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Little Cooking Saint – 0242 – Pacific Saury (c)

Chapter 242 Pacific Saury (c)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Shiyu’s eyes suddenly popped open and she took a deep shuddering breath.

Had she just… soul walked?

[1] When she had flitted about the world like Zhuang Zou’s butterfly, was that due to her mental power? Is that what they call discerning the world through her mind?

[1] Somehow, her soul decided to wander over to the Bamboo Villa and just happened to run out of power when it saw that baby-faced teenager and snapped back to her body.

Speaking of baby-faced teenagers…

[1] A loud explosion in the battle arena caught her attention.

The College Champions were barely fending off high-pressure attacks from the Fire Wolves. However, they were in much better condition than before. At the very least, they have a better chance of actually winning this battle.

Though one could not tell who would be the ultimate victor in this fight, Shiyu knew that she had done her best.

There was nothing she could do for them now. If she stayed here, she could probably gain some battle experience just by watching the group fight. However…

An image of the baby-faced teenager floated across her mind.

That kid, had to be San Pang, right?

He must have woken up from his deep sleep and… was he going to just leave?

Had he thought of her? Was that why her soul suddenly drifted back to the Villa?

After all, she had spent more time with San Pang and Cloud Beast than even her brother and sisters ever since her soul crossed over. They were practically family if not close friends.

The Spirits of this world are born without parents. The Sky is their father and Earth their mother. Nevertheless, it was still a very lonely existence. It’s not like she picked up San Pang and Cloud Beast, or that San Pang had especially chosen to go with her. They happened to encounter each other at Spiritual Beast Mountain Range and just… decided to travel together.

She did not want them to just be passersby who travelled together just because it’s convenient, nor did she want to prevent them from going after their own goals. After all, how could she force her ideas on them?

Or, were they fated to part the moment they met?

Shiyu suddenly recalled a moment long ago. Back in her past life. Back when she was a child and had to part with her best friend. She knew they could not stay together forever but was nevertheless reluctant to part with her friend.

Shiyu soon reached the Villa and on the steps of the porch sat the baby-faced teenager she saw during her soul walking. He was dressed in a white changpao and looked very solemn.

When he spotted Shiyu, the solemn look evaporated as he leapt to his feet excitedly, “Xiao Shi! Look! I’m all grown up! It’s so great to be a grown-up! Aren’t I handsome? Aren’t I bewitching?”

Shiyu blinked, a little taken aback by his enthusiasm…. Wait, “What do you mean by bewitching? Are you planning to bewitch men or women?”

“Of course men, ah!” San Pang tilted his head to the side, curiously. “Why would I want to bewitch women?”

“… …” what’s with this offended tone?!

“But, aren’t you a brother?” Shiyu realised that plants and trees don’t really have a gender. Well, some do but that’s beside the point! Didn’t this radish say he has a third leg?

“Of course,” said San Pang loftily. “What does it have to do with anything? Great beauty transcends beyond male or female.”

“But… what if you fall for a guy?”

“Can’t I get together with a guy?” asked San Pang matter of factly.

Shiyu suffered a critical hit.

Ah… she seemed to recall a time when she and a certain radish spent a lovely afternoon feasting their eyes on the male beauties of this College…

“You…” Shiyu paused. Whatever, whatever! This radish started out as a species with no sex anyway. Who was she to judge him with human standards? Who knows whether he’d end up with a male, female or another vegetable anyway?

None of her business, that’s what!

“I’ll be leaving now,” the mood suddenly became sombre again.

So quick? Shiyu thought he’d at least stay a little longer, maybe share some of his plans with her…

Can’t you wait until tomorrow at least?

The words remained stuck in her throat when the bun-like face regarded her solemnly, “I’ll probably be away for a long, long time. So please take good care of yourself,”

Touched, Shiyu nodded. She had not expected this naggy, mouthy radish to show such feelings for her.

Three seconds later.

“Of course, being alone outside is very dangerous for a tender cute thing like me. I know you have lots of good stuff in your hands. So, as a good friend, you should give me some supplies so that I can better protect myself and return safely to your side one day. Ah, I don’t need the Jade Petal Immortal Lotus anymore but you can give me some Spring of Life Water. I won’t mind if you give me some precious herbs either, can’t have too much of those. Of course, when travelling, money is very important.”

“… …”

“Elder Sister Shi~~” San Pang pressed his fists under his baby cheeks and widened his eyes. “Can’t you give me some things~~~”

How did an honest radish turn into this creature, ah, ah, ah!! Shiyu shivered and did her best to rub away the goosebumps on her arms.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll give it to you, so stop that!”

Ever since she knew that San Pang was about to embark on a long journey, Shiyu had already prepared some things for him. She handed him a [2] space ring filled with plenty of Spring of Life Water, precious herbs, silver, spare clothing and other odds and ends.

“I knew sister would not abandon me!” San Pang cheerfully took the items without reservation. After tucking the [2] ring away, San Pang took out a jade bottle from his pocket and handed it Shiyu. “Thank you, Sister Shi, I cannot stay by your side anymore. You’ll probably encounter a lot more obstacles in life, so, please take this. I hope it will help protect your life at least once.”

“What is it?”

“My blood essence, there are three drops of it in here. It can’t be compared to those really rare precious herbs and things, but it could still be used in an emergency,” said San Pang. “I don’t have many things on my person, but since I’m leaving the Ninth Realm anyway, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for herbs and things that could help you with your mental powers. You must come and find me, alright?”

Shiyu nodded. She paused, “Wait, you say you’re going to search for someone. If you don’t know where he is, how are you going to find him?”

“I have his blood in my body. So, I can perceive his approximate direction,” said San Pang. This was clearly his biggest advantage. Otherwise, how is a single radish supposed to find one man under the whole of Nine Realms?

“I see,” Shiyu said thoughtfully. “Will you be leaving right away?”

“Yes, I’m leaving now,”

“Good, good. Goodbye for now. You go first, I’ll catch up later. When the time comes, let’s meet again,”


It was rare for them to be so solemn with each other.

“I’m leaving now,”

“I’ll see you later,”

“See you later,”

Finally, San Pang stepped off the porch and jumped onto Cloud Beast’s back. Soon, Cloud Beast rose to the air and their figures eventually disappeared from sight.

They had met by chance and spent each day casually with each other. Now that the time has come, they had left, just like that.

Isn’t it the same with a lot of encounters in this life?

People meet and part.

There’s no guarantee that a second meeting would happen again.


[Gumihou: Nooo…. Cloud Beast, I’ll miss you… San Pang too… my comedic relief…]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: Might as well continue with previous effort to make the ‘soul walking’ somewhat realistic. Also, continue with stream of consciousness writing style.

[2] Additional Detail for Logistic Purpose: added space ring to show just how the items were given away. Presumably, items were not tucked into any butts.


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