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Tondemo Skill – 258 – Dark Spheres

Chapter 258: Dark Spheres


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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We smoothly went through the 18th floor quickly. [6] My familiars racing to see who could destroy the most Undead.

At the 4th room.

“Humph, insolent things,” Fer slashed the air with his claw at the Wraiths, Skeleton Warriors and Ghouls that floated, clattered or jogged towards him.



[8] … I swear, Wraiths makes the creepiest noise when they’re destroyed! [6] It’s like hearing a woman screaming down a well or something.

““You guys stink! Be gone!””

Ice shards stabbed mercilessly into a group of jogging Ghouls. [5]

““It’s Sui’s turn~””

High-velocity Acid Bullets flew into the Undead. Even the Wraiths, [6] which looked more like a bunch of malevolent floating gas disintegrated with that creepy woman-down-a-well sound. [5]

Regardless of what attack we use or what kind of bodies the Undead have, they had zero chance against attacks or attackers imbued with power from the Holy Stamp.

Alright, I should do my part too. Let’s attack a few more of these things and level up!

One white haze escaped my familiars and I readied my spear.

“Hyaah!” I slashed at the approaching white haze and it disappeared with that disturbing wail.

[8] Elland-san dashed forward and was slashing his sword into several floating white haze. Most of them had slipped past my familiars due to their disembodied forms. Under normal circumstances, it would have been very difficult to deal with these floating things since physical attacks don’t work on them.

However, with the Holy Stamp, even my Mithril spear and Elland-san’s sword could destroy these things with just a single stab or slash. This method works as long as my attacks manage to strike these things.

What should have been hours of hard fighting was over in a few minutes. [5]

Umu, it’s over”

““Tch! These Undead are no big deal!””

““Oh, it’s over ~?””

All that was left in the fourth room was a pile of Loot. [5]

Among the creepy little leather bags were round black spheres that looked like marbles. These were Drop items from the Wraiths.

“Alright Mukouda-san, time to get to work.”

“Yes,” I got ready to pick up the Drop items. “Oh, we have quite a good harvest of Dark Spheres this time.” [5]

“Probably due to the increasing number of Wraiths,”

[4] “Indeed,” I agreed. “There seems to be more of them the closer we get to the Boss Room.”

“Since we managed to collect so many, let’s try using them on the next floor.”

[8] What are these ‘Dark Spheres’ you ask?

According to Elland-san, if a Wraith touches you, your current status would decrease by half. If you throw these Black Spheres at an enemy, a dark haze would float up like smoke and reduce the enemy’s stats by half.

“Do keep in mind that this is all hearsay, I’ve never actually used any of these before.”

“They don’t seem to work on Undead, though,” I said. “Which is too bad.”

“Yes, it’s too bad,” agreed Elland-san. “Anyway, if it works on the next floor, we’ll have another means of attack. Let’s collect lots more of them for now.” [5] [8] “Oi, we’re almost at the last room. Hurry up,” Fer’s impatient voice cut through our discussion. [6] Without waiting for us to respond, he had already gone ahead to cast his slashing spell at the incoming Wraiths. If it weren’t for the debuffing/status halving effect of touching a Wraith, I had a feeling that Fer would probably stomp on them too.


Another Black Sphere rolled onto the floor. At this rate, we might accidentally step on one and debuff ourselves… [5] [8] Elland-san probably had the same idea too, considering how fast he pounced on the little black marbles.

[8] “Ufufufu, let’s get lots and lots for my Guild too~”

[6] Ah, Elland-san’s desire for rare things reared its head again, or was he hoping to impress Ugor-san so that the Vice Guild Master don’t harass him so much? [5]

Whatever, let’s just concentrate on getting to the Boss Room first.


[Gumihou: I’ve deleted like 2 different chunks of text about ‘using the Dark Sphere on the next floor’…]


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  1. Hamster

    Sui’s acid bullets work on insubstantial wraiths? I guess they must be wholly magic (like fireballs and ice) because after shooting all that acid everywhere in dungeon hallways and rooms, no one is ever burned by acid residue even when searching the monster corpses or eating them.

    1. Gumihou

      I think the Holy Stamp made their very existence abhorrent to Undead. If they just slap the Wraiths I think those things would disappear too. As for residual Acids in dungeons, I go with Fer’s theory in manga Chapter 43 that dungeons are essentially living things that could absorb and repair damage to itself while setting out lures in the form of Drops and Treasure Chests to lure Adventurers into it.

  2. Gackt1

    Woman down-the-well sound…wonder why it remind me about Sadako…well, I guess as an Onryo, Sadako can be count as…kind of Wraith too

    1. Gumihou

      I thought that description is nice and poetically creepy~~

  3. Philip

    Thanks for the first chapter today! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  4. michael munthe

    Thx for the chapter man..
    God Bless You..

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