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Tondemo Skill – 268 – The 2nd Tenant Shop

Chapter 268: The 2nd Tenant Shop


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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Eguchi Ren: The gods and goddesses are back. Oh, but first let’s talk about the 2nd tenant shop


Once everyone has fallen asleep, I went to one corner of the room and called for the gods and goddesses.

“Hello, it’s been a long time since we’ve spoken. I am now back from the dungeon.”

The sounds of running footsteps thundered in my ears.

“Oh, you’re finally back!”


“Oh, did you? I haven’t noticed…”

“… I’ve been waiting…”

“Ou! Welcome back! What’s your level now?”

“Yes, tell us!”

Oi, oi, is that really what you want to ask me the moment you see me?

“Oh yes, I want to know too! What’s your level now?”

That excited voice could only be Kishar-sama, [8] the cosmetics otaku.

“If you must know, my level is now at 62. So I guess I’ve unlocked the 2nd tenant shop.”

A great cheer followed my announcement.

“Excellent, let’s unlock the liquor store right away!”

“No! I want a drugstore! A drugstore!”

As the two gods and one goddess began to quarrel with each other, other voices added to the chaos.

“Who cares about that, I want cake! I want it now!”

“Indeed, you can discuss the matter later. I’ve been looking forward to a good beer for quite a while now,”

“… cake, ice-cream…”

Ninril-sama and Ruka-sama were pretty happy with the Japanese Dessert Store Fujiya and could not care less about the quarrel. As for Agni-sama, she had been keen on a liquor store but lost interest once she discovered beer.

“Quiet! We are now having a very important discussion over the next tenant store. So, Shut Up,” [3] said Kishar-sama.

“Kishar-sama is scary…”

“I guess we should just stay quiet…”

“… …”

I could only imagine the kind of presence Kishar-sama has to shut these other goddesses up. Still, I don’t want to sit here and listen to their quarrel, so…

“Excuse me, we still don’t know what the options are for the 2nd tenant store. Why don’t we check that out first?” I suggested.

“Oh, that’s right. Well, get to it!”

“Be quick about it now!”

“Hurry, hurry~~!”

“Y-yes, please hold on,”

I opened up my status and touched the (+1) next to the [Net Super] skill.


Unique skill “Net Super” has been unlocked.

Please choose one of the following:

– Kantucky

– Suzuki’s Bakery

– Tanaka’s Liquor Store


Oh? I’m given three options this time?

Hmm, the previous option Wakudonald isn’t here. Instead, they have Kantucky, the other popular fast-food chain. As for Suzuki’s Bakery and Tanaka’s Liquor Store, I can only assume they are independent shops… [5] [6] Screams of excitement (and despair) interrupted my musings. [5]

“Yes! A liquor shop!”

“It’s here! We’ve waited for for so long!”


Behind the cheers was Kishar-sama’s disappointed, “Why is there no drugstore? Why liquor store? Whyyy!!”

“Ahaha,” I have no control over this and personally, I’d have chosen Suzuki’s Bakery since speciality baked goods are superior to supermarket ones but I have a feeling the gods might smite me… [5]

“Alright,” I said over Kishar-sama’s mutterings and the alcoholic duo’s cheering. “Shall I unlock Tanaka’s Liquor Store?”


“Do it!!”

“I don’t care…”

“Just get on with it so that I can have my cake,”

“Same here, I want my weekly beer fix,”

“…cake, ice-cream…”

Well, that settles it. I chose Tanaka’s Liquor Store.


[Do you wish to establish a contract with Tanaka’s Liquor Shop? YES / NO]


[Contract with Tanaka’s Liquor Shop established successfully. The next tenant will be unlocked at Level 80. We look forward to seeing you again.]


Level 80? That sounds kind of far away. Would it keep doubling, I wonder. With the 4th tenant shop at 160 and so on?

Hmm, I guess I won’t be unlocking any tenant shops in the near future considering my dislike for dungeons. I prefer to live my life slowly and level up gradually. [5]

“I’ve established a contract with Tanaka’s Liquor Store,”

Ah, there’s that cheer again.

“Yes! Yes! Show us, show us all the new liquor!”

“Yes! Open it now!” [5]

I can tell that this was going to take a long time, so- [5]

“Excuse me, is it alright if I serve the goddesses first? We can take our time to slowly look over the list of liquors later…”

“Hmm, that sounds reasonable. God of War?”

“An excellent suggestion, I’d like to take my time too, God of Blacksmith,”

With that out of the way, I turned my attention to the goddesses.


[Gumihou: Ah, Mukouda-san is displaying his excellent skill as a tactful shop attendant.]

What Gumi imagines Mukouda-san looks like now…

Photo Credit: takeya_co_jp

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