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Little Cooking Saint – 0240 – Pacific Saury (a)

Chapter 240 Pacific Saury (a)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


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Liu Suifeng felt a sudden pain in his nether regions.

As a great talent himself, how could he not be unfamiliar with the common sense of how Cultivation level works?

[1] In short, the higher you go the more difficult it is to breakthrough.

Therefore, when this person sat down, apparently exhausted from goodness know what, close their eyes and just… broke through?

[1] To Core Condensation 7??!

Liu Suifeng liked to think that his talent was not bad. In fact, it could be said that his talent was pretty good. He was forecasted to reach Core Condensation 7 around his thirties which is actually very good, you know?

This girl looked barely out of her teens but is already a Core Condensation 7?!

[1] Ah, there’s that pain in his balls again. Though it was more emotional than physical, pain is still pain, ah.

He had only been away from the Imperial Capital for 2 or 3 years and it had been taken over by monsters?

Just what did he miss?

He really must grill both grandfathers when he gets back!

[1] Liu Suifeng nodded to himself and looked at the newly minted Core Condensation 7 girl. The flames had subsided, but she was still sitting quietly in place. Surely she should be waking up now?

No way… is she asleep?!

He pondered whether to come closer and have a look when he suddenly discovered something. He couldn’t perceive her at all! That is, he could see her with his eyes, but if he were to close them, he could not sense her presence at all!

Liu Suifeng approached her warily, still not quite sure whether this person was really in front of him or was just a phantom of his imagination when he sensed a disturbance in [2a] the air.

[3] The one who caused the disturbance was Dong-Fang Zhen.

[3] That guy was breaking through!

[3] Just what is happening ah?! Is his old friend’s Cultivation about to match his own?

Oh, it turned out he was wrong.

[3] This dog friend of his… whose Cultivation level was at Core Condensation 3 just now, had broken through to Core Condensation 5! Just what kind of joke is this?!

Wasn’t it said that the Spiritual energies in the Ninth Realm was thin? Just when did breaking through become something so easy? Let him breakthrough too, ah!

While he was seething over this, Dong-Fang Zhen’s aura exploded once more and the atmosphere around him finally settled down.

[3] Liu Suifeng was shaking. This guy… this guy…

Dong-Fang Zhen opened his eyes and jumped to his feet, “Haha! Core Condensation 6!” Power crackled over his body.

The Crown Prince flexed his hands and grinned. There was an unspeakable pride brimming in his heart now. He had broken into Core Condensation realm in less than a year and has now shot into Core Condensation 6! No wonder Imperial Father encouraged him to participate in these matches.

The arena battles were actually secondary to the people he meet and connect with here!

To think that he could actually jump 3 levels at once. Ah, that is to say, it is all thanks to Shiyu. If not for her, he would still be struggling to reach Core Condensation 3 for goodness knows how long.

What was the thing they ate just now? The Spiritual power contained within was so majestic and pure that they could easily absorb without having to purify it. Thus minimising the wastage of Spiritual powers and maximising absorption rate. In fact, his breakthrough this time was nearly effortless, what an unprecedented experience!

He turned to thank Shiyu and saw his old friend’s sour face staring back at him.

“I believe an explanation is needed?”

“Hahah! No way!” Dong-Fang Zhen laughed. It was rare to see such a frustrated look on his flashy friend’s face. He wanted to enjoy it a little longer.

“Fine, keep your secrets,” Liu Suifeng [3] snapped his fan over his face with a humph! He turned to the people still seated in their position and said, “Don’t tell me they’re all waiting to breakthrough too?”

Liu Suifeng’s face looked rather pinched. Clearly trying to effect disinterest, but…

“They should if all goes well,” said Dong-Fang Zhen.

As if to prove him right, there was another energy fluctuation. No, there were two! The atmosphere around Qi Chuyun and Feng Luo began to agitate as Spiritual energy was sucked in.

With one breakthrough happening one after another. The Dean suddenly cast a wild look around. Wait, if all College Champions breakthrough now… the Ninth Realm’s natural atmosphere wouldn’t be able to support it, ah!

[4] “This is bad!”

If all of them breakthrough and jumped multiple levels, the natural Spiritual energies within the Ninth Realm would not be able to sustain them!

[5] Elder Feng, who had been watching from the private resting area meant for organisers, realised what was happening and was immediately anxious. His precious grandson is one of those about to break through, ah!

[5] He flew forward and in the next blink, appeared beside the Dean, “What should we do?” If his grandson could not breakthrough just because of the lack of natural Spiritual energy, wouldn’t it be a waste?

[5] “It would be a waste,” said the Dean, unknowingly echoing Elder Feng’s thoughts. “However, it’s not like we can delay this moment. At best, their Cultivation would be delayed, at worse, it could cause some irreversible trauma that would make breaking through difficult in the future.” He narrowed his eyes at the thinning Spiritual energies in the air. “There is only one thing we can do now.”

[5] He reached into his space ring and took out an 800-year-old precious herb and enveloped it in flames. Around him, people on the bleachers gasped as the very expensive looking immortal medicine was burnt up. Isn’t that kind of extravagant?

After purifying the precious herb, the Dean threw the essence into the air, letting it disperse as Spiritual energies.

Elder Feng also took out his stock of precious things on his person and handed over more precious herbs to be purified. While the Dean was purifying the additional herbs, he said to Elder Liu, “Go, bring some stuff from the Hidden Treasure Pavilion.”

Elder Liu nodded and disappeared.

So what if they burn up these precious medicines? Medicines were meant to be used. Whether you use one, ten or twenty, it’s alright as long as you use it properly and achieve your goals!

Thus, before the very eyes of the people, the elders continued to extravagantly burn up precious medicines as though they were hell money [6]. Also…

[7] “Did you hear what that guy said? The Crown Prince jumped three levels just now!”

[7] “Woah, really!?”

[7] “I heard it from the people in front of me. Since they are Cultivators they should know, right?”

[7] “As expected of his Highness…”

[7] “Wait, look, someone’s glowing again!”

[7] “What?! Where?!”

Indeed, Qi Chuyun, the College Champion’s Core Condensation 2 expert was glowing. Her level rapidly went up, 3rd, 4th, before finally stopping at the 5th level. Feng Luo blasted through 6th level and stabilising at Core Condensation 7.

Both opened their eyes in time to stare at each other. Even they couldn’t quite believe what had happened…

On the other side of the platform, the Fire Wolves stared at the explosion of level ups going on and on like series of never-ending fireworks.

“Are they, just going to keep breaking through?” someone asked shakily. Was there anger in their voice? Maybe. Enviousness, definitely.

What a lucky set of cubs. Who knows what kind of tricks they use to induce this kind of advancement. It was one thing to have people breakthrough now and then. But several people at once? Moreover, multiple levels?

“Look at that, just what is going on?” someone said wonderingly. He turned to his Captain, “Fire Wolf, what do you think? Isn’t this too odd? Unless their Cultivation had been deliberately suppressed, surely they shouldn’t be able to breakthrough like that?”

[8] “Don’t be foolish, several of those brats just broke through half a month ago, so that’s impossible.”

Never mind that! This sudden, multiple breakthrough was something impossible even after years of Cultivation, to make it happen in just half a month… just what kind of miracle medicine did they take?


[Gumihou: Note 8’s dialogue was not originally Fire Wolf’s, but it’s kind of unnatural for one guy to ramble on and on like next to his boss. It’s mostly like just some exposition from the author so let’s relegated it to Fire Wolf. Made the final conclusion his too.]

Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Split and embellish some sentences to make the information flow more smoothly.

[2] Deleted Stuff

[a] ‘…he sense movement behind him’

…this could only happen if he’s standing right in the middle of the circle. Or if they sat in a long row, facing Shiyu. It is unclear in what formation they were seated, but since Gumi decided to go with circle, we’ll continue with the logistics involving a circle.

BTW, Gumi nearly wrote ‘he sensed a disturbance in the force…

[3] POV – Liu Suifeng: Adjusted sentences and thoughts to fit LSF’s perspective and characteristics. Also, added fan action for character building purposes. He canonically has a fan and is canonically described as ‘flashy’, so please show this.

[4] USMiC – Elder Feng: Whose appearance is suddenly written into existence of nowhere, is given a more logistically plausible entrance.

[5] POV – Dean: A lot of standalone opinions, probably the Dean’s, but then it’s muddle by a lot of references such as ‘to Elder Feng’ and ‘Elder Feng saw’. Which is kind of pointless since a huge chunk of the thoughts and actions belongs to the Dean.

[6] Hell money – Paper money meant to be burnt for the dead. This is Gumihou’s contribution since it seems funny. Lol.

[7] Adjusted Details for Dramatic Purpose: Switch passives to dialogues.

[8] Split one dialogue between Mob Fighter B and Fire Wolf to break the monotone and show Fire Wolf’s supposed intelligence.


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