Little Cooking Saint – 0236 – Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (m)

Chapter 236 Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (m)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Something monstrous was surging inside Shiyu.

[1] In her past life, she had experienced discrimination thanks to a mostly patriarchal world. Beneath the veneer of modernism, some very ancient and traditional beliefs still remained in China. Especially the kitchens of high-end restaurants. This discrimination was not limited to China but was also happening to the rest of the world. A world where chefs belong in world-class kitchens while women slog in home kitchens.

[1] When she arrived in this time and space, she had been looked down on for her lack of status, money and connections, but not her gender. At least, not much. Shiyu’s feminist heart flared up in anger at the thought of these parents neglecting the health of their daughter while heavily favouring their son. No, this was beyond neglect, these scummy parents were actually using their poor daughter’s sickly health to scam money off people to… what? Gather even more money for their son?

What kind of exploitation is that?!

[2] “Speaking of that little spawn, I always thought he’s a little bratty. Recently, however, someone noticed a sudden light had appeared on his head. They say that’s a sign that means he has the potential to become an immortal!”

[2] “An immortal! Isn’t that too unfair? To think a good and obedient child was struck by sickness and bad parents while a bratty spawn gets all the luck to even become an immortal! What is the world coming to I wonder?”

“Hah! Last I heard, the parents are trying to get more money to fund his talent. I heard they’re thinking of getting him into the Imperial College.”

“Pei! With that kind of attitude, the College wouldn’t even look at him.”

In the hearts of these ordinary people, the Imperial College was a place where only the most virtuous, high minded and powerful people could enter.

Moreover, with the tournament ongoing, the people could see with their own eyes just how good the Imperial College students were. Those who could not afford a ticket were treated to exciting tales of how the College students stood their ground against more powerful fighters and how their amazing fighting spirits overcame great odds.

Shiyu hung around until the gossipers changed topics and made her way towards Hai’er Alley.

She arrived to see a crowd at the mouth of the Alley.

Unlike the sympathetic faces from before, these people looked very angry and their mouths were filled with curses. Anyone who overheard what those parents had done would rush over to seek justice.

However, as someone who had been discriminated against due to fake news, Shiyu decided to investigate the matter before drawing any conclusions. [3] She did not want to falsely accuse the parents. Who knows, they might have been slandered by someone jealous of their good luck.

The thing she cared about most was the little girl’s health. She could care less what the parents were doing with whatever extra money they squirrelled away. [3] They could try and cheat people by exaggerating the daughter’s illness, that’s up to them, but surely they would treat their daughter properly at least?

[4] After evading the crowd, Shiyu peeked at the residence from higher grounds. There was indeed a few guards at the gate. [4] She flitted towards the back of the residence but could see no adults there. Perhaps they were in the living room?

[4] She stepped silently onto the sideroom window sill and dropped lightly next to the sickbed where the little girl was staring at her with wide eyes.

Shiyu lifted her index finger to her lips and walked slowly towards the girl.

The child still looked very thin. Her complexion was not as deathly as before but she still looked very sick. With a slight frown, Shiyu reached out and touched the girl’s wrist. She was no doctor, but she could at least sense if there was any residual Spiritual power from the cakes.

It had only been about eight days since she had delivered those spiritual essence imbued cakes. Therefore, the power of those medicines should still remain in the girl’s body.


Shiyu frowned and checked the little girl’s meridians again. There was very little remnant of the medicine in the frail meridians. Lurking along the spiritual energy she gave the girl was energy from a different rare herb, but it was so negligible that it might as well be non-existent.

[5] This child…

Her thoughts were interrupted by the slamming of a door.

Shiyu turned and locked eyes with a fair and chubby face of a little boy. [5] Specifically, at the bundle of Spiritual energy shimmering on top of his head.

[5] So, that’s what happened.

When mundane people take rare medicines, aside from prolonging their lives a little and eliminating diseases, there were no other benefits. That’s because their bodies were not made to contain those Spiritual powers. The powers collected inside their bodies would slowly dissipate through the Bai Hui point [6]. In short, the Spiritual powers ingested by them would be wasted.

The child was leaking spiritual powers from the top of his head.

“Who are you?” yelled the little boy.

At least, the boy tried to yell but suddenly found that he could not move his mouth. Horrified, the little boy tried to run away but could no longer move his limbs either.

“Was the Chestnut Cakes good?” Shiyu asked the little girl.

Dark eyes brightened, “Very good,”

“Then why did you give them to your brother?” Shiyu’s tone was gentle. “Don’t you know it’s your medicine?”

The little mouth stiffened. Her voice was faint but the grievance in it clear, “He wants it, I can’t not give it.”

“I see,” Shiyu nodded. “What a good sister. If you have anything else in the future, are you going to hand it all to your brother just because he wants it?”

The little girl’s lips moved but no sound came out in the end.

She sank into deep thought.

Ever since she could remember, her parents had told her that little brother was young and she should yield to him. Whatever fun or delicious thing she has she should yield to this brother because she’s the eldest. However, no one had ever asked if she was willing.

She wanted to say no but shame held her back. Father and mother taught her to be kind and gentle, that she should not be selfish. Grievances warred against shame and in the end, she could only remain silent.

Shiyu rubbed her forehead, a headache was quickly forming there, she could just feel it. She really wanted to help this little girl, but something held her back.

So what if the little girl regained her health?

Shiyu would not be around to look after this girl forever, what if her attention brought more trouble to the girl?

Sighing, she stroked the little girl’s hand.

Some things are tied to fate and could not be changed. She had enough trouble trying to stay ahead of her own fate and could not help every bleeding heart that fell onto her path. Every caterpillar is given a chance to become a butterfly. Whether they could successfully break out of their chrysalis or die trying was up to them.

After some thought, Shiyu asked the little girl, “What do you want to do most when you grow up?”

When it was clear that this elder sister was not angry at her non-answer, the little girl said carefully, “I would like to go up the immortal mountain one day and see the immortals. Maybe eat an immortal fruit.”

“Alright, you are not well now. I’ll take you to the mountain the next time I see you,” said Shiyu. “So, no matter how difficult life is, you must continue to work hard and persevere.”

After these final words, Shiyu seemed to disappear into the thin air right before the eyes of these two children.

The little girl’s mouth dropped open. Her eyes were very wide as she trembled with excitement.

“An im-immortal!” she had heard of immortals before. With their spells and magic and special medicines. Elder sister must be one of those immortals!

[7] “I’ll take you to the mountain the next time I see you,”

Next time…

Could this mean… she is destined to get better?

Suddenly, life did not seem so bad after all.


[Gumihou: Ah, meaningful side quest. Little girl will probably grow up to be either an important sidekick in the future or be as forgotten as Instructor Big Boobs. Does anyone still have any memory of who Boobs was?]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Expanded on ‘because of her previous experience, she is disgusted by patriarchy’, probably author-san dissing China without obviously dissing China.

[2] Splitting sentences to turn monologues into conversations. For a more dramatic and engaging experience. Obviously, this is an exercise in exposition, but that’s no reason why you should make it boring or perfunctory.

[3] Added Details to make Shiyu’s thought processes more ‘in denial and hopeful’ rather than ‘2D righteous and honourable’

[4] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Sneaking around stuff, make it more physical and probable.

[5] Shiyu suddenly leap of brilliance is uncharacteristic, dumbed it down to ‘still reasoning’ rather than ‘no wonder this child is still sick etc’, especially since she was still in partial denial. It works with the bratty kid suddenly running in any way. Draw your epic realisation after bratty kid comes in, please.

[6] Bai Hui Point: Acupuncture Point on the top of the head

[7] Added Details for Drama: Make a dramatic ending for this chapter. Dramatic enough to ignore the paralysed little boy.


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