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Little Cooking Saint – 0258 – Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (l)

Chapter 258 Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (l)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Feng Luo has his own courtyard in the Capital as well as other resources available to him [1] as the beloved young master of a large clan from a different city. [1] Considering how much time a student could potentially spend inside the College (some stayed there until their hair turned white) it made sense to have a separate courtyard outside the school for whatever reason.

This privileged young master has no reason to refuse Shiyu’s request. Moreover, Feng Luo was also quite sympathetic to the little girl’s plight. Since it was brought to his attention, if he could help, he would not refuse. Moreover, the person asking him to help was Shiyu, to whom he owed a favour.

Only three of them knew the matter intimately. The rest had no idea who this ‘little girl’ Shiyu was talking about. However, when Shiyu did not explain further, none of them pursue it either. This was not the time to talk about such things as they had other, more urgent, things to do. They could find out more about it later.

“Alright, let’s return to the topic,” Shiyu clapped her hands and continued. “There’s something I want everyone to know…”

Outside the Villa, a bright moon hung in the sky. It was the hottest time of the month. After this month, the weather will turn cooler, heralding a change of season.


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The next day, Tan-Tai Chu entered the College with her ivory card.

It was not her first time here. However, there was something different about the College air that was different from last time.

The Spiritual energies in the College were stronger, much stronger. In fact, it was similar to the atmosphere of the Eighth Realm.

She stood under large ancient trees and stared at the slowly rotating whirlpool beyond the rift that had opened up in the sky.

This is… the Heaven Switching Array!

As the prized descendent with the highest likelihood of surpassing the patriarch, Tan-Tai Chu was not only schooled in Cultivation and martial arts. Her basic education proportionally increased with her Cultivation based.

She had heard her father talked about Heaven Switching Array but had never actually seen one with her own eyes. That’s because the array was incredibly difficult to set up.

It’s not only a matter of switching skies. One must do it in a way that could not be perceived by the realm’s heaven. Otherwise, space and time could collapse.

Even father could not do it. Grandfather… might also find it difficult?

She was not sure.

Who would have thought that her first glimpse of this legendary array would be at the Ninth Realm?

Just whose work is this?

Are they still hidden within the College?

For them to set up such an array… their relationship with the College must be very close. Just what stage of Cultivation are they at…

For the first time, a sense of unease entered Tan-Tai Chu’s heart. She was not a brainless idiot after all. If those two have nothing to back them, she could just kill them casually.

However, if getting rid of these eyesores meant bringing trouble to herself. She would have to adjust her plans again. If she kills them, she must do so in a way that would not be traced back to herself.

Various thoughts flashed through her mind as she ventured deeper into the College.

Normally, students who just joined the College would need to register their names with their instructor. After that, they are free to Cultivate within the college as they like.

However, since there were not many people who could match Tan-Tai Chu’s current realm, the Dean had asked her to report directly to him. Moreover, with her sensitive identity, this was a better way to keep an eye on her as well.

After registering herself, Tan-Tai Chu left the Dean’s office and made her way towards the rift to have a better look at the Heaven Switching Array. She wants to properly study it and find out if she could detect any flaws.

However, as soon as she reached the rift, she spotted a familiar face.

Lin Fan!

When she saw that young man sitting cross-legged underneath the array, Tan-Tai Chu’s sword left its sheath and she raced forward to stab him without a second thought.

This sudden action took a lot of students by surprise and they could not help but cry out in surprise [2a]. Some tried to stop her but they were too slow. It was impossible to reach her before her sword stab into Lin Fan!

Just as the sword tip was about to pierce into Lin Fan’s chest, [2b] a red light flashed across his body. The long sword bounced off with a clear thud and fell to the ground with a clatter.

Lin Fan slowly opened his eyes. Flames flashed across dark pupils before disappearing.

Then, his eyes focussed on Tan-Tai Chu. [2c]

“It’s you,” he sounded a little surprised [2d]. “Did you just tried to sneak attack me because you know you can’t beat me? If I had known you’re such a chickenshit [3], I would have just admitted defeat that day.”

Lin Fan voice was not particularly loud. However, everyone around were [4] Cultivators who could sharpen their hearing with Spiritual power.

The people next to Lin Fan stared at Tan-Tai Chu.

“So, after losing on stage, she’s here to take revenge? Why did the Dean allow such a person in here?”

“Isn’t that the Divine Transformation girl? Such a chickenshit still dare to attack us? What’s the use of having high Cultivation realm when your base character is so wretched?”

“Villains and women are difficult to raise, looks like this saying is true,” said someone. Of course, he was immediately slapped by two female classmates.

No one bothered to lower their voices or conceal what they were saying. Some even deliberately raised their voices to taunt Tan-Tai Chu.

“You…” fire burned in Tan-Tai Chu’s eyes.

“I don’t like these kinds of backstabbing schemes,” Lin Fan’s eyes were direct. “I know you’re not happy with the results from our last battle. It’s understandable. After all, your Cultivation realm is higher than mine. However, I shall prove to you that my win has nothing to do with luck.”

“You talk big,” Tan-Tai Chu snorted coldly. “If you have the ability, fight me now.”

“Sure, let’s fight,” Lin Fan got to his feet. “However…”

“However what? Don’t tell me you want to back out after that big talk?” mocked Tan-Tai Chu.

“I was planning to ask if you’ve recovered from your injuries. Since it looks like you have no problem skipping around, let’s fight!”

After he was done speaking, Lin Fan took the lead and jumped towards the fighting arena 300 meters away.

Private fights among students were not allowed. If there was any dispute, they should have it out on the arena and solved their differences with their fists.

The students had not expected these two adversaries would fight the moment they meet each other. Everyone stopped Cultivating and ran over to watch.

After all, they could Cultivate anytime, but how often do you get to watch a Divine Transformation person fight? Perhaps, they might even gain some enlightenment from this!

News of the fight swarmed across the College and soon the arena was surrounded by people. Some even ran off to call their close friends to come and watch this rare event.

Aside from College students, College elders also came rushing over to watch the spectacle when they heard the news.

The challenge ignited the once peaceful and meditative atmosphere of the College into something explosive. Excited voices cheering for Lin Fan could be heard even from the entrance of the College.

Shiyu, who happened to be at the entrance stuck her head in. There was nothing to see but towering ancient trees. However, it was not difficult to imagine what was happening inside with that weird girl.

Still, Shiyu has no interest in watching other people fight. Not to mention, she has other more important things to do.


[Gumihou: I think author-san is practising her ability to create atmosphere. It was the wind in the last chapter. We have the bright moon this time.]


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[1] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Give more details on why Feng Luo has these resources.

[2] Deleted Stuff:

[a] …they all became angry

Gee, I wonder why.

[b] a sudden change happened

Wow, fascinating.

[c] who was not far away

Excessive clarification is excessive.

[d] …but then quickly realized.

[3] Chickenshit – not a miss-spelling. Denotes a cowardly person. Also, the Chinese version was ‘chicken gut’, but Gumi thinks chickenshit is close enough without being too OOC for Lin Fan.

[4] Adjusted Details for Logistic Purpose: Instead of ‘everyone nearby’ go for ‘everyone’s a Cultivator’ because the second part is actually more relevant? Seriously?


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