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Streaky pork with crispy crackling

Little Cooking Saint – 0253 – Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (h)

Chapter 253 Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (h)

Translated by Gumihou

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Since Shiyu had given such a large gift to the Dean. The elders, including the Dean, were not people who were willing to receive benefits without reciprocation. Although Shiyu was still a student of the College and [1] an orphan with no family backing, they have no plans to squeeze her for every benefit she could give them.

[1] Now that they knew Shiyu could extract the maximum potential out of beast cores, the elders agreed to let Shiyu keep all the cores from Rank 4 and above. This included cores they would potentially collect in the future. However, all Spiritual food made with cores below Rank 4 would be reserved for College students.

Shiyu had [2] expected this result long ago and did not refuse the deal. The only issue was, she has to now find a way to mass-produce low-level Crystal Meats. Otherwise, if she had to cook them one at a time, it would take her up to a year to use up all the present beast cores.

“Speaking of which, I have something I wish to ask the Dean,” said Shiyu. “Those four Divine Transformation powerhouse, did they come looking for the Dean again? Did they say anything about joining the College?”

The Dean raised an eyebrow, “You mean…”

“If they do… perhaps the Dean might ask for a Nascent Formation Beast Core? If they can’t produce one, it would be too bad. However, if they do… I trouble the Dean to let me know?” with a slightly mischievous look in her eye, Shiyu hugged an ornate box filled with higher tier beast cores to her chest.

Let’s hope her guess was a mistake this time…

Seeing Shiyu acting cute, the Dean suddenly remembered [1] the multiple level-ups before the second fight with the Fire Wolves.

He gave Shiyu a long and serious look before saying, “I shall bring the matter up,”

“I have troubled the Dean,”

“It’s no trouble,” after this final remark, the Dean left.


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After the Dean left, Shiyu stared at the box containing beast cores in front of her before letting out a long sigh.

After having been in this world for so long, she was certain that the next series of challenges would be the real test of her cooking skills. In the past, she only needed to focus on fragrance, colour and taste. However, now she has to also increase her success rate.

Whether she could increase her success rate or not would depend entirely on her dedication and the accuracy of her mental power.

“Right, work hard!” she gave herself a little motivating cheer and dived back into the kitchen.


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While Shiyu shut herself away for her Cooking Cultivation, Tan-Tai Chu had almost fully recovered.

Having been forced to rest and recuperate, her temper had eventually cooled down. Though unwillingness lingered in her heart, she was still rational enough to understand that it would do her no good to act impulsively.

Because the situation was not in her favour.

The Dao of Suppression in the Ninth Realm made it impossible for her and her three servants to act freely. What’s more… that Lin Fan could get around the Suppression and temporarily raise his Cultivation. If she acted too rashly, she might not achieve the result she wanted.

“Uncle Lin,”

One of the three servants appeared before her, “Third Miss.”

“I have really kicked a stone this time,” Tan-Tai Chu said as she stared at the lush flowering trees in the yard. “I have been reflecting, thinking over the reason for my loss. After giving it a lot of thought, I believe the reason is that I have underestimated the enemy.”

Her tone appeared sincere as she continued, “Moreover, I am not very clear about how the Dao of Suppression work, believing that everyone there is similar to trash who could not break into Divine Transformation Realm under the Eight Realm’s conditions. This is something I should have paid attention to. Therefore, my loss is my own fault.”

The servant stayed quiet. He knew that it was not like Third Miss to say things like this…

“Uncle Lin, I have lost. I admit that I have underestimated the enemy. However, I am not willing to lose. I am unable to Cultivate due to this incident. If the matter is not resolved, it would like turned into a thorn in my heart.

I am the last of the Tan-Tai Clan with the ability to carry the Clan’s expectation to succeed grandfather. I will take Tan-Tai Clan to even greater heights. Therefore… I cannot let such a small thing shake my inner peace.”

The servant shivered. “Third Miss, your meaning is…”

“To regain my equilibrium, I must go to the root cause of the demons plaguing me… and destroy them!”

The servant remained silent. Third Miss was not asking for his opinion.

“That’s right,” said Tan-Tai Chu. “Didn’t you see a person on the side who looks exactly the same as me? The next time you see her, if you have the opportunity to do so, kill her. Bring her head to me and I shall reward you handsomely.”

The last time she went to the Ninth Realm was to get rid of this scourge. However, not only did she not have the opportunity to eradicate that scourge, she had encountered trouble instead. Even her inner peace had been shaken.

There was some doubt in the servant’s eyes. However, as subordinates, they have no right to ask questions let alone oppose Third Miss will.

Even though that girl looked like Third Miss, the master never mentioned having another daughter. Therefore, they could only look at her as a stranger and assist the Third Miss.

Even if there was a relation between them, what of it? As servants, their job was to obey their masters. Let’s say the girl really was a blood daughter of the master. So what? Bloody and underhanded succession struggles are normal within powerful families. As the exclusive servants of Third Miss, if their mistress was in conflict with that person, it is their job to get rid of a potential rival.

Now that his mind was clear, he felt more at peace with himself.


Still, solving his own internal conflict was merely the first step.

The servants were now back in the Ninth Realm and although the tournament continued on, only one of Third Miss’s two targets appeared on the stage. Moreover, four Divine Transformation masters were keeping an eye on things there.

The other target had not appeared at all. It was as though she had simply vanished! They wanted to investigate the Imperial College but the powerful seals around College blocked them from the site.

“How odd, how could such a formation exist in the Ninth Realm?” the servants stared at the formidable structure with slightly horrified eyes.

The formation itself did not appear obvious at first. However, if someone tries to fly in from outside instead of entering through the gate, they would get lost or turn around. They attempted to unravel the formation but could not find any weaknesses at all.

Don’t look down on them for being servants. They are Cultivators who have broken through to Divine Transformation Realm and had ascended to the Eighth Realm for many years. Their knowledge and abilities were all above average. However, this formation was beyond their skills.

The only thing they could conclude was that this formation had been set up by some extraordinary individual especially gifted in formations.

Or, more terrifyingly, some big shot was backing the Imperial College.

The three servants exchanged glances. All three decided to return and decide how to best report the matter to the young lady.

Tan-Tai Chu was predictably unhappy about their inability to sneak into the Imperial College. However, she refrained from saying anything. Nevertheless, the servants’ remarks made her recall something.

The last time she came to the Imperial College, there was no such formation around it. Moreover, that Lin Fan’s strength now compared to before was…

So what?! Even if the Imperial College has some backers, none of them could be compared to her Tan-Tai Clan!

She forced the unease in her heart down and said, “If you can’t force your way in, forget it. We shall change our tactic.” First, get close to the enemy and observe them, “You go and get a false identity for me. I shall openly enter that College through the gate.”


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凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: filling in bits of loophole or at least a pothole here and there.

[2] ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯


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