Little Cooking Saint – 0238 – Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (o)

Little Cooking Saint – 0238 – Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (o)

Chapter 238 Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (o)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Back in Saint’s Dwelling, Shiyu began the project of turning the Spiritual Leopard meat into a piece of cured meat using the Crystal Pork Shoulder Recipe. [1] She decided to call this dish ‘Crystal Meat’.

Since she only has one set of everything, she must place every ounce of her energy into making sure that everything went perfectly.

Ocean Heart Flames rose and the blood essence liquefied under its power and slowly infused itself into the meat.

While the Ocean Heart Flame continued to burn, she could faintly see an image of a spotted roaring within the burning flesh and blood essence. Every roar was like a thunderclap and the sound boomed across the Saint’s Dwelling.

Fortunately, this was her private space and though it did get a little noisy, the roaring did not harm the Saint’s Dwelling.

Sometime later, the faint vision of the leopard grew dimmer and dimmer. When it finally disappeared, the blood and flesh had fused together into a transparent sphere of collagen. The soul of that formerly tyrannical monster had also been cleanly expelled.

After carefully probing the beast core with her mental powers, Shiyu put both the beast core and the half-done Crystal Meat together into the cauldron. After checking many times to make sure that nothing would go wrong, she began the slow refining process.

It was not easy to refine a Nascent Formation beast core. It was even harder to refine than fusing and refining both beast blood and bone.

Shiyu wrapped the cauldron with her Spiritual powers and continued to periodically check to make sure that everything was going well.

The refining continued for two days.


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Outside the Saint’s Dwelling.

A week had passed. Today was the day they were supposed to face the Fire Wolves for the 7 vs 7 group fight.

Nigh was approaching fast but they could not even catch a glimpse of Shiyu’s shadow.

“What should we do? Has something to Little Shi?” asked Dong-Fang Zhen.

“No,” said Lin Fan firmly. “She must be caught up with some work. It’s fine, we shall go ahead with six people.”

“Hah, we’re already pretty weak compared to them. Isn’t this worse?”

“It is still better than not showing up,”

This was true, after a short debate, they decided to head over to the Central Square first. It will be good if Shiyu could make it in time. If not, they would fight as a six-person team.

When they arrived at the Central Square without Shiyu, [2] they were met by Patriarch Liu. Ever since the incident with One Ear, the elders had taken upon themselves to send at least one representative to stay with the Champions even as others made sure no nasty surprises pop up out of nowhere.

Patriarch Liu swept a gaze over them and said, “[2] Ah, there are only six of you today?”

[2] “Shiyu might not be able to make it,” said Lin Fan.

[2] Instead of looking unhappy, Patriarch Liu clapped his hands once, “Ah, that grandson of my just happened to return today. He could be her substitute,”

It was only then that the Champions remembered that Elder Liu did mention something about getting his grandson in as a reserve fighter. After so long, they thought that Elder Liu must have had second thoughts. Who would have thought that this grandson would suddenly make his appearance today?

“Since Xiao Shi is not here, it should be fine,” said Lin Fan. They were lacking fighters anyway.

There was still another hour till the start of the fight. They could at least take a look at this grandson first.

This would be the first time they set eyes on Liu Suifeng, Patriarch Liu’s grandson. With a name that meant ‘carefree or ‘wind-borne’ they expected to see someone elegant and maybe even a little aloof and otherworldly. However, the person being dragged over Patriarch Liu was dressed in a brilliant red changpao, a showy jade piece swinging on his waist and a golden hairpiece on his head.

Rather than carefree, he exuded a careless attitude.

“Second Grandpa, why have you dragged me here?!” Liu Suifeng had been teasing one of the prettier maids at home when he was hauled over to this place by his second grandfather. It was all rather shameful.

When he was finally let go, he righted himself and began to pat down his robes and fix his hair. It was only after he deemed himself properly groomed that he finally looked around. The first thing his eyes zeroed on were the two beautiful girls before him. His eyes lit up and a folding fan snapped open. He sidled over and murmured, “Lovely ladies, may I have the honour of knowing your name?”

“Flashy Liu, how dare you hit on my wife the moment you come back!?” Dong-Fang Zhen stepped forward with his hands extended like claws. Ready to pull Liu Suifeng’s ears.

Liu Suifeng ‘jealous male’ senses alerted him and he quickly slipped away out of instinct. When he clapped his eyes on Dong-Fang Zhen, he exclaimed, “Dong-Fang Zhen? You’re a Core Condensation 3 expert now? Well, congratulations. Not as high as me, but congratulations nevertheless.” He waved his fan and stuck his nose in the air, “I am now a Core Condensation 4 expert. You may congratulate me now,”

“Hahah,” Dong-Fang Zhen rolled his eyes and turned to his teammates. “That’s Liu Suifeng. His main interest is in beauties, gorgeous ladies and the like. His goal is to have more wives than Imperial Father,”

“Isn’t this a wonderfully lofty goal?” said Liu Suifeng.

“Humph, the reason why he’s dressed in red it’s so that he could conveniently marry women quickly,” Dong-Fang Zhen glared at this playboy with contempt.

For the others, they could tell from Dong-Fang Zhen’s casually banter that he probably has a fairly good relationship with this Liu Suifeng.

It was then that Liu Suifeng noticed the three young men beside him. The longer he studied them, the more surprised he felt. All three were older than him for certain, but not by much. Their Cultivation realm were all higher than his.

Just when did so many geniuses appear within the Imperial Capital?

“Enough with the nonsense. Anyway, we need you here to complete our team in a group fight,” said Dong-Fang Zhen.

“A group fight? I just got back today,” he looked around. Taking in the bleachers filled with people and the raised platform in front of him. [3] “Huh, looks like a lot of things happened during my absence.”

Seeing that his friend really had been dragged over without knowing what was going on, Dong-Fang Zhen patiently explained the situation.

Dong-Fang Zhen listened.

Finally, after the explanation, his first remark was, “Wait, you’re saying that four out of seven of you are Core Condensation 5 or higher? And,” his gaze swung around at his temporary teammates and turned back to Dong-Fang Zhen. “Aside from that one guy in his twenties the rest are all younger? Surely you’re joking?”

“Why would I make jokes like this?”

“But, since when did the Imperial College have this kind of talents? How come I don’t know them?” he had only left on his journey about two or three years ago. Surely he would have known of these great geniuses?

Or, had the Imperial College hidden their existence?

[3] Dong-Fang Zhen shattered that theory by saying, “Well, most of them only joined the Imperial College about a year ago. In fact, person who’s missing today joined the College at Condensation Stage. Within a single year, they leapt across two different realms, if that isn’t genius, I don’t know what is,” said Dong-Fang Zhen with a shrug.

Liu Suifeng laughed, “Now I know you’re joking,”

“Whether you believe me or not is up to you. It’s public knowledge so ask whoever you like. Speaking of which, we have less than an hour to the battle. If Xiao Shi is not here, you must take her place. So prepare yourself,” said Dong-Fang Zhen unfeelingly.

Liu Suifeng blinked. This Dong-Fang Zhen sounded as he truly believed what he had just said.

Could it be true?

Isn’t that too incredible?

Whatever, he’ll investigate the matter on his own later.

Since he was about to fight… Liu Suifeng cast his eyes over at their opponent and sobered up. If he was truly going to join the fight, this was not the time to be joking around. After some thought, he nodded at Dong-Fang Zhen, [4] “Sure, why not? I have nothing better to do anyway.”

Time passed relentlessly.

A quarter of an hour before the start of the tournament, Shiyu still hadn’t appeared. Lin Fan stood up and said, “We should at least talk about how we should lay our positions.”

“Yes,” everyone nodded.

Suddenly, Qing Chen said, “Wait.”

“What is it?”

“She’s here,”


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凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Additional Information for Logistic Purpose: I can’t call it Crystal Elbow or Crystal Pork, so Crystal Meat.

[2] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Switch from ‘once the accompanying Patriarch Lie knew about it etc’ to dialogue.

[3] Adjusted Details for Smoother Transition: Change certain phrases etc.

[4] USMiC – Liu Suifeng: He had been given proper dialogue and characteristics up till that point. I guess author-san dimmed his light for Shiyu’s appearance? Isn’t that too pitiful?


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