Little Cooking Saint – 0231 – Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (h)
Two territorial Gulls fighting.

Little Cooking Saint – 0231 – Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (h)

Chapter 231 Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (h)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


The Imperial Capital.

The broken up and burnt platform in the middle of the stadium had been restored to its original pristine appearance with the assistance of some Earth Attribute masters during the quarter-hour break.

“Now that we managed to reach this stage, we should go all out,” said Lin Fan gravely. “Our overall strength is inferior, therefore we must depend on schemes. The weak have their way of defeating the strong. [1a]”

[2] “Well, I’m not very battle experience, so I’ll just follow along with team leader’s plans,” said Shiyu as she sipped her medicinal wine.

This medicinal wine had been soaked in the Spring of Life water for a few days now. Though the flavour remained unchanged, it has the ability to quickly replenish lost Spiritual energies. Thanks to the essence of various medicinal herbs, it also has the ability to heal the body.

Qing Chen looked at Feng Luo, “For the group match, our success would depend on you to hold the line.”

Feng Luo blinked, “Me? But, my Cultivation is lower than yours, Lin Fan, and Shiyu.”

Qing Chen withdrew his long sword from the [3] scabbard fastened to his waist, “Take your whip out and straighten it.”

Feng Luo [4] paused. Then, he slowly did as instructed. He straightened out about two feet worth of the whip between his hands. He had some idea what Qing Chen intended to do, but his heart still went to his throat when Qing Chen swiftly slashed the very shiny and sharp looking sword onto his precious new whip. He had just gotten this new toy, ah! Do you know how much trouble he went through to get Grandfather to help turn that barbed vine into a whip?

However, when he looked at the whip after Qing Chen’s little experiment, he saw that it was still perfectly intact. Well, not perfectly, but the little slash caused by the sword healed itself before his very eyes. The little cut healed over and his whip retained its pristine condition.

Feng Luo’s eyes widened. When he first laid eyes on this vine, he knew from the bottom of his heart that it could be made into a weapon. However, he never expected this kind of ability.

He turned to stare at Shiyu who waved her hand at him, “Don’t look at me, I don’t know much more about it than you.”

The smaller Demon Vine she has squatting in her space was still freely eating and drinking like the parasite it was. She had taken pity on the little bud and planted it in the furthest corner of her space.

But what do you know? That little parasite actually inched its way towards her Spring of Life. If the Golden Tea of Enlightenment hadn’t been there to stop that parasite, it would probably have jumped into her spring for a nice bath.

She had no intention of throwing the Demon Vine away, but the vine couldn’t know this. Therefore, when it sensed her presence, it immediately shrank away and pretended to be dead. Amused by this, Shiyu gave it a stern warning. “If you want to stay here, you better behave yourself.”

Thus far, it seemed to have gotten the message. However, it would still try to edge closer to the spring, only to scuttle away when she threatened it again.

“Xiao Shi, try and use your fire on it,” said Qing Chen.

Shiyu had threatened the other Demon Vine with her Spirit Fire, but there can’t be too many of those in the Ninth Realm, right? Therefore, she elected to use her blue fire to try and burn Feng Luo’s whip.

To Feng Luo’s growing delight, the fire did nothing to the whip.

“Looks like your whip is strong enough to withstand sword and fire attacks, I expect it should resist water attacks as well. We can make use of this. Although the other side has higher Cultivation realm, we’re not weak either. As long as you can keep two or three of them occupied, we have a winning chance,” said Qing Chen.

“Huh, looks like I’ll have quite a big role today,” said Feng Luo with some surprise. He had not expected to play such a large part in the group fight since his Cultivation realm would be the second weakest after Xuan Yin.

“Qing Chen is right,” said Lin Fan. “It’s all up to you now,”

[4] “Haaah… I guess I have no choice since you’ve all saddled me with such an important job,” a gleam appeared in Feng Luo’s eye. “Leave it to me.”

Now that Feng Luo’s role had been established, the rest talked strategy until it was time to fight.

When the College Champions leapt onto the platform, they found the Fire Wolves already waiting for them. Shiyu narrowed her eyes, [5] though it was hard to tell, it would appear that Fire Wolf’s injury had not fully healed. [1b] Her gaze travelled to the sword by Lin Fan’s side. It did not look particularly ominous tucked inside its scabbard.

“I knew that you would aim for the team fights. Depending on the luck of the draw I had expected you to reach this far at most,” said Fire Wolf.

Shiyu pulled her gaze away from Lin Fan’s side to look at Fire Wolf who continued, “I never underestimate my opponents but know this, your luck has run out.”

“It’s not up to you to decide our luck,” said Lin Fan firmly.

“Rather than flapping your mouth, how about you show us some real ability,” someone from Fire Wolf’s team shouted.

Lin Fan swept his eyes across all members of the Fire Wolves and smirked, “If that’s the case, then let’s get started.”

[6] Both sides stood about 50 feet away facing each other, Fire Wolf frowned to himself. He was still unhappy that these youngsters managed to get this far. As their elders and obvious superiors in strength, the Fire Wolves should have easily crushed these noisy youngsters during the individual rounds. Dissatisfaction stuck in his throat like a fishbone. More annoying than painful.

However, if they could crush these bunch of puppies in the team fights, the Fire Wolves could re-establish their dominance and save face.

With this thought in mind, they got ready to properly dominate the battlefield.

Who would have guessed that this plan could not be implemented at all?

As soon as the bell rang, the Fire Wolves rushed forward like starving wolves about to devour some tender meats. [1c] [1d] [6] Fire Wolf lead the charge with his team members howling behind him. The College Champions suddenly skipped back and retreated en massed. For a moment, the scene on the platform was almost funny with five burly men chasing down five fleeing youngsters.

[6] “Come back here!” Fire Wolf roared. “Fight like a man!”

[6] Lin Fan was the first to stop running, the others scattered to the side.

[6] Fire Wolf grinned and charged forward, barely noticing the others closing in from the side as he lifted an aura claw high to slash at this annoying little kid.

[6] With their bottoms on the edge of their seats, the audience held their breath as the College Champions abandoned their team leader. When Fire Wolf’s claw slashed into Lin Fan, someone screamed.

[6] However, the slashed Lin Fan disappeared without a trace.

[6] “A mirage! It’s another mirage!”

[6] Suddenly, Lin Fan reappeared again, his black sword out and running towards Fire Wolf from behind, Qing Chen running parallel with his long sword out. Both leapt at the same time and slashed their swords aggressively at Fire Wolf.

[6] “Look out!”

[6] The rest of the Fire Wolves, seeing their leader in peril, charged forward. Two breaking off to assist Fire Wolf, the other two aiming for Xuan Yin and Feng Luo, the weakest people on the platform.

[6] Just as they were about to reach their target, Feng Luo lashed out with his whip and the Fire Wolves members coming after him and Xuan Yin were sent flying. Their waist ripped and bloodied from the barbs of his whip.

[6] Another crack! And two more Fire Wolves members found themselves airborne.

Who was being crushed now?


[Gumihou: Hmm, this is painful… Haaaa, Note 1d and Note 6…]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Deleted Unnecessary Stuff:

[a] “…there’s more to combat than just heads-on fighting… we might not be as strong as our opponent, but we could still use our brains.”

… I thought Lin Fan is supposed to be stoic? Why is this dialogue so Shiyu?

[b] ‘…Shiyu’s eyes travelled to the sword in Lin Fan’s hand…’

Greeting the enemy with your sword out? How uncouth, keep it tucked away, please.

[c] These little rascals are probably as dangerous as wolf cubs.

Delete derisive thoughts in favour of building an action scene as per Note 6.


But soon, they found out what was wrong. Why is it wrong? Because those little wolf cubs are not targeting all of them, but everyone is directly rushing to their boss fire wolf. Five-to-one, the fire wolf boss is not in the realm of transforming the gods, so he can hold on for a while at best.

The most important thing is, do these little wolf pups simply ignore them?

So they became angry and rushed over. But when they rushed halfway, they felt that something was suddenly tied to their waist, and then pulled again, and their offensive was thus abruptly blocked.

“Pretty!” Shi Yu glanced at her and gave a compliment. Feng Luo’s whip was bundled, and the four people were directly taken away by a wave. The most important thing was that those people who whip continued to earn money for a while, they could only let Feng Luo drag it away like this.

After Fengluo held the others in check for such a short time, Lin Fan and Qing Chen combined their swords, they surrounded the Fire Wolf in the center, and Xuanyin waited for an opportunity on one side. Shi Yu attacked Fire Wolf while being wary of the people next to him breaking through Feng Luo’s restraint and rushing over.

… I’m not sure, this is kind of… Anyway, Note 6

[2] Adjusted Detail for in Character Response: The original text was rather ploddy. A vehicle to advance the dialogue rather than Shiyu’s typically quippy or rambling remark. This is where you should show Shiyu’s quippiness!

[3] Added Detail for Logistic Purpose: Qing Chen pulled out a sabre. The question Gumi has is from where???!!

Went with ‘space ring’ since it can’t be ‘ass’.

… you know what, let’s just go with long sword since said weapon suddenly transformed from ‘sabre’ to a ‘long sword’ a couple of paragraphs later.

[4] USMiC – Feng Luo: for prevention of OOC. Raise IQ from ditzy Sailormoon to heir apparent young master of a great clan.

[5] Adjusted Detail for Logistic Purpose: Original text was ‘Shiyu could clearly see the wound on Fire Wolf had not healed

… How? Did Fire Wolf turn around and showed you the wound on his shoulder? Seriously?

[6] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: Create an action scene for author-san’s desired scene of 4 vs 1 scenario in the most probable manner. Also, decide to use POV Fire Wolf and POV audience in place of POV Fire Wolves > POV Shiyu > omniscient POV within 3 paragraphs.


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