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Tondemo Skill – 273 – Preparations for the Dungeon Clearing Celebration

Chapter 273: Preparations for the Dungeon Clearing Celebration


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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“Well then, I look forward to tomorrow,”

“I’ll be bringing my special liquor,”

“Ooh, it’s been such a long time since I last had Mukouda-san’s cooking. I can’t wait!”


The [Ark] and [Shadow Warriors] party left with smiles on their faces.

[6] What just happened, you asked?

Well, for some reason, it was somehow decided that I would hold a party to celebrate the clearing of Avering’s dungeon.

While it is nice to see the party members of both [Ark] and [Shadow Warriors], I think they and Elland-san were a little too into my cooking. Anyway, things got a little out of hand while I was spacing out and the next thing I knew, I was roped in to host a victory party.

[8] Unfortunately, this host was not given any chance to protest or even who to invite. In the end, they concluded their discussion with ‘Well, that’s decided’ and departed happily leaving me to wonder just what had been decided…

I thought of protesting, however, I was stopped by Feodora-san’s pitiful eyes and my own voice echoing in my head ‘I’ll treat you again once we’re on the surface…

… in short, I have sabotaged myself without even realising I’ve done it way back then…

Ahh, everyone just wants an excuse to eat, drink and party. I just know it. All this talk about celebrating a victory is just an excuse to eat!

[6] Sigh.

[8] Anyway, since the promise is already made let’s host them just this once.

I’ll have to make something that’s plentiful and easy to cook. Meat should be a favourite among Adventurers. I don’t have a lot of stock left aside from Orc meat but… oh, right! I still have plenty of snake meat from the dungeon challenge. All kinds of snake meat in fact.

Yes, let’s have a snake meat festival!


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Once we returned to the inn, Fer, Dora-chan and Sui were already up and waiting for me.

[6] “Oi! We’re hungry! Lunch!”

[6] “Yes, yes,” I said.

[8] “Ooh, lunch!” Elland-san stepped into our room as though it was natural for him to eat with us.

[6] “Maa, I guess it’s fine,” I really don’t know how to deal with cheerfully pushy people like him.

Anyway, it’s just lunch and it’s not like it cost me too much in food or labour to feed him.

Today’s lunch was fried rice. Specifically, Sweet & Spicy Chinese Miso Fried Rice with plenty of Orc meat and vegetables. [9] That’s right, in anticipation of this fried rice, I’ve cooked up plenty of rice this morning and put the lot into my Magic Bag. The nice thing about Magic Bag is that time continues to run there, so I could still make pickles or allow cooked rice to cool down when I want to.

[6] Making fried rice was pretty easy, all I have to do was stir fry the sliced Orc meat marinated in the spicy miso and vegetables before throwing the rice in and just toss and toss until most of the liquid has evaporated and tada! The Sweet & Spicy Chinese Miso Fried Rice is ready to be served.

[8] After lunch, I said, “So, um, I’m thinking of having a little party with a few friends to celebrate us clearing the Avering dungeon… what do you guys think?”

[6] ““What’s a party~~?”” Sui bounced over curiously.

[6] “Ah, a party is where you have friends come over to celebrate something over lots of food and drinks…”

[6] ““Food!! Lots of it!!!??””

[6] “Maa, I guess…”

[6] ““Yay! Party~~! Party~~!””

[6] “Umu, if there’s food, I don’t mind,” said Fer with great dignity.

[6] Fer, I can see your tail wagging…

[6] Dora-chan was zooming about excitedly, ““Oooh, is it like a festival? A festival with lots of food?””

[6] Ah, Dora-chan, you’re drooling…

[8] “I have great anticipation for Mukouda’s party food!” Elland-san looked just as excited as the rest of my familiars. [5]

[6] Well, I guess I can’t blame them for being excited over food since that’s the main reason everyone followed me after all.

I’ll have to prepare a lot of food since I’ll have 2 parties of Adventurers to feed alongside my familiars and Elland-san. After cleaning up I hopped through the window into the garden and took out my Magic Stove.

[8] Let’s see, I should prepare as much food as I can today for tomorrow’s party. I’ll be cooking snake meat, which I had been treating like chicken all this time. When it comes to a popular chicken dish that everyone likes, it has to be Karaage, of course.

Hmm, would it be too boring with just karaage?

[8] In that case, let’s have something else too. A barbecue might be a good idea. Guests could also try their hand at barbecuing if they like. I do have that custom dwarf made BBQ stand after all.

Everyone gets to have fun and I get to work a little less, wins all around.

Yes, let’s have a barbecue.

Now, since I have all this snake meat, all I have to do is make a few different kinds of marinade. Ah, skewered vegetables would be nice too. Oh, and sausages. I could make pork sausage and let them grill it themselves tomorrow.

The snake meat Karaage will act as the side dish, with the main dish being BBQ skewers! Everyone could snack on Karaage while the meat is grilling.

[8] First, let’s get the marinated meat going.

I settled on three different types of marinade: flavourful Garlic Soy; refreshing Lemon Koji, and Chicken Tandoori flavour.

The Garlic Soy marinade is a mix of crushed garlic, soy sauce and apple juice. For the Lemon Koji, I mixed salt, crushed black pepper and rice koji [10] together and set it aside. For the third marinade, I mixed curry powder with grated garlic, ginger, pepper, salt and plenty of plain yoghurt.

[6] All three marinades have elements to tenderise meat. Apple juice, rice koji and yogurt are all ingredients that would break down proteins into amino acids that would make them even more delicious later.

[8] The meat this time are Black Anaconda, Black Serpent, Red Serpent and some Crimson Cobra. After cutting the meat to appropriate pieces, [6] I separated the meat and tossed them in the different marinade mix. At the end of the day, I have 12 sealed bags of different snake meat in three different marinades.

Next, let’s fry up the chicken, I mean snake… Since I’ve made fried… snake so many times, it did not take long for me to cut up the snake meat and dump them into the soy-based marinade and salt-based marinade. As Sui helped me knead the meat, I got the oil ready for frying.

All the chicken, I mean, snake meat had to be twice-fried, of course.

While I was frying the Karaage, intruders came sniffing around.

“Oi, aren’t you full from lunch just now?” I grumbled.

In the end, I had to fend them off with sweet buns. [1] Elland-san too had to be fended off with sweet buns and a mug of tea.

[6] “Are we having that for dinner?” asked Elland-san as he munched on his Strawberry Jam Bun.

[6] “Of course we are,” Fer answered before I could say anything.

“Haahh, I guess if you like,” I sighed.

[6] Everyone cheered.

[8] I’ll just serve them a bit of Karaage each tonight. No, I should let them eat as much as they like so they don’t fight with the other guests tomorrow. Yes, that’s a good idea. So I made two more batches of Karaage, soy sauce-based only since it’s just for dinner and not for guests.

“Hmm, now that the Karaage is done, let’s get started with the sausages,”

I took out my special Mithril Mincer made by Sui and minced up Orc meat and Golden Back Bull meat. Making sausages is pretty easy with the mincer, it’s similar to making Salisbury steaks with plenty of herbs and spices. Oh, and I have to pipe the meat into casings, of course.

I made two different types of sausages, black pepper and lemon herb. I’ve made them before and was pretty confident with my spicing technique.

I had bought a large bunch of bamboo skewers from [Net Super] and let them soak in the water for a while. [6] It’s a good idea to soak wooden skewers to reduce the chances of them catching fire. [5]

While the skewers are soaking, I cut up some bell peppers, onions and asparagus to an appropriate size and threaded the meat and vegetables alternately. Soon, I have a few trays full of skewered meat and vegetables ready for grilling.

Standing back, I observed the amount of meat I’d just prepared and decided that it should be enough. If not, I can always get out some pork, cover them with sauce and grill it over the bbq stand.

“What a carnivorous feast,” I thought wryly. Though I did prepare quite a bit of vegetables, this was definitely a meat dominated feast.

Ah well, I’m sure members of the [Ark] and [Shadow Warriors] would appreciate it.

For tonight’s dinner, Fer, Sui and Dora-chan had a heaping mountain of Karaage on their plates.

Elland-san too, of course.


[Gumihou: Gumi has to question Eguchi-san’s order of doing things. Why are you frying chicken first and then skewering meat directly after you put them in the plastic baggie? Never mind, Gumi will just help you rearrange a few things]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

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[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] Cold rice for fried rice! 

Because this!

[10] Rice Koji – Steamed rice treated with koji mold spore. A key ingredient in making miso, soy sauce etc. Good for breaking down starches and proteins into sugars and amino acids.


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