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Little Cooking Saint – 0244 – Pacific Saury (e)

Chapter 244 Pacific Saury (e)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Xiao Shu only needed one Shiyu to accompany her to confront one Shen Lingfei. The rest were there because they happened to be bored. After all, for weeks they had been Cultivating, training, Cultivating and recovering from illness non-stop. [1] Right now, after having gained a great victory and badly injuring themselves in the process. The College Champions were ordered to rest and recover their strength. It was boring.

[1] Therefore, when Shiyu announced that she and Xiao Shu are going to confront Shen Lingfei and collect debts, all of them decided to follow along and enjoy some drama.

Naturally, when the Imperial College Champions stepped outside their villa en masse, it was bound to attract attention. When they began to move purposefully through the school and somewhere else other than the meditation area under rift, they picked up curious followers with a nose for gossip.

This group of people finally tracked down Shen Lingfei on a tree-lined path.

Right now, this person was strolling down the path with Meng Li. They were holding hands. Xiao Shu was not surprised by this development.

After all, one of the reasons she came to the Imperial College was to settle debts between herself and this guy. Therefore, it was natural for her to pay attention to his various movements. During the course of her investigation, she found out that this guy had spent tens of thousands of silver pursuing Meng Li. At first, this scratched bitterly at her heart.

However, it was not long before she saw through him. This scum would do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. If he wants to be nice to you, he will find all kinds of reasons to be nice to you. If he decides that you’re not worth it, he will have thousands of reasons why you’re not worth the trouble.

After fuming it over a while, she eventually lost interest in whatever he’s doing and had mostly… forgotten about him. Still, she would occasionally receive news or gossip from friends about Meng Li and her new beau.

Stuff like how after the two quarrelled, he would buy her things to coax her into a good mood, or how when Meng Li made him angry she’d turned soft tender eyes at him and acted spoilt to get him to forgive her… It was all rather romantic and dramatic. Too bad these two were really profiting off each other while acting like a pair of lovers. Xiao Shu felt a little disgusted.

In some ways, these two were made for each other.

Xiao Shu had to laugh at how she was ever part of this epic ‘love story’…


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[1] When Shiyu saw Meng Li, she cast a glance at Feng Luo.

The guy was displaying a rare expressionless face while staring at the couple. Even rarer, Lin Fan ventured forward to speak first, “Brother, we will find a better one for you in the future,”

Feng Luo cast a glance at him, “Brother, the better ones only run towards you,”

“Brother Lin Fan can give some to you,” Xiao Qi piped up quickly.

Feng Luo touched his chin thoughtfully, “Sounds like a good idea. If Lin Fan is mine, all those that flock towards him would belong to me also. I’ll be a winner in this life,”

Shiyu could only cover her little heart with her hands.

What’s the most beautiful love in the world? It’s when a beautiful boy gets together with another beautiful boy, ah! She could almost see the pink hearts floating around Lin Fan and Feng Luo.

“Excuse me…” someone tugged at her sleeves. She turned and saw that Xuan Yin’s normally expressionless face had twisted into… something odd. “Are those two…”

As someone who came from a devastated apocalyptic world, relationships between men were nothing new to her. Women were scarce, who cares if your partner is male or female?

Shiyu had to clear her throat and said, “He’s just joking.” Come on, it has to be a joke, right? How could the local ML turn bent? Feng Luo was just joking with Xiao Qi.

After all, the less you like someone, the easier it is to spew out words of love. Therefore, it could only be a joke.

“I see,” Xuan Yin nodded. After a short pause, she added, “They actually match well together.”

If this was Shiyu’s previous life, it would be like shipping two famous actors or models together.

Grinning, Shiyu whispered, “Actually, I think so too.” Is Xuan Yin a fellow deviant? This is kind of exciting! “By the way, don’t you think that man of yours look very nice next to Liu Suifeng?”

Xuan Yin’s beautiful eyes flickered to her man and found him and Liu Suifeng walking with arms around each other’s shoulder and whispering intimately with each other. Shiyu’s ears were sensitive enough to tell they were actually studying girls and judging their looks, but one could easily imagine them whispering sweet words to each other…

“They have a good atmosphere,” clearly, here was a fellow rotten woman.

Shiyu had not expected Xuan Yin to display an interest in this rotten hobby. Suddenly, she felt much closer to this FL. They both knew that the ‘relationships’ they were talking about were all their own fantasies. However, since no one was forced into anything, it’s alright to indulge in a few naughty thoughts, right?

Only, the straight men being discussed found the women’s fiery eyes kind of unbearable.

“I say… would you please not do that? We can actually hear you, you know? Also, what’s this about Dong-Fang being a good match for me? How can his stupid looks be a match for me?” Liu Suifeng sniffed coldly.

“What the fart…? Who’s stupid?” Dong-Fang Zhen slapped his friend away. “Also, I belong to Xuan Yin, you’d better not try and seduce me in front of my wife!”

Liu Suifeng coughed out blood. Whether it was from rage or the slap, it was still rather dramatic. “Who’s stupid enough to want you? Go hook up with a retarded man.”

“Wait, have you always been interested in me?” Dong-Fang Zhen [2] shrieked, his arms covering his chest protective. “You wretch! It’s not enough to just lure girls, you won’t even leave men alone?!”

Liu Suifeng [2] kicked his ankles, “Scram!!”

Shiyu and Xuan Yin shared a meaningful look. Their shared fujoshi rottenness could come up with so, so many crooked scenarios just from this!!

As for the two other beautiful flowers mentioned, they pretended to be deaf and dumb. What was that? We saw nothing, heard nothing.

Ignoring the antics of her friends, Xiao Shu stepped forward and stopped right in front of Shen Lingfei. Not bothering to spare a look at Meng Li, she said, “It’s been a long time. I won’t waste words with you. You should know what I’m here for. As long as you clear the debts, we’ll no longer owe each other anything.”

“It’s just money, no need to make such a big deal out of it. Just say the amount, I’ll give it to you,”

“Wonderful. I’ve given you quite a lot of precious herbs, haven’t I? The amount should be around 500,000 silver taels. Once you hand over the money we’ll no longer owe the other,” Xiao Shu’s attitude now was more like a debt collector than a lover.

“500,000 silver taels? How can there be so much, don’t try to use your friends to cheat me,” Shen Lingfei sneered.

“Why? Can’t take it out? No problem, let’s bring this matter up to the Dean. He’ll be the judge of whether I’m cheating you. Surely the Dean would not want students with bad attitudes in his school.” She already has a backup plan in case Shen Lingfei tries to wriggle out of paying her.

Right now, as a member of the Bamboo Villa, her chances of meeting the elusive Dean of Imperial College shot up thanks to her housemates. Moreover, she has no qualms about using this connection.

Once Xiao Shu brought up the Dean, Shen Lingfei knew that he could not afford to muddle up matters. As an intelligent person, he knew when to cut his losses and back away from a bad situation. [3] If Xiao Shu had appeared without the bunch of people behind her, he might have used some tricks to soothe her temper and reduce the sum of money.

[3] However… now that she had appeared with the legion of College Champions and that Demoness… Should he be offended that only three of them were staring in his direction? The rest were just messing around and quarrelling good-naturedly with each other.

[3] A part of him was a little regretful that he had not maintained this relationship with Xiao Shu. Then again, how could he have imagined that she would latch onto a group like this? Still, it was not like him to mull over lost opportunities.

[3] Therefore, although it was painful, he counted out the necessary banknotes and handed the 500,000 silver taels to her.

After all, even if he could not maintain a good relationship with these people. It would be stupid to aggravate them. [4]


[Gumihou: Changed the ending as per Note 4. Also, Gumi likes smart villains.]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9



[1] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: Some embellishment to make the story more interesting.

[2] Additional Details for Comedic Purpose: Play up fujoshi related jokes.

[3] POV – Shen Lingfei: Adjusted his thoughts to something that reflects his cleverness. Original text barely mentioned the group of people behind Xiao Shu.

[4] Original ending:

The previous accounts have been settled, and she will never have anything to do with this person in the future.

Thinking of this, she felt relaxed all over.

Changed it because ‘we’ll no longer owe either’ sentiment has been repeated twice already and instead of sounding resolute, it just seems lame. Furthermore, the whole POV was Shen Lingfei’s aside from the above. Oh, and the part where Shen Lingfei handed over the money. This ending avoids: flip-flopping POV, weak repetitions and have the added advantage of giving insight to Shen Lingfei’s thoughts to emphasise his intelligence.


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