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Little Cooking Saint – 0241 – Pacific Saury (b)

Chapter 241 Pacific Saury (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Fire Wolf’s expression was especially dignified and solemn. He was a cautious fighter and not one to underestimate his opponent. However, he had entered the stadium today expecting to win. [1] The battle would be tough since the cubs have teeth, but they still have the Cultivation level gap advantage. Not to mention the other team has those three Core Condensation 1, 2, and 3 baggage.

He did not enjoy bullying others. However, Patriarch Ge’s offer was too good to refuse. If they lose here, they would lose half their rewards, oh, and not be able to fight on the arena anymore. However, that was not the main thing bothering him.

What irritated him now was… just how on earth did those College students breakthrough so quickly?

It was simply too absurd.

Fire Wolf closed his eyes and tried to discern just what had triggered the sudden multiple level-ups. [2a] Was it the young man in red? That one is only a Core Condensation 4, if there were any interesting power-ups, surely he would have used it on himself?

The elders?

No, again, they would have used their resources before this…

The girl?

[2b] The sudden wave of breakthrough seemed to have happened after she arrived…

Just then, there was another disturbance in the air.

Slightly numb, he turned to look at the group of College Champions. Another set of breakthroughs again, just how many levels would they jump this time?


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Thanks to the purified precious herbs brought in by the Dean and Elder Feng, there was no need to worry about the lack of natural Spiritual energies or the cost of the precious herbs. Let’s fill the air with lots of energy so that our students could safely breakthrough!

The next to breakthrough was Qing Chen. Already a Core Condensation 7, he jumped two levels and landed straight into Core Condensation 9. What an explosive move, ah!

Next, Xuan Yin began to glow and everyone expected her to jump 3 levels at most, who would have thought that she would actually shoot through the levels and ended up at Core Condensation 6! What kind of joke is this?!

Finally, it was Lin Fan’s turn.

Everyone watched in anticipation of this great talent’s performance.

Surely… he would not break right into Divine Transformation, right?

That would be too frightening…

Just as everyone was muttering among themselves, a light enveloped Lin Fan’s body and his level began to climb. 7th level, 8th level and… his Cultivation stabilized at Core Condensation 8.

“… …”

How anti-climactic.

[3] Qing Chen cast a look at Lin Fan who looked stoically ahead.

[3] “Congratulations,” he said neutrally.

[3] “Thank you,” said Lin Fan in an equally neutral voice. “Must give face to senior.”

[3] There was an uncharacteristic sniff, but Qing Chen did not say anything else. It’s Lin Fan’s own business if he wants to restrain himself from breaking through all the way to Core Condensation 9.

The process of watching these young people breakthrough was very exciting for some, devastating for others and curious for the rest.

Qing Chen looked over at the peacefully meditating Shiyu.

Just what had Shiyu fed them?

Also, why is she still meditating?

[4] Qing Chen was leaning closer to have a better look at Shiyu when Lin Fan said, “She’s still breaking through.”

[5] [2c] “Hmm, Core Condensation 7…”

[2d] Lin Fan, “It’s best not to disturb her,” Lin Fan got to his feet. He looked around at all his companions. They had all broken through safely. “Now that we’re all conscious, let’s prepare to take the stage.”


Now that the gap between themselves and the opponent had shrunk, there was hope for victory.

“Are we still letting Liu Suifeng substitute?” asked Dong-Fang Zhen.

“We have to,” Lin Fan glanced over at Shiyu, who was sitting very still in her meditative trance. “Xiao Shi is too tired, let her rest.”

Thinking of Shiyu’s rather haggard look just now, there was no protest. “Alright, let’s take the stage.”

They stepped onto the stage and suddenly, whispers exploded around them as the audience practically shivered in anticipation. The two teams are going to compete again! How is the Fire Wolves going to fare against the newly levelled up College Champions?!

Tickets for tonight’s battle was sold out almost immediately once it was announced. After all, who doesn’t want to personally witness the grudge match between Fire Wolves and College Champions? Moreover, quite a few of those occupying the seats were Imperial College Students.

No, it should be said that from the very first match, many College Students came to watch the College Champions fight. Some were here in hopes of gaining some insight into their strength, others were here to support their idols.

At any rate, there were a lot of people here tonight.

Once the Champions stepped onto the stage, cheers and shouts crested like waves. Soon, the fact that Shiyu had been replaced by a sassy young man was gradually forgotten by the excited fans.


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[6] Shiyu was looking at the platform from a high vantage.

[6] Which was very strange because she had been seated lower than the platform and her eyes were closed for meditation. Even stranger, she could see the expression of every single fan cheering or jeering excitedly at the upcoming fight. Cultivators were less excited but she could pick out their existence very easily among the mute grey of the mundane people.

[6] She was everywhere at once.

[6] She was… still seated below the platform?

[6] Hmm?

[6] Shiyu blinked her eyes and leaned forward. Immediately, the image of herself, seated with her hands folded just below her belly, eyes shut and skirts in a mess, suddenly magnified before her eyes.

[6] It was… Shiyu.

Shiyu had never seen herself from this angle before. It’s all very strange.

She had been in this world for how long? But she never really knew what she looked like.

How strange, ah.

Shiyu studied the peacefully sleeping? meditating? face and noted the single eyelids with the slightly raised corners. She had double eyelids before, in her past life. [7] Her double eyelids had been a point of pride for Shiyu. How many girls had to get surgery or use special tapes to achieve those coveted double eyelids? It was such a pity to lose those double eyelids.

Single eyelid eyes were less expressive and it made her face even plainer.

As she studied this face, she had to wonder. Was she a soul from another world? Or had fragments of another soul merge with hers? Whose soul was occupying this body?

Zhuang Zou dreams of a butterfly, a butterfly dreams of Zhuang Zou [7]. Which is it? She was not sure…

After looking at herself for a little longer, [7] she wondered whether everyone was really crowded inside this stadium and what was happening in the streets outside Central Square… [6] and found herself stepping lightly across the paved stone floors of the neat streets of the Imperial Capital.

It was all very normal. Except people hurrying about their business were rushing through her. She was incorporeal now. [7] Wow, that lady sure is in a hurry.

Shiyu skipped and pranced, nothing blocked her way, or is it she who was not blocking anybody’s way? How far could she go? Her body stepped forward once, twice and then found herself just a little beyond the outskirts of the high walls of the Imperial City. When she tried to move a little further, it was as though she had encountered a wall.

[6] The effortless movement stopped. She could move laterally, but she couldn’t move forward. Oh, she was moving in a wide circle.

[6] Shiyu turned back and estimated that she was probably about 5 miles from where sleeping Shiyu was still meditating.

[7] Is this her limit?

A limit to what? Her mental powers? Was this her mental powers?

Did she have a breakthrough?

[6] How interesting, what else could she do like this? Well, everyone was at the arena so- wait, not everyone was there. There is still one person left at the Villa… the ground beneath her dissolved and she was stepping on wooden bamboo floor. The glass windows of the Bamboo Villa was dark.

A creak of a door caught her attention and she whirled around and the soft bun-like cheeks of a fresh face teenager peeked out…


[Gumihou: Hmm, attempts at surrealistic writing. C for effort]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] POV – Fire Wolf: Elaborate on why Fire Wolf think they would win without arrogance to show his better than average mind.

[2] Deleted Stuff

[a] There were six people in the beginning before the young man in red arrived as a substitute

Deleted, no point elaborating since readers have eyes and should have known about this from the previous chapter.

[b] He was a little unsure.

If you want to show thinking, show the thought process, not the feelings

[c] “Hasn’t she levelled up to Core Condensation 7?”

See Note 5. Deleted this SPOOCS violating statement.

[d] “No, she’s not making a Cultivation breakingthrough,”

Above statement is no longer needed since QC’s IQ has been returned to its original levels.

[3] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Added build-up to the ‘restrain himself from Core Condensation 9’ scene.

[4] Added Detail’s for Dramatic Purpose: To show how much LF understand Shiyu more than QC? Sure.

[5] SPOOCS – Qing Chen: I know author-san wants Lin Fan to understand Shiyu most. But please do not drag Qing Chen’s IQ down for this.

[6] Added Details for Logistic Purposes: How to create a realistic out-of-body experience.

[7] Added Details for Dramatic Purposes: Small fleeting stream of consciousness thoughts to make the out-of-body experience more realistic

[8] Zhuang Zou Dreams of a Butterfly, a Butterfly Dreams of Zhuang Zou – An attempt by Zhuangzi to explain life? Eastern Philosophy on one’s existence? Debates on nature of things?

To be honest, Gumi is not really sure…


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