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Little Cooking Saint – 0239 – Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (p)

Chapter 239 Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (p)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


When the College Champions appeared, the fans immediately noticed that someone was missing. After all, Shiyu was pretty famous as the second strongest Cultivator in the team before Lin Fan finally brokethrough and caught up with her at Core Condensation 6.

[1] There was no way they would forget a powerhouse like her.

[1] So, where is she now?

As the competition hour draws near, people began to whisper to each other:

[2] “Maybe she’s too injured to fight,”

[2] “Lin Fan had to be carried out during the last fight but he’s still here, so I don’t think so,”

More speculations thrummed along the bleachers.

They watched interestedly when a man in red changpao was [3] dragged in by an elder. The young man was handsome and elegant looking, is he to fight in place of Shiyu? When the young man began fanning himself with that flashylooking fan, they all exchanged looks and wondered.

[3] Could he fight at all?

Such was everyone’s view of this new guy.

They were still pondering over this new development when something else happened.

The missing team member had appeared!



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When Shiyu got out from the Saint’s Dwelling, she immediately rushed towards the Central Square. Yes! She was not too late. [4] Ah, the Dean was there too, presumably there to update the team with the latest information on the Fire Wolves.

“Dean!” said Shiyu a little breathlessly. “I’m sorry, but tonight’s battle might have to be delayed a little.”

The Dean frowned. [5] It looked like he was about to say something but then changed his mind and said, “Very well, but you should try and pull yourself together as quickly as possible.”

The girl paused, before nodding and plopping herself onto the floor. Legs tucked in the lotus position. She also took out a plate of food.

[5] What on earth-

[5] Before he could speak up, the rest of the original Champions sat down as well, forming a little circle facing each other.

The Shi girl said, “I have seven pieces here, so one each,” before passing the plate to Xuan Yin.

[5] As the plate of… Crystal Pork Shoulder? was passed around, the Dean noted that it looked clearer and more lustrous than the ones from that Imperial City shop famous for this particular dish. Was this some kind of pre-battle ritual? Were they just hungry?

He was not the only one wondering over their odd behaviour.

Liu Suifeng’s eyes nearly popped out of his head at this food sharing. Here he thought they were going to sit down and maybe talk strategy or something, but instead they were… eating?

Was it to replenish their energy?

He studied this new girl more closely.

The main difference between this girl and the other two was… her rather unremarkable face. Having no interest in ordinary-looking girls, his gaze merely grazed over her form for a couple of moments before wandering off.

The oddest thing about this ritual was that… after they had eaten their slice of meat, all six settled into lotus positions and closed their eyes.

[1] Wei, what are you people doing? Processing some kind of poison?

Shiyu was the only one in the circle with her eyes open. Now that her task was done, she finally let herself relax and have a look around. Liu Suifeng’s flashyred changpao caught her eye.

“Who are you?”

“Oh,” [6] he fluttered his fan elegantly. “The name’s Liu Suifeng,” he said airily.

Shiyu nodded seriously, “Then, I shall depend on you tonight,”

[6] The fan stopped fluttering, “Excuse me? Aren’t you here?”

“I’m completely out of strength,” Shiyu smiled bitterly. [6] [6] Liu Siufeng tilted his head and studied this plain-looking girl a little more closely. Hmm, she does look quite worse for the wear. [6] Snapping his fan shut with a decisive twirl, he nodded. “Very well, leave it to me.

“Speaking of which,” he pointed at the still seated people on the ground, “Just what did you give them? Why are they seated in a circle like that?”

Shiyu gave him a glance, “Would you like to try some?”

“No need,” Liu Suifeng waved his fan casually. Not knowing that he was about to do something that he would regret for a very, very long time. “I have no intention of joining a group of people seated in a circle as though they are praying for the deities to help them. Isn’t it embarrassing?”

Shiyu, “… …”

Even as they chatted, the time for the start of the tournament came and went. However, none of the Imperial College students made their way to the platform. People began to mutter among themselves again.

Finally, the Dean had to go on stage and declare that some unexpected mishap had happened and asked for everyone’s patience. The Fire Wolves generously allowed the wait.

Time continued to tick by. Shiyu, who was already seated with the other Champions, stopped talking and closed her eyes to rest.

Her mind and body felt exhausted and hollowed out. Once her eyes slipped shut, she could feel herself sinking deeper and deeper into a state of unconsciousness. The muscles in her body relaxed and she felt the flow of Spiritual power speeding up slowly in her veins. She was close to a breakthrough. She could feel it.

It was not the first time she felt close to breaking through. However, the last couple of times were false alarms. She had not expected to feel it again today.

[6] However, this was not so surprising. She had spent nearly seven days purifying the essence and beast core of the Spiritual Leopard to make Crystal Meat. After suffering for seven days straight, surely breaking through is a matter of course?

With her eyes closed, she continued to let the Spiritual powers within her body flow, letting everything flow as naturally as she could.


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[2] “Look, she’s breaking through!” someone exclaimed excitedly.

[1] Indeed, the late arriving Shiyu, whose presence everyone had been waiting for, was once again drawing the eyes of everyone within the stadium. She was seated with her eyes closed just like everyone else. The difference was, her entire body was covered in blue flames. Natural energies of heaven and earth were flowing towards her as though sucked in by some kind of vacuum.

[2] “She’s about to break through!” someone exclaimed.

“Goodness, truly?! If she manages to break through, wouldn’t that make her a Core Condensation 7 Cultivator?”

“At such a young age too, how astounding!”

[2] Everyone sounded very excited, especially the mundane people. Things like breaking through and levelling up were words they knew but had nothing to do with them, until now.

[2] “Oh, my heavens. Am I… am I watching a Cultivator breaking through now? Is this the momentous breakthrough sought after by all Cultivators?!”

[2] “My eyes! I’m blessed! This ticket is so worth it!”

While the regular people were amazed to see someone breaking through, with the rest of the Cultivation world amazed at Shiyu breaking through to Core Condensation 7 at such a young age, Shiyu quietly remained in place as she sucked up Spiritual energies from the Spring of Life and raced past a barrier.

Suddenly, she felt very refreshed.


[Gumihou: Yes, yes, it’s all very amazing. At least the apple polishing is done with proper details without anyone losing their IQs]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9
[1] Split and embellish some sentences to make the information flow more smoothly.

[2] Adjusted Details for Dramatic Purpose: Change regular sentences to dialogue for immediacy.

[3] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: He was ‘dragged in’ in the previous chapter. However, in the original text, it was as though the guy in red changpao just ‘appeared’. Like, don’t be lazy about details, please.

[4] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: The Dean only ‘appeared’ when Shiyu mentioned him. Like, please don’t do that.

[5] Adjusted Details for Dramatic Purpose: Use Dean’s POV as much as possible to avoid Shiyu’s very insightful ‘I said XX but the Dean thinks YY, oh well’ to portray just how clever she is and, wow, why Dean so dumb?

Very draggy and pointless.

[6] USMiC – Liu Suifeng: Emphasise his sassiness. Also, make proper use of his flashy fan to emphasise his emotions. Also, deleted Shiyu’s thoughts that Flashy Liu could not clearly see. Nothing much to see anyway, moved Shiyu’s thoughts further down the paragraphs where POV was returned to Shiyu.


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