You are currently viewing Tondemo Skill – 274 – Holding the Dungeon Clearing Celebration aka Snake Meat Festival

Tondemo Skill – 274 – Holding the Dungeon Clearing Celebration aka Snake Meat Festival

Chapter 274: Holding the Dungeon Clearing Celebration aka Snake Meat Festival


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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“This… is really good!”

“The outside is crispy but the inside is very plump and juicy,”

“Ahh, as expected, cold ale is the best. It’s great with this fried meat thing!”

Members of the [Ark] and [Shadow Warriors] have gathered here for the victory party (aka Snake Meat Festival). It was being held in the private garden that we could only access via my window. Nobody thought this was strange though. Also, since there were so many people, I even managed to borrow a table from the dining hall and moved it here.

I had also set out the custom made BBQ stove that I had gotten the last time I was in Doran. It will take some time for the barbecue meat to cook, so my guests are currently snacking on Karaage.

Since there were lots of people who looked like they would enjoy alcohol, I set out a few crates of glass bottled beers. [1] Although I must say, from the way Siegwald-san the Dwarf was chugging away at my stash, it won’t be long before everything’s gone…

Speaking of which, Fer, Dora and Sui were currently chomping away at their own pile of Karaage on the side.

Chomp, chomp, crunch. So this thing is called Karaage, hm, hm, made from Black and Red Serpents and fried in oil,” Elland-san explained with a self-satisfied face.

I have no idea why he looked so smug about it since I was the one who made everything…

“B-Black Serpent and Red Serpent you say? That’s some top-notch meat…”

“Mukouda-san, are you really fine letting us eat this?”

Members from the [Ark] and [Shadow Warriors], who were less shameless than Elland-san, looked at me worriedly.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. We collected these from the dungeon and are not planning to sell them anyway. Look, we have some big eaters here…” [3] I waved a hand at Fer & Co. who were currently mowing down fried meat like it was going out of fashion soon.

“In short, please don’t hold back and eat as much as you like,” I smiled.

“I see, I see, if that’s the case. We shall gladly eat.”

“Yes, yes, thank you very much!”

The anxious look disappeared from their faces and they began to help themselves to the food again. [1] Really, I felt very touched by their concern, especially since they were nice enough to bring some gifts for me.

[Ark] got me some honey from a type of orange flowers that could only be found in Opatrny, a country in the southern part of the continent. The [Shadow Warriors] got me some special natural rock salt from Mount El Morai. [6] When I had thoughts of making money by selling salt, pepper and sugar in this world, I had made a note of the prices of both salt and honey in this world and both were pretty expensive.

These were luxury items that only nobles would consume on a regular basis.

[8] Since both were food-related items. [1] I guess the image of, me = food, is pretty strong with my guests and they ended up giving me some expensive luxury food items.

Not that I’m complaining though. I’m pretty happy with the gifts. Let’s find a time to use these luxury seasonings later.

Speaking of which, [5] Feodora-san has been pretty silent through the exchange. [8] [1] Ah, there she is, right beside Elland-san, shovelling fried food into her mouth. The two beautiful and elegant looking elves were frantically stuffing their faces with fried snakes as though they were in a food eating competition.

Maa, I think I’m beginning to develop an immunity against this weird sight.

Well, since I do need Elland-san to take the Red Dragon apart for me, I guess I could count this as a payment for him? Moreover, he’s an experienced Adventurer and I do learn a lot while travelling with him. So, I guess it’s alright to continue feeding him? [5] Yes, since he refuses to take my money or items, let’s just continue to feed him.

Oh, the barbecue looks ready.

“Everyone, the grilled meats are ready, come and get it~”

The barbecue stand and I were immediately surrounded…

““Oi, gimme some,””

““And me!””

““Sui too!””

…by my familiars.

“Customers come first! Everyone, please wait your turn,” [3] I shooed my familiars off and smiled at my ‘customers’. [8] “Alright everyone, today’s theme is Snake Meat Festival. So this skewer has Black Anaconda and Crimson Cobra. This one here is…”

As I continued to explain, everyone’s eyes grew wider and wider. Eh? What’s going on?

[4] “S-such rare delicacy…”

[4] “Especially this Crimson Cobra. Even nobles would consider themselves lucky to eat it once in their lifetime.”

[4] “Yes, yes,” someone nodded vigorously. “Everyone’s still talking about that royal palace banquet five years ago in… I can’t even remember the country’s name, but they served Crimson Cobra…”

The [Ark] party was obviously overwhelmed.

“Ahaha,” I guess I’m glad I didn’t just throw these meats away?

“So this is Black Anaconda…”

“Oh, oh, I tasted Crimson Cobra…”

“To be able to eat this great delicacy…”

“If we hadn’t met Mukouda-san, we would probably never set eyes on Crimson Cobra meat…”

[5] [6] The [Shadow Warriors] were similarly overcome by emotion as they ate their barbecued snakes carefully.

Maa, well, I’ve already seen how my familiars just stuff their faces into bowls and gorge themselves, so I never thought about the value of these ingredients.

[4] “It’s fine, it’s fine,” I said as I loaded more food onto their plates. “Food is meant to be eaten, please eat as much as you like.” [5]

Choruses of ‘delicious!’ and ‘it’s delicious!’ soon followed. Ah, it’s nice to see my food being appreciated by a different group of people.

“There’s still more, so eat up!” I said as I plated up the rest of the skewers and placed them on the large table beside a selection of sauces. After placing the second set of skewers on the barbecue net as well as some sausages, I grabbed a pair of tongs and removed some grilled meat from the skewers onto separate plates for Fer, Sui and Dora-chan.

I also loaded up more fried snake meat beside the grilled meats before serving them to my familiars.

“Alright you guys, eat these for now. Let me know if you want more, alright?”

[6] The trio was already chomping into their mountain of meats. Still, I received some telepathic replies of ‘Yes~’, ‘Delicious~’, ‘Meat!’ from them.

While my familiars are busy eating, I rejoined the others and helped myself to some barbecue and beer too.


[Gumihou: Ah… a meat, meat, meat festival indeed]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

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[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

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  1. Gackt1

    If only they know about earth dragon’s meat…well, better let them enjoy their meal

  2. Luna

    Someone is actually and already starting to accept the elf husbando 😂

    And I’m low-key aghast mukouda actually brushed his familiars to the side AND they didn’t kick up a row.

    1. Gumihou

      That’s why I’m puzzled when people dismissed Mukouda as weak and cowardly ONLY, when he’s clearly badass in his own way. Even in the beginning chapters, he refused to serve Fer after cooking the Rock Bird telling the Legendary Fenrir that his portion is too big and to wait until everyone is served first.

      How is that not badass?

      1. Luna

        Truuue. That’s been so long I didn’t remember, thanks for the refresher!
        I think Mukouda has like, slight social anxiety? Or perhaps it’s just some cultural/social value too deep ingrained (which I’ve seen authors say as being typical Japanese). He’s just like, either weak to people, or adamantly following politeness rules/etiquette. From let’s be honest, ppl that couldn’t do anything to him (even more so now).
        But if a frigging monster that could 1hko him and raze the country cross these rules (or god/dess for that matter)….
        Expect a verbal smackdown from mama Mukouda.
        He’ll certainly keep his children in line.

        But anyways he’s only “pushed around” on things he doesn’t mind, or likes doing anyways like cooking. Or if it’s something he doesn’t mind much and will make everyone happy (like dungeons).
        He doesn’t compromise on things he really think are important.

        How is that weak or cowardly?

        1. Gumihou


          If he’s a typical Japanese white-collar worker, then he’d have been inducted into a culture where people do their best NOT to stand out. One thing a lot of Japanese workers do best is assimilating with the corporate culture and hope to fit in sooner rather than later.

          Why do you think all corporate Japanese people have black hair and wear suits?

          Before going to a job interview, you’d dye your hair back to black, dress neatly in your corporate suit according to the specification of a certain corporation you want to fit in, and then go for the interview hoping that you fit into the mould of the kind of person they want to hire.

          Peer pressure is powerful there.

          Also, it makes sense for transmigrated older people to value money and safety over adventure and ‘saving the world’ idealism.

          He’s a working man who wants to see the world, buzz off the rest of you. In fact, he was often quite annoyed by Fer. He’s having a good time now because he had adjusted his mentality to take into consideration of these battle lusting familiars of his as the ‘new normal’. If they want to battle he can’t stop them. But they can’t stop him from enjoying hot baths or ceramic shopping either.

          The way he feeds them follows a certain rule too. He will feed them, they can ask for endless seconds, but if he wants to shop for ingredients or fish, they don’t bug him. Also, they can’t force him to cook. They will eat whatever he cooks. If he’s too tired, too bad. They can bug him and bother him but none of them actually threaten him.

          Even the Gods and Goddesses are not exempted from certain limitations set by Mukouda.

          He might be the M in this weird relationship. But this M has the right to say NO, which meant the real power is in the hands of the M, lol!

  3. Philip

    In another fantasy world, a certain trio of a dog eared girl, a cat eared girl, and a scaleskin (and some others) are feeling a disturbance in the force, and now they are asking for a meat festival too.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

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