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Little Cooking Saint – 0250 – Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (e)

Chapter 250 Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (e)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


San Pang finally reached the Teleportation Centre. [1]

However, this Radish Demon was currently facing a very troublesome dilemma. He’s a plant spirit and not a human. The Teleportation Centre was swarming with powerful humans.

[1] He really wanted to walk in openly and use the Teleportation Portal, but…

He scratched his head and pondered over the best way to overcome this issue.


Meanwhile, at the Eastern Martial Empire.

[1] Excitement continued to mount at the Central Square as the audience cheered for the College Champions. The Champions stood in the middle of the platform, their tall and heroic personages inspiring cheers of admiration all around. From the beginning of the tournament until now, the Champions had remained undefeated.

Their reputation within the Imperial Capital continued to grow as time went by.

Seated in a corner high above most of the other audience, Tan-Tai Chu stared at the platform with intent eyes.

To her, all Core Condensation stage people are just small fries and not worth her attention at all. The reason she came here was to have a look at Shiyu and check out her capabilities.

Too bad that Shiyu never did appear in the three evenings Tan-Tai Chu came. At least that Lin Fan person put on a good show.

“Young people nowadays are too amazing,” [2] [2] Beside Tan-Tai Chu were three people. They were all masters from the Ninth Realm who had ascended to the Eight Realm under their own power.

“True,” [2] the second speaker stroked his beard. “When we eventually left for the Eighth Realm, our hairs were all grey. That young man is already a Core Condensation 8 expert in his teens.”

“Back then, if someone had reached his level at that age, it would have caused a great sensation,” [2] agreed the third.

Tan-Tai Chu frowned, “It’s not like any of them have broken through to Divine Transformation stage.”

A bitter smile crossed the faces of the servants. “Third Miss, you grew up at the Eight Realm, therefore you’ve never experienced the difficulty of Cultivating under the Ninth Realm. The Spiritual energies here is too thin, making it difficult for people to breakthrough to the next realm. If Third Miss would excuse my words, can you imagine just what kind of growth the young man would have, had he Cultivated at the Eight Realm? I’m dare say his talent would be no worse than yours.”

“I agree,” said the second person. “Considering the speed at which they reached the late stages of Core Condensation Stage, if they had been training under the Eight Realm, they should be close to breaking into Nascent Formation by now.”

If it wasn’t beneath her, [3] Tan-Tai Chu would have snorted in disdain. As a Divine Transformation expert, the so-called geniuses below Divine Transformation were unworthy of her notice.

[3] In fact, the thought of conquering Lin Fan was as fleeting as a fly in winter. As soon as the thought was born, it was extinguished under her disdain for these insects.

It would not be wrong to say that her heart was influenced by mother’s words. The idea that Shiyu could actually surpass her exists and because of this, she wanted to be sure whether this absurd idea is worth mulling over.

Well, the best way to know is to challenge the issue directly.

“Uncle Lin, register me for the tournament. I want to challenge them,” said Tan-Tai Chu.

The servant beside her had not expected her to personally involve herself in this matter. Uncle Lin said, “Third Miss, if you challenge them, isn’t it no different from bullying? A Core Condensation realm person would, of course, lose to a Divine Transformation Master.”

Tan-Tai Chu thought back to the battle at the Imperial College. The youth called Lin Fan had used some kind of secret method against Uncle Wang and managed to fight him to a standstill, if only for a little while.

Uncle Lin studied the youths in the arena and continued, “The rules clearly stated that only Cultivators below Divine Transformation Realm could participate. Third Miss, I’m afraid you won’t be able to…” It was clear that the tournament was especially held by the host to hone the talents of their juniors. If a bunch of Divine Transformation people were to come and challenge them, wouldn’t it just invite criticism from the locals?

Tan-Tai Chu’s expression changed again. She said, “When the time comes, I will suppress my Cultivation base to Core Condensation 9.”

“Very well, I shall see to it,”

Just then, Lin Fan kicked his opponent off the stage. After the master of ceremonies declared his victory, he calmly stepped off.


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Ever since the Fire Wolves, the opponents they encountered were a mix of different talents. However, even though they went to battle every day, no team had been enough to properly challenge them since Fire Wolf.

“According to the Dean, he will adjust the challenge rewards to something more valuable in a week’s time,” said Feng Luo. “The challengers should be more interesting then. Oh, and another thing. Fire Wolf has officially joined the College. So, we can get him to train us privately too,”

“Fire Wolf? Isn’t he part of Patriarch Ge’s faction?” someone asked.

“After the Fire Wolves lost to us last time, Patriarch Ge had terminated their cooperation. I heard that Fire Wolf had been ready to leave the Capital when the Dean invited him to join the College. As for his six team members, I’m not sure about them but Fire Wolf is the strongest anyway. [4] We managed to win because we ganged up against him last time, but it should be interesting to fight him one on one,” said Feng Luo.

Even Lin Fan, who had fought Fire Wolf one on one before, found the man a tricky opponent. The rest would surely not find it easy to win.

Therefore, even though the challengers were not very interesting, they could still test their strength against one of the most powerful fighters they have encountered yet.

[4] However, that evening, when they went to see if they could get Fire Wolf to train with them, they were informed by the elders that they have to conserve their strength because a team with a Core Condensation 9 challenger has appeared and they would be facing them tomorrow.

Although Shiyu and Qing Chen were at Core Condensation 9, the rest of them haven’t reached that level yet.

When Shiyu heard about this powerful challenger, she still decided not to participate in the battle. As for the others, they were eager to test their strength against this new challenger.

Leaving them to their excitement, Shiyu returned to the kitchen to exercise her cooking skills. The Dean had given her a lot of beast core. Although, aside from the Level 5 core, the rest were almost useless for Shiyu and her fellow Champions. Still, they were good practice materials for honing her craft.

She shut herself away in the kitchen and continued to experiment with the beast cores and beast meat. After having experimented with the different types of meat, she finally left the kitchen and found that evening had fallen.

Of the Spiritual Beasts available, she found that quadrupeds were the most suitable for making Crystal Meat. However, bird type creatures were… less than successful. She could only keep those back and look for a different recipe for it.

Within the kitchen were dozens and dozens of plates filled with Crystal Meats made from all kinds of beasts large and small. The majority of these meats emitted a red glow. The radiance on the meats were a varying shade of red and while rich with Spiritual energies, could barely assist the Challengers at their present Cultivation realm. [5] Shiyu scratched her head before packing up the various Crystal Meat into a space ring. She’ll give these to the Dean. After all, there were plenty of students in the College who could still benefit from them.

Shiyu stretched her back and felt the joints on her neck and arms popped from the effort. After clearing up the kitchen, Shiyu flexed her sore arms and decided to take a walk to clear her head. She walked to the living room and found it empty.

Oh right, everyone must be at the Central Square.

[5] For a moment, Shiyu debated what to do. Well, she still has to meet the Dean, so instead of waiting for him to come back, she might as well go and see him at the arena. She could take a look at the team with the Core Condensation 9 expert too.

Shiyu quickly got to the arena and found that the battle was still ongoing. [6] There were only two people on the raised platform. Hmm, it looked like they opted for the 1 vs 1 fight.

[6] When Shiyu reached the rest area where the Champions usually sat, she found more than half of her companions were sitting in a row and sporting bruised cheeks and swollen noses.

Wait, have you all been beaten and kicked out?! [6]


[Gumihou: I can’t like Tan-Tai Chu but I can’t help but feel sorry for this whetstone.]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Adjusted Details for Logistic Purpose: Smooth out the writing for a more logical flow

[2] USMiC – 3 former Ninth Realm servants: They weren’t properly differentiated, Gumi will try to give them some personalities at least.

[3] Tan-Tai Chu’s Thoughts: Make her more disdainful without being too heavy-handed

[4] Make Clear the Vague: Had to read 3 times and check what happened later to really understand Feng Luo’s words. Adjusted wording to better reflect the conclusion.

[5] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: Give reason for Shiyu’s snobby attitude, also add details to Shiyu giving the Dean her practised Crystal Meat. No mention of how the meats were given to him, but there was a slight stench of condescension.

[6] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: To better explain what Shiyu was looking at before it was actually explained through a 2 sentence summary. Also, end with a ‘!?’ instead of disinterested ‘they seemed to have been beaten by that one person’.


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