Little Cooking Saint – 0257 – Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (l)
Streaky pork with crispy crackling

Little Cooking Saint – 0257 – Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (l)

Chapter 257 Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (l)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


After Shiyu left the Dean’s office, she returned to the Villa straightaway.

Later that evening, the Nascent Formation beast core was sent over.

There was no need to wax on about how valuable a Nascent Formation Beast Core is. Needless to say, it was an invaluable item. Although Shiyu wanted to get her hands on the beast core, she was still worried about bringing trouble to the College. Therefore, when the Dean told her they had managed to obtain a Nascent Formation Beast Core, she did not have the cheek to ask for it.

To think that the Dean did not hesitate to have this very valuable beast core sent to her… it made her feel very thankful. In the end, no matter who ended up using this beast core, she would still be the one who benefited most.


Meanwhile, Uncle Lin had returned to the residence.

He was currently in a daze.

Who would have thought that the person watching the gate was a Nascent Formation expert? Moreover, it was someone he knew. This person was, in fact, his old partner who disappeared recently…

He knew that Third Miss came down to the Ninth Realm before but was not clear what happened. Although there were many speculations, he dared not inquire too much into it.

What concerned him most now was: Who turned his old partner into that thing? Does the College really have such a powerful backer? Should he report the matter to the Clan?

Different emotions flashed past Uncle Lin’s eyes. However, he still suppressed everything in the end.

He was a mere servant… people who knew less live longer. As for what he had seen today, he’ll just pretend not to know anything about it.

After patting off the dust from his person, Uncle Lin entered the inner rooms and held out the items he had brought from the College to Third Miss.

“… I have already sent the beast core to them. I believe the Dean have some doubts over your identity. I fear they may be on their guard.”

Tan-Tai Chu was carefully wiping down her sword. Deadly cold light leapt out like electricity. Sunlight refracted from the blade and shone against her face giving her an unearthly glow.

Both girl and sword made a chilling view when combined.


“Good, I want them to be wary of me. [1] Otherwise, how could I surprise them?”

The sword glided smoothly back into its scabbard and the chill in the room disappeared without a trace.

Tan-Tai Chu stood up. “Tomorrow, I shall enter the College. The rest of you wait here. As my servants, you should know what to do.”



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Nights at the Imperial Capital was not long. Not to mention, it was now the height of summer when days are longer than usual. The summer breeze blew in through the gates and into all corners of the city, occasionally sweeping by strategically placed ice blocks around some restaurants, making soft whooshing sounds as the cooled air lowered the temperature to bearable degrees.

Some errant winds rushed from main streets into alleyways, shaking the leaves in the yards of certain people, leaving a rustling sound in their wake.

The elderly and the young sat under arching tree branches, enjoying the cooling breeze as they drank tea and ate cake, sighing comfortably, “How cool, ah!”

The breeze ruffled the children’s hair and slipped into the quiet Hai’er Alley. There, the cheeky breeze died down, leaving nothing but silence behind.

Within the west wing of a certain house, Xiao Yun opened her eyes. Her pupils dilated. Sight had long since left her. Day or night could only be discerned through temperature change when the sun’s rays occasionally touched on her body.

She’s dying.

She could feel it in her heart. It’s almost time.

In the next room, father and mother were speaking quietly to each other. They were packing their things, preparing to leave for home.

“… …”

“… what should we do about Xiao Yun’s illness…?”

“… didn’t they say medicine can’t heal her… we shall see once we leave…”

“Didn’t they say immortal medicines could heal her?” mother’s voice sounded as though she was about to cry. “We have so much money now can’t we spare a bit?”

Father’s frustrated voice, “It’s not about money… you, calm down. Do you think I don’t wish to save that child? Why would I bring her here if not to save her…”

Xiao Yun blinked. Warm liquid slide down her cheek slowly.

Yes. That was the original intent. Only, you are not willing to give me… now it’s too late… regrets…

If brother is sick, would you be like this?

In the next room, a low woman’s voice cried, “My poor daughter…”

“Don’t be sad. We still have our son. Our son is different from the rest. He might even be able to Cultivate and become one of the immortals in the future and bring glory to our ancestors. Just think of it as our daughter transferring her luck to our son…”

At this, a piercing pain stabbed through Xiao Yun’s heart and her strength began to dissipate. It was as though she had fallen into the abyss.

She had always known. Her presence was superfluous… it’s always, always… brother is the only one in their heart. So what if she dies…

In fact… it’s fine to die… she didn’t have to be sad anymore after dying… after all, no one would care if she’s sad…

With these thoughts in her mind, she exhaled the last breath from her chest. The divine light that had been lingering in her eyes grew dimmer and dimmer. Eventually it, too, disappeared.

Suddenly, the woman next door screamed, “Son! Son! Son! My girl is about to die and all you can talk about is your son! She is the flesh and blood that fell out of my body too, ah! I can still remember how small she was when she had been born. You refuse to even enter the room or look at her just because she’s a girl. She grew up to be such a good and sensible child, but you? All you can focus on is your son! Have you ever spare a thought for her?

Two years ago your sister especially bought Cloud Thread Cake for them to try. Just because your son likes it you gave them all to her. My daughter could only stand at the door and watch as you and your son have a good time together. Later, when I quietly asked people to bring home a few boxes for her she never touched them. Do you think she knows nothing just because she’s young? She has never cried or make trouble or even complain to me. How can I be so blind, so stupid and pretend not to see anything…”

Her voice trailed off.

“… you say you brought her here to treat her illness. How much of that thought is sincere you know best in your heart. I am not asking you to take out all that money to treat Xiao Yun. But can you please treat her well while she’s still alive? If I had known this day would come, I would have treated her better… I- I regret…” the woman’s voice trailed off to a wordless howl.

However, no matter how much she regretted it, her daughter would never know.

Her eyes had closed forever.


Back at the Imperial College, Shiyu had just called her friends to gather together to make an announcement when something shook her heart.

The others noticed her change of expression and asked, “What happened?”

Shiyu sighed, “The little girl has died.”

Lin Fan and Feng Luo exchanged a look. They knew exactly which little girl she was talking about.

“I’m a little sad. In fact, I’ve left three drops of 8,000-year-old Water Attribute rare herb in the girl. All her parents needed to do was get hold of a rare herb of approximately 700 years old to give the energy inside her a boost for her to make a full recovery.”

Although a 700-year-old rare herb is expensive. The cost is about 1 million silver teal. If the parents were really serious about saving her, it was not impossible.”

“To think you even left this, that girl…”

Shiyu sighed again, “We’ll wait until the couple leaves the Imperial Capital. It’s summer so they probably won’t take the corpse with them. However, to prevent them from cremating the corpse, Feng Luo could you get someone to look into it?”


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