Little Cooking Saint – 0226 – Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (c)

Chapter 226 Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (c)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


[1] “H-how…?”

[1] “They are a whole level apart, but the one who couldn’t retaliate at all was one level above!”

“Such precise technique!”

[1] “The initial stalking attack was just a ruse, he was reading the fatty’s ability to evade. From the moment the rain of swords happened, every move was calculated!”

[1] “That final strike was too incredible!”

Yes, the final strike that pinned Fatty through his belly onto the floor. Though it was not a fatal strike, it would be impossible for him to get out of it without serious damage. Moreover, [1] Fatty shivered, that sword strike could have easily severed his spine or struck his heart.

“Do you wish to continue?” Qing Chen asked, [2] a second sword gleaming in his hand as he stared down at the frozen Fatty.

The fat Fire Wolves member clenched his hands and bowed his head, “It’s my loss,”

Qing Chen [2] pulled the sword out of Fatty’s belly and [3a] it disappeared. Once the Master of Ceremonies announced his victory, Qing Chen neatly stepped off the platform.

“Good! An excellent beginning!”

To the audience’s eyes, Qing Chen had easily dominated the fight from the beginning till the end.

Only his own team members saw his trembling hands and knew that the fight did not go as easy as he had made it looked.

“Rest,” said Lin Fan, “leave the rest to us.”

Shiyu quickly came up with a cup of medicinal tea which she had made from the essence of various medicinal herbs to restore Spiritual Powers.

“Thank you,” Qing Chen took the cup and drank it down quickly. Then, he closed his eyes and sank into a meditative position.

Seeing Qing Chen’s state, Qi Chuyun tightened her hand on her longbow. Though she did not like being looked down on by this person, she had to admit that he was much more powerful than herself.

“Chuyun, it’s your turn. Don’t overthink it,” Shiyu said.

Qi Chuyun turned towards the stage and saw that her opponent was already waiting for her. She flexed her hand around her bow and leapt onto the platform.

As soon as the audience saw her they booed. Even supporters of the College Champions were not happy to see her. They felt that Qi Chuyun was worthy of being on the team.

When Qi Chuyun heard the boos and sneers, her eyes scanned the bleacher seats and saw the look of disgust on the people’s faces. For some reason, her gaze slide over to the person meditating with his eyes close.

Was the result of her fight so negligible that it was not worth looking?

Lifting her chin, Qi Chuyun turned her gaze towards her opponent.

There were six levels of difference between herself and this person. She had very little hope of winning her fight. However, she would not give anyone the satisfaction of calling her a coward, a scared little cat afraid of hard work and suffering.

“Hahaha, what luck! I got a pretty girl to myself,” the man sneered [4] lasciviously and licked his lips. He deliberately ran his eyes over Qi Chuyun’s body. “How about we get along with each other, eh? I’m willing to Duel Cultivate with you,”

“Scram!” it was the first time anyone had dared to harass her like this. Her face burned and she leapt backwards instantly, eager to put distance between herself and the pervert. Allowing the anger to fuel her Spiritual power, she took aim and let loose.

Shiyu and Feng Luo watched the fight carefully.

Qi Chuyun was fighting with everything she has, pulling every trick she could think of but it was useless. She could not climb the 6 level difference between herself and the pervert.

“She can’t win,” said Shiyu with a frown. “As a long distant combatant she’ll do well in a group fight, but there’s no way to win an individual fight.”

As if to prove her right, Qi Chuyun was blasted off the stage and landed right by Shiyu’s feet. Shiyu quickly helped Qi Chuyun up. When the Champions looked up the platform, the pervert shook his middle finger at them.


“I suppose it’s revenge for what happened earlier,” said Lin Fan calmly.

That’s right. The incredible momentum created by Qing Chen’s swift victory was repaid by the equally swift crushing of Qi Chuyun. Moreover, with Qi Chuyun’s much lower Cultivation stage, the opponent had an easy time of it.

Qi Chuyun pressed a hand against her chest. Her eyes irresistibly flashed towards the person who was still meditating as though the whole thing had nothing to do with him.

Qing Chen had not reacted at all. Was it because he had already anticipated the ending or did not care at all?

Most likely the latter thought Qi Chuyun grimly. The burning feeling of being ignored was even worse than the physical throbbing in her chest.

The audience hissed and booed, some even began to throw things in their direction. If Lin Fan had not put up a barrier, it would have been even more embarrassing for Qi Chuyun.

“Bitch just destroyed a perfectly beautiful opening! Why haven’t they replace her? If the College doesn’t replace her I won’t come anymore!”

“Teams with shit team members will never win! College Champions? Just change your name to College Chumps!”

The screaming continued. Their words rang within Qi Chuyun’s head. Here she thought she had finally improved if only a little. She thought that she would not be treated like baggage anymore, but… it was all the same… nothing has change…

A warm hand clasped around hers.

“This has nothing to do with you,” said Shiyu firmly. “Whether it’s me or Qing Chen, we’re will all lose before a more powerful opponent. You’ve done a great job. Those people on the bench… what do they know? They’re like monkeys throwing trash at things they could not understand. You’re not here to entertain them, so who cares? They look down on you because your strength is low, they will also admire you when you become strong. So, ignore them.”

Qi Chuyun was stunned. She blinked, looking at the people around her. There was only concern in her teammates’ eyes. Her heart warmed. The grievances that had been brewing over the past few days had been on the verge of overwhelming her, but now…

She gripped Shiyu’s hands back and nodded tightly. “Yes, thank you.”

Shiyu patted her shoulder. There was no need to say anything else.

The next person to fight was Xuan Yin followed by Dong-Fang Zhen. However, neither of them lasted much longer than Qi Chuyun. The difference in Cultivation realm was just too far apart.

Feng Luo went up after them and just slightly longer thanks to his higher Cultivation realm. However, he too lost in the end.

Right now the College Champions has 1 point while the Fire Wolves has a total of 4 points. If both Lin Fan and Shiyu lost their rounds…

No, they only needed one more win to get into the group fight.

The sixth person to fight was Lin Fan.

The moment Lin Fan stepped forward, everyone’s emotions stabilized. He was their ace, just looking at him gave everyone confidence.

“Good luck!” said Shiyu.

“En,” Lin Fan answered before stepping onto the stage.

Qing Chen opened his eyes. Watching Lin Fan fight at this level of competition is always worth it.

“It’s going to be a complicated battle,” was Qing Chen’s comment.


“Look at his opponent,” Shiyu looked, and saw Fire Wolf himself stepped onto the stage.

This was truly a meeting of enemies on a narrow road. To think that the captains of both teams would end up on the stage together. Moreover, their Cultivation stage…

“Lin Fan is a Core Condensation 6,” said Shiyu. “Surely…”

“Fire Wolf have just brokenthrough yesterday. He is now a Core Condensation 9 expert.”


[Gumihou: Right, *cracks knuckles* bring on the fight scenes.]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Creative Licence Taken: Adjusted sentences, made it more active etc.

[2] Additional Details for Logistic Purpose: It’s unclear whether the swords were mostly illusion, multiplication technique or whether Qing Chen has the ability to make it rain real swords all over the place. Also, the ‘pinned to the floor’ detail was from Gumihou because just having a sword through the stomach is less horrifying than pinning Fatty to the floor.

Decided to provide Qing Chen with a second sword to threaten Fatty with.

[3] Deleted some Unnecessary stuff:

[a] ‘…Qing Chen’s long sword pressed against his neck…’

… yeah, see Note 2. Author-san must have forgotten how many swords she gave Qing Chen. One? Two? Many?

[b] ‘…put the sword away

Like… put it away where? Gumi just made it… disappear, because Note 2.

[4] USMiC – Pervert: It’s his defining characteristic, so might as well play it up and show this trait to its best vantage.


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