Tondemo Skill – 267 – Massive Level Up from Dungeon Challenge 
Treasure: wooden chest with golden coins, gems, rings, e.t.c. isolated on the white background

Tondemo Skill – 267 – Massive Level Up from Dungeon Challenge 

Chapter 267: Massive Level Up from Dungeon Challenge                                        


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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It was very nice to finally get out of the dungeon.

Ah, but as I had half expected, we were immediately escorted to the Adventurer’s Guild the moment we stepped through the creaky door. [1] [8] The person escorting us looked like he had been waiting for us with an entourage of staff. [5]

We were led right to the Guild Master’s room.

[8] Once the door to the Guild Master’s room was closed, there was only us and Nadia-san.

“Well, well, since you came out from that door, I suppose that means you’ve cleared the dungeon?” [4] said Nadia-san with a grin.

“Well, I guess?”

“Excellent! Now, show me what you got from the dungeon. Wait, this place is probably too small, let’s head over to the warehouse instead,” Nadia-san had already gotten out of her seat and was about to barge ahead when I bravely stopped her.

“P- please wait, naturally I plan to show you what we got from the dungeon, but I feel I should speak to Elland-san about the matter too. We challenged the dungeon together and collected many Drops.”

[6] “Oh?” Nadia-san looked intrigued.

“It’s true, we collected so many things that I can’t remember what we have, let alone in what quantity,” said Elland-san thoughtfully.

[4] “I did try to keep track at first, but…” I began, but then changed the subject. “There are some things that I’d like to keep for myself. Is it alright if I sort them out first before coming back to make the trade?”

“Ah, I’d like to add to that request as well. Naturally, Avering Adventurer’s Guild should have priority over the purchase. However, there are some things that I’d like to purchase on behalf of Doran’s Guild. Beg Miss Nadia for your indulgence.”

[6] Nadia-san looked a little reluctant but conceded in the end. “I understand, as long as Avering Adventurer’s Guild has the first right of purchase after yourself.”

[8] Elland-san smiled, “Thank you for your understanding. I should warn you, though. It would not be possible for you to purchase everything. Back at Doran, we ran out of funds before Mukouda-san ran out of dungeon Drops and Loots for sale. In fact, the Guild hardly manage to buy half of what it wanted.” [5]

[8] “Ehh…” I gave Elland-san the side-eye. Half of what the Guild wanted? Half of what this otaku elf wanted more like.

“Did you really collected that many Drop items?”

“But of course! I’m sure even Nadia-san would be surprised by the amount of items we’ve collected,” [5]

“A-anyway, we’ll need some time to sort out the Drop items,” I said again. [6] Just thinking about the number of items piling up in our collective [Item Box] and Magic Bag is giving me a headache. Luckily things that are stored in [Item Boxes] aren’t influenced by time, otherwise, my precious meat…

[6] “We’ll probably need at least one full day to sort everything out,” said Elland-san.

“I see,” said Nadia-san. “I guess I’ll see you the day after tomorrow,”

“Yes, thank you for your understanding,” I said gratefully.

We literally just got out of the dungeon, I’m mentally and physically exhausted. What I’d give to have a nice and relaxing rest of the day?

After saying our good-byes to Nadia-san, I headed over to the Guild-run inn next door.


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When I got to the inn, I smiled at the receptionist and asked for a ground floor room for myself and my familiars.

[8] “Ahem, Mukouda-san…” Elland-san was looking at me with oddly shiny eyes.

[8] Wait, no, he’s looking at Dora-chan with those shiny eyes…

[4] ““Ugh!”” Dora-chan flapped his wings and tucked himself behind me. ““Don’t let that creepy elf near me!””

[4] “Mukouda-san, I have a wonderful idea!”

[6] Ergh, too close!

[4] “We should share rooms! For… for bonding purposes, yes! Let’s share rooms and bond over our friendship!”

[6] My waist is starting to hurt from bending over backwards…

[4] “I-I’m sorry Elland-san, I’m afraid it’s not possible since the rooms aren’t that large, especially not with all my familiars…”

The otaku elf pouted, but I stood my ground.

Luckily, Elland-san relented when I said that Dora-chan will hate him if he continues to persist…

In the end, he got himself a room right above us. [5]

Once our registration was done, I hurried off. [6] It can’t be helped while we were still in the dungeon, but the moment we stepped back into civilization I could feel every grain of dirt and dust sticking to my body.

Ugh, one of the worse things about dungeon challenges was the lack of proper facilities. No baths! No shower, not even a proper place for a wipe down. As a Japanese, I can’t stand not sinking into a bath at least once every two days, so being unable to have a rudimentary shower was terrible!

As soon as we got into our room, [6] I made a beeline for the bath and had the taps on. Dora-chan and Sui followed me.

[4] ““Are you taking a bath? I want one too!””

[4] ““Baths~ Baths are so comfy~~~””

[6] “Fufu, I understand,” while the tub was filling up, I washed myself and my two little familiars on the side. Our timing was great, once the final cold water rinse was done, we got into the hot tub with a ‘Fuwaaaahhhh…..’ [5]

After we got squeaky clean, the three of us stepped into our room and-

“What?” Fer’s voice was frosty. He looked very stiff.

[6] I took out a brush from my [Item Box] and advanced upon him. [5]

“What do you think you’re doing?” [6] Fer actually quelled back, as though my brush was some kind of deadly weapon.

[8] “Now, now,” I said soothingly. “This will make you feel much better,”

[6] “Humph, I’m fine like this,”

[6] ““Uncle Fer is dirty,””

[6] “Who are you calling dirty!?”

While he was distracted, I run the brush down his back. Fer shivered and with a grumbled, “Nu, I’m not dirty,” he subsided and let me brush him.

[6] Sui helped by collecting all of Fer’s fur and then disintegrating them away.

[6] ““It’s too bad you’re too large for the baths, big guy,”” said Dora-chan.

“Humph, I don’t like getting wet anyway, this is good enough,” said Fer as he stretched out his neck so that I could brush his coat properly.

[6] Indeed, Fer was not really dirty, but quite a lot of his fur were a little tangled up. A quick and brisk brushing got rid of the loose fur and some trapped dirt. A short while later, Fer stood in the middle of the room, his fur shinier and more majestic looking than before.

Now that we’re all clean, I guess we could have an early dinner?

[6] I was just pondering over dinner options when a knock came. We all looked at the door.

[4] “Who could it be?” I wondered as I went over and opened the door.

It was Elland-san.

[6] “Hello,” said the Elf cheerfully. “I’m here to check on you and make sure you’re all settling down properly.”

[6] “… I see,” indeed. I could see Elland-san’s very obvious intention to get near to Dora-chan. His eyes were shining and focusing on the little dragon.

[8] However, I can’t just shut the door in his face. After some thought, I stepped back and said, “Would you like to join us for dinner?”

[6] I could kick him out without remorse after feeding him.

[6] “Oh, that sounds wonderful,” Elland-san happily stepped into our room while Dora-chan zipped over to hide behind a tall light fixture.

[8] While they entertained themselves thus, I considered the content of my [Item Box]. I’m really too tired for anything elaborate, so it had to be a rice bowl dish of some sort. Hmm, I still have those seafood tempura. So let’s go with Seafood Tempura Don.

[6] The rice bowls were quickly assembled on deep wooden bowls and liberally doused with my homemade Tartar sauce.

“Oh, is this the fried seafood from last time? I knew it’s a good idea to come here. I always get to eat something rare and delicious whenever I’m with Mukouda-san,”

[4] “Ahaha, I’m glad you like it,” eat up quickly so that I can kick you out with a clear conscience.


Ah, there it is. I served everyone, including Elland-san, seconds. Fer and Sui demolished their seconds quickly and demanded dessert. [5]

[8] Dora-chan looked up from his dinner, ““Hey! I want sweets too! Pudding!””

“Haah… well, I guess since everyone did their so well in the dungeon,” I opened up [Net Super] and booted up the Fujiya shop. I got everyone’s favourites, as well as a little extra.

Fer received three of his regular Strawberry Shortcakes and two special shortcakes with strawberry jelly filling.

Dora-chan gets a Strawberry Sundae Pudding, Banana Sundae Pudding and, his favourite, standard Custard Pudding.

Sui gets an Assorted Fruit Shortcake, Chocolate Cake, Blueberry Tart, Strawberry Mille-Feuille and a No-Bake Cheesecake. [5]

Of course, I did not miss the stares Elland-san has been shooting towards me [5] and got him a Strawberry Tart with plenty of custard cream as well as a Limited Edition Chocolate Cassis Mousse Cake.


Since we’re going all out, I got cider for all my familiars and brewed a mug of Darjeeling tea for Elland-san. [5] I decided to skip the sweets and enjoy a drip bag coffee as an after-meal treat instead.

I took a sip of my coffee, “Ah, this is the life.” [5]

After everyone had scarfed down their sweets, Elland-san was a lot more elegant in his scarfing, we all settled down for a post-dinner rest.

Elland-san sipped his Darjeeling tea and said, “Oh yes, I came here to make a request.”

“A request?” I repeated warily.

“Hmm, since Fer-sama has the [Appraisal] skill. I’d like to have my status checked. I do believe my level has increased after that dungeon challenge.” [5]

That… was actually a very reasonable request. “Fer?” I gave him a meaningful look. [5]

Fer made a little sniff and stood up, “Umu, very well.”

I privately scanned Elland-san with my own [Appraisal].


[Name] Elland

[Age] 334

[Race] Elf 

[Job] Guild Master of Adventurer’s Guild

[Level] 251 

[Physical strength] 924 

[Magic power] 1098 

[Attack power] 913 

[Defence] 882 

[Agility] 904 

[Skills] Item Box            Water Magic               Wind Magic                Nature Magic              Swordsmanship                       Physical Strengthening           Magic Power Manipulation


Woah, his level was pretty high. It certainly pays to be a long-lived species. While I was marvelling over his status, Fer gave him the details of his status. 

“Oh, my level went up!” [3] said Elland-san happily.

“That’s really great,” I enthused. [2] Whilst he was still in a good mood, I cheerfully ushered him out of our room and closed the door in his face. [5] “See you tomorrow!” [5]

Phew, now that he’s gone, let’s Appraise everyone’s status.


[Name] Fer

[Age] 1014 

[Race] Fenrir 

[Level] 945 

[Physical strength] 10142

[Magic power] 9768 

[Attack power] 9429 

[Defence] 10157 

[Agility] 9954 

[Skills] Wind Magic   Fire Magic      Water Magic   Earth Magic    Ice Magic Thunder Magic      Holy Magic      Barrier Magic Claw Slash      Physical Strengthening           Physical Attack Resistance     Magic Attack Resistance            Magic Power Consumption Reduction           Appraisal         Battle Strengthening


Blessing of the Goddess of Wind, Ninril

Blessing of the God of War, Vahagn


“Fer, you levelled up quite a lot,” I was kind of surprised because Fer’s pretty high level already and it gets more and more difficult to level up the higher you are.

Umu. Dungeon challenges are an excellent way to level up,” there was a really satisfied look on Fer’s face.

Next up, Dora-chan.


[Name] Dora-chan 

[Age] 116 

[Race] Pixie Dragon 

[Level] 197 

[Physical strength] 1223 

[Magic power] 3438 

[Attack power] 3299 

[Defence] 1152 

[Agility] 4022 

[Skills] Fire Magic      Water Magic   Wind Magic    Earth Magic    Ice Magic Thunder Magic      Recovery Magic       Bombardment Battle Enhancement


Blessing of the God of War, Vahagn.


“Dora-chan, you also levelled up,” I congratulated him.

““As expected, I did feel like my magical sensitivity has gone up,”” Dora-chan sounded very smug.

Next up is Sui.


[Name] Sui 

[Age] 4 months 

[Race] Huge slime 

[Level] 38 

[Physical strength] 1719 

[Magic power] 1687 

[Attack power] 1698 

[Defence] 1707 

[Agility] 1711 


Acid bullet      Recovery         Medicine Generation    Multiplication     Water Magic       Smithing            Gigantify


Blessing of the Goddess of Water, Rusalka  

Blessing of the God of Smith, Hephaestus


Sui’s level went up a lot. This made sense since she destroyed so many monsters in the dungeon.

““Sui, you’ve gotten a lot stronger,””

““Really? Yay!”” Sui bounced up and down happily.

[6] Ahh, Sui-tan is so cute~~

Well, it made sense that everyone levelled up after doing such a good job in the dungeons. As for me, well, my goal is to reach Level 40 at least so that I could unlock my next tenant shop…


[Name] Mukouda (Tsuyoshi Mukouda) 

[Age] 27 

[Job] Guy Caught up in a Summoning Spell, Adventurer, Cook

[Level] 62 

[Physical strength] 405 

[Magic power] 391 

[Attack power] 382 

[Defence] 379 

[Agility] 324 

[Skills] Appraisal        Item Box         Fire Magic     Earth Magic    Contract Monsters     Absolute Defence             Double Experience Points Earned

<Familiar contracts> Fenrir Huge Slime Pixie Dragon

[Unique skill] Net Super (+1)

      <Tenant> Fujiya


Blessing of the Goddess of Wind, Ninril (small)

Blessing of the Goddess of Fire, Agni (small)

Blessing of the Goddess of Earth, Kishar (small)


Nice! I’ve gone past Level 40!

Hm? What’s this? My occupation has changed?

No, I mean, I have more stuff listed as my Occupation? Aside from the Guy Caught up in a Summoning Spell, I have Adventurer and… Cook?

I mean, I understand the Adventurer bit, but cook?

Fine, I do cook all the time. Nearly every day, three times a day but it was not intentional!

Oh well, it doesn’t really impact my life in any way. So let’s ignore that. What’s more important is that I’ve reached Level 40! [5] In fact, I’ve gone all the way to Level 62. Is that the result of having the Double Experience Points skill? [5]

There’s also a +1 next to my [Net Super] skill.

I guess those people really are gods to be able to make this kind of thing happen. [6] It’s thanks to this skill and the Holy Stamp that I was able to level up so high and so quickly.

It’s going to be a pain to see them again, but I guess I really do need to make my offering and inform them about my level up. I guess I’ll do it once my familiars have gone to bed.



[Eguchi Ren: Will be meeting some very familiar faces next chapter~]

[Gumihou: Mukouda treating the Gods and Goddesses like annoying customers instead of heavenly beings, lol]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue 

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] Chocolate Cassis Mousse Cake

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