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Treasure: wooden chest with golden coins, gems, rings, e.t.c. isolated on the white background

Tondemo Skill – 264 – The Final Undead Floor

Chapter 264: The Final Undead Floor


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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At the boss room, we found three gigantic purplish-red cobras. The cobras were over 20 meters long and about 1 meter wide. As soon as we opened the door, all three heads reared up, spread their hoods and hissed at us.

“Those are King Crimson Cobras… This is my first time seeing the real thing…” Elland-san muttered. To think that even a long-lived Elf like Elland-san had never seen a King Crimson Cobra until now…

I stared nervously at the huge snakes. They looked like they could swallow me whole with one bite.


Umu, excellent, there are exactly three of them. We can take on one each,”


““Let’s go~””

As soon as this was agreed on, the two littlest ones rushed in first. Fer muttered, “Hey, you two, wait for me!” [5] [6] Amidst the pew, pew, pew and stab, stab, stab. We could see Fer’s nearly soundless Wind Slash attack when one of the King Crimson Cobras split apart as though several invisible swords had slashed it…

[5] In short, it was a huge mess.

Though these guys were the enemies, I can’t help but felt sorry for them.

““Aruji~ it dropped a big meat~!””

[5] “Oh, you’re right. That is a large chunk of meat.” [5] [4] “Since these rare cobras are S Rank creatures, they should have magic stones as well,” [7] said Elland-san.

[4] “Oh? Is that so? Let’s see… ah, you’re right!” the magic stone was a red sphere. I picked it up and placed it into my [Item Box].

“Hmm, Fer-sama and Dora-chan’s prey dropped some skins, fangs and magic stones too.”

“Woah, that’s a huge piece of skin,” I admired the skin, vaguely wondering just how many regular cobras would be needed to make up that much skin as I collected the other Drops.

“Oi, there’s a treasure chest here,” Fer called.

[6] Our ears pricked up at the words ‘Treasure chest’ and we headed over to have a look.

“This is a treasure chest?” I said, dubiously eyeing the simple wooden box tucked right next to the wall.

“I’ve appraised it, so there’s no doubt about it.”

“What about traps?”

“Hmm, as soon as you open the box, a pitfall will open up in front of it.”

“A pitfall? Ugh,” thus far, the traps all directly came from the chests. This was a new one… I find myself being thankful for [Appraisal]. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened?

[6] I took up my spear and made sure to keep a distance between myself and the treasure chest before using it unhook the hinge and tip it open.

Click, crash!

A pit suddenly appeared on the perfectly fine stone floor. It was only there for a couple of minutes before disappearing again. However, just in case, I edged around where the hole had been and peered into the chest.

“Ohh,” [5] I blinked at the contents.

“Actual gold bars! There are… 1, 2, 3… about 10 pieces. That’s a pretty good haul, isn’t it?” Elland-san smiled.

Gold bars were definitely the most treasure like things I’d gotten from a treasure chest.

We collected the goods and made our way to the next floor. Time to confront the final Undead Floor.


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“At last, we’re on the last Undead Floor,”

“Yes, according to the records of the last Adventurers who passed by this place, Liches are found here. However, we have no idea what else might come out. So, let’s stay alert and don’t be careless.”

I nodded. [5]

Everyone had already been stamped with the Holy Stamp before stepping onto this floor. We must be prepared since this was one of the deepest areas of the dungeons filled with Ghouls, Mummies, Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Mages, Skeleton Knights, Wraiths and now Liches.

This might be conquered dungeon, but the last time someone did it was 200 years ago. This meant that all the information we have is 200 years old. As Elland-san said, it would not be strange for a dungeon to change.

I wonder what would appear first…

As we moved down the eerie corridor, it lit up with the unknown light source, and the first monster stepped into our way.

[6] Or, should I say, our first group of monsters.

[6] Ghouls and Mummies, a whole bunch of them suddenly shuffled/jogged up, moaning and groaning their way towards us. [1] My familiars eagerly launched themselves forward.

“The Mummies could freely manipulate their bandages, so be careful!” Elland-san called out.

However, Fer and the others were too strong.

Very soon, the Undead were taken down as though they were nothing more than wet paper.

“Dora-chan, watch out!” Elland-san suddenly screamed and sprang forward. His sword singing through the air-


A Mummy’s head fluttered across the air and bounced off the floor. It had been manipulating its bandages towards Dora-chan while he was busy attacking a Ghoul. [5]

“How dare you try and touch my precious Dora-chan with your dirty bandages! Dirty things that try to touch Dora-chan should just die! Yes… yes… all low-lives who dare to pollute Dora-chan should die! I will end the life of every single Undead on this floor! You shall all die for this impudence!”


Elland-san’s eyes were kind of scary.

Then, without a backward glance towards me, Elland-san leapt into the fight.

““Oi, Dora-chan, you better be careful,”” I hissed at him through telepathy.

““Tch… shut up, I know already!”” Dora-chan knew he had been careless and took it out on the Ghouls and Mummies that shuffled up to us with extra vigour.

As for what happened next, well…

With the Mighty Trio plus a furious Elland-san, the Undead was at a clear disadvantage. Everyone just kept on attacking. It was endless attacks followed by more attacks.

I think, at one point a Lich appeared and cast some really flashy looking magic but it was squashed to death like a bug. Like a modern Japan bug, not one of these local monster bugs.

It was a completely one-sided battle, with the Undead on the losing end.

Seeing the way those four fought together, I found myself thinking, ‘Ah, how great it is that they are on my side’.

I had honestly been a little worried about what would happen on the final Undead Floor, but it looked like all my worries had been for nothing. [1] Speaking of which, my job was basically picking up after everyone as they stomped the enemies to bits.

Finally, we reached the 26th floor’s Boss Room.


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[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken


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