “Elland-san and [5]… Feodora-san?” [5]

Elland-san’s eyes were very bright, “I knocked on the door this morning but no one answered…”

“So you figured to try again during lunchtime?” I said half exasperatedly.

[8] “Well…” Elland-san was already staring at the corner where Fer and Co were doing their best to destroy their tower of burgers. “Those look really good.”

“…food…” [5]

[8] “I understand, please have these,” I handed out plates containing one burger and one sandwich each for the elves.

“Oooh, is this the scent of garlique? It really stimulates the appetite!”

[9] “Gar-what?” Did he just say ‘garlic’? But somehow his pronunciation was a little… French? What’s with that fancy upward lilt on the second syllable?

“And this melted cheese~” Elland-san was pulling an Insta worthy strand of stretchy cheese connected from his teeth to the burger. “It’s delicious and so fun to eat!”

Feodora-san nodded every now and then in time with Elland-san’s compliments.

[9] “I swear I saw these for sale as garlic,” I said, emphasising the hard ‘k’ sound at the end of the second syllable.

“Aah, back at my hometown, we know these as garlique. Although some called them garlik the way you do. Once, a brave hero summoned from another world addressed them as garlik, so I guess that’s why we have two different pronunciations now.”

Hero from another world? That guy must have been Japanese. [2] After all, I, a Japanese guy, was also summoned from another world thanks to the irresponsible magicians in this world. What a nuisance.

Well, it’s not like I can do much about it…

Speaking of which, the elves were now eating their last sandwich, so, “Would you like another one?”

“Oh, if you don’t mind,” was Elland-san’s smiling response. I gave both elves another burger each.

“Oi!” [5]

[8] “Ah, duty calls,” I said as I refilled the requests from other customers. Speaking of which, the people passed out in my room were waking up one by one.

“Ughh, I feel sick,”


“My head…”

As expected, everyone’s hungover… [5]

[8] “Oho! Good morning! How lovely to be greeted with a wonderful breakfast after an excellent night of drinking!”

… except for a certain dwarf.

Siegwald-san appeared to be even more energetic than usual. I obligingly handed a plate of burger and sandwich to him. [5]

Looking at the scene filled with green and white faces, I secretly opened up [Net Super], bought some energy drinks and decant them into non-descriptive mugs.

[7] I came over with the mugs and handed them out, “Here you go, these will help with the hangovers, so drink up.”

“Ugh, please excuse us,” [3] Gaudino-san looked destroyed. He did not look like a leader of a capable party at all.

“This will fix you up in no time, so please rest and recover.”

I guess I won’t be the only one wanting something easy on the stomach. [8] Let’s see, shall I make Chinese style congee? It takes time to boil up proper rice porridge from raw rice but I still have that one pot of cooked rice left which could be repurposed for congee.

I’ll have to get a few stuff from [Net Super] like Chinese dashi stock and some Chinese pickles called Zasai or Szechuan Vegetables. [10] The pickles are made from the lower part of mustard stems and are pretty tasty with Chinese style congee. [6] I got a whole bulb fresh out of a packet and rinsed it thoroughly before chopping it to pieces for topping.

There are lots of other things I could use as congee topping but for today, let’s limit it to Zasai and sesame oil. [5] No need to stress out those poor hungover brains.

“This is easy on the stomach, so please have some,” [3] [8] I handed out bowls of congee topped with chopped Zasai and sesame oil. [5]

“Hmm, hmm, this white grain porridge is pretty interesting. [6] It looks so white that I thought it’d be tasteless but there’s a certain depth to it. More interestingly, the texture is soft and sticky, almost like water but not quite. These crunchy salty things give it a perfect balance making it even more delicious.”

“…Elland-san and… Feodora-san?” [5]

[6] Both elves were slurping congee from their bowls… Ah well, I did make extra and since the hungover guys probably can’t stomach too much food now, it should be fine?

Although these two elves looked slender, they could sure pack a lot of food away.

“Well, I had fun last night. Thank you for the food, Mukouda-san.”

“It was great. See you around!”

“We should get together and drink again!”

“Take care!”

One after another, the party members of [Ark] and [Shadow Warriors] left. Well, there’s still one person le-

“Hey! Where’s Feodora?!”

Suddenly, there was a thundering sound outside and my door was flung open. “Sorry, Mukouda-san!”

Gaudino-san was calling out apologies to me as he and Gideon-san dragged an unhappy Feodora-san out the door.

“Gahaha, sorry about that, Mukouda-san. Well then, be seeing you again! Next time, I’ll introduce even more delicious liquor to you, so please look forward to it!”

Finally, the door slammed closed behind them.

“Ahh, the storm is finally gone,” said Elland-san.

[6] I looked at him meaningfully.

[6] “Ahaha, I guess it’s time for me to leave too,” Elland-san went out the door. However, before it could fully close, it opened again. “I’ll see you at dinner time!”

[6] Finally, the door closed.

[6] “… …”

[6] For the rest of today, until dinner time, I am going to do nothing but rest.


[Gumihou: Hmm, I actually took out close to 500 words, but then added 250 words back into the story via Note 6]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue 

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] There’s a mild word trick here between ニンニク and ガーリケ. Both of which are ‘garlic’. ニンニク is ‘ninniku’ whilst ガーリケ is pronounced as gaarlik. After some discussion with Zzonked, we settled on garlic and garlique and continue the word play but adjusted the discussion to fit around the pronunciation.

[10] Zasai or Zha Cai or Szechuan Vegetables or Szechuan Pickles = I’ve seen them for sale but have always been reluctant to try them since they looked like alien pods…



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