Tondemo Skill – 256 – A Hair Raising View

Chapter 256: A Hair Raising View


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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Eguchi Ren: This is the last of the roach chapter. I, for one, am glad to be out of this arc.

Gumihou: Lol, Gumi thinks this arc is hilarious!



“Take that!”

Smash, smash!

“Yosh! One more!”


That’s three hits back to back!

“I’m going,” Elland-san stepped forward with his beloved sword and lopped off the head of a Huge Black Thing.

We’re making our way to the boss room and were basically smashing our way through all these Huge Black Things that sprang out of nowhere.

[6] There were even more of them!

As I had feared, there were so many that not even the combined effort of my three familiars could clear them all. [6] [1] A few managed to make it through the ultimate defence and several times I was saved by Elland-san. Naturally, I do have my vodka bottles. Unfortunately, it took me a few tries before I managed to work out the best way to throw said bottles.

Moreover, one bottle of vodka was not enough to stop a Huge Black Thing, I had to throw three or four bottles accurately to take one down. [1] Ugh, these things are just like the ones back in Japan. It takes a few tries to kill them!

[6] “Must kill!” I howled while throwing a bottle of vodka at a slow-moving Huge Thing followed by a fireball.

[6] The resulting explosion was… not good.

[6] If not for the Absolute Barrier, I might have been toasted by now.

[6] I think dealing with Huge Things made me slightly insane…

[6] Hahaha…

[4] “Mukouda-san!” Elland-san yelled. “Use your throwing attacks to slow them down, I’ll cut their heads off!”

[4] I blinked, “O-oh! That makes sense. Yes! I’ll do that!”

I quickly armed myself with bottles of vodka and Freezing Insecticide Sprays [5]. Together, Elland-san and I took down 10 of them this way.

“Mukouda-san, the next one is coming!”

“Yes!” I’m nearly out of vodka bottles, so out came the Freezing Sprays!

Hiiisssss, hissss, hisssss!

White frost struck the huge black bodies and spread rapidly across their carapaces, seeping into the joints and slowing them down. [5]

The more I sprayed, the slower the Big Thing became.


“On it,”


The body collapsed into two pieces before disappearing, leaving behind only a Carapace. I quickly grabbed it with my gloved hand and threw it into my [Item Box].

[6] What was that?

[6] Of course, I’m wearing gloves! There’s no way I’m touching anything with bare hands here, Drop or not.

Even so, I knew that I can’t let fear overcome me. This is the last insect floor. Once we get through this, I don’t have to see another Huge Black Thing anymore.

[6] I kept telling myself this as we continue to advance.

[6] “It will be over soon, it will be over soon…”

Umu, this is the last room,”

“Finally!” [5]

“Excellent, let’s wipe them out and head downstairs,” Fer was smirking. That was a smirk, isn’t it?


““Sui will do her best here too~””

I’m so glad that my familiars are still so energetic. I have a feeling there will be piles and piles of Those Things on top of each other… yech!

[8] … I told myself not to look but curiosity overwhelmed me and I took a peek. [5] [6] “… …”

[8] “Ah, I see they have those too,” Elland-san commented.

[6] “Th- those… what…”

“Those are Gigantic Cockroaches, they are bigger and more ferocious than Giant Cockroaches. Normally you only get to see two or three of them in the boss room, but due to the special breeding cycle, their spawning rate must have been affected too.” [5]

“Th- there are 10 of them…”

“Yes, and I do believe those brown capsule things are eggs. Well, capsules that contain eggs at any rate.”

[6] “This is horrifying!” I said, staring at the brown things. Each was about 50cm long, those are… egg containers? Containing what? Two eggs? Three?

[4] “Hmm, I heard that each capsule has an average of 30 eggs in them,”

[4] “Ugh, this is disgusting. Why are there so many eggs?” They are all so creepy looking, what if all of them decided to hatch at once?! Just the thought of it made the hairs on my body stand up…

“With these many eggs, we can expect some good Drops from them.”

“Eh? Eggs will give Drops too?”

“It’s only something I read in a book. It’s said that the Drops from Cockroach eggs are gold.”

[4] “Eh? Gold from these dirty things?” I really don’t understand dungeon logic.

However, there’s no way we’re going to leave those eggs alone, especially not when they could hatch into loads and loads of monstrous Big Things.

[8] “Fer, Sui, Dora-chan, make sure to crush all those brown case things, alright?”

“Oh, those egg cases. Umu, if they hatched, monsters could overflow from this dungeon into the city.”

“Eh? What? That could happen?” [5] [8] “A monster stampede… well, nothing like this has happened in recent years, but as Fer-sama said. It’s possible.” I must have a panicked expression on my face, because Elland-sama continued, “With Adventurers actively challenging the dungeons in the past 100 years, the chances of it happening is rare.”

“I- I see, that’s good to know.”

[8] “Still, even if it’s a coincidence, it’s a good thing that you guys came to this dungeon. We can now avoid a second possible Rackam Tragedy.”

[6] Oh yeah, I really don’t need a reminder that an entire town had disappeared due to these… things…

Umu, let’s crush them.”

[6] That’s the most sensible thing I’d ever heard Fer said all day!

Putting words to action, Fer leapt into the room along with Dora-chan and Sui to trash all the roaches.

“That’s right! Kill them all! Don’t leave a single one alive!” I howled half coherently from behind Elland-san.

The unpleasantly large number of Giant Things and 10 Gigantic Things were wiped out in less than 10 minutes. Dora-chan flew over to the mountain of eggs and breathed fire over them. Not to be left out, Sui spat acid over the brown casings and that takes care of those damned eggs.

Once the eggs disappeared, large flat-ish lumps of gold coins about 2cm wide clattered to the floor.

[6] More clattering sounds were heard as bodies disappeared and Drops fell to the floor.

“Somehow,” said Elland-san bemusedly. “I get the feeling that it will take us a lot more time to collect the Drops than to fight these monsters.” [5]

I’m reluctant to even touch the gold, but, I guess I have no choice. As Elland-san and I collected the Drops like a pair of litter collectors, ([6] I gave him a pair of tongs so he didn’t have to keep stooping down), Dora-chan, Sui and even Fer came to help us.

Though I suspect Fer just thought we were being too slow…

“Well, I think that’s everything,” said Elland-san cheerfully. He’s being too happy for my taste, but, I’m pretty happy about leaving this floor altogether!

Umu,” [6] was Fer… vibrating?

“Excellent, we’ll be facing the second Undead Floor in this dungeon. Mukouda-san, may I borrow that stamp thing?”

“Yes, here you go.”

The Undead Floor might sound horrifying, but we have this literal gift from the gods!

With this secret weapon, we’re gonna crush them all!

With that thought in mind, I got ready to stamp everyone with my Holy Stamp.


[Gumihou: Lol, the ending is so anti-climactic]


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  1. Luna

    What a horrible dungeon. It combined undead with insects. Tbh, from an only sensorial pov, I don’t know if there could be a worst combination. It’s 1hko be it visual, olfactory and what not. Idk what’s worst, seeing, or smelling all those things.
    I certainly couldn’t be an adventurer in a fantasy/rpg world. First sign of either roaches or semi decomposed bodies/gore and I would be crying/retching my insides out in some corner. Only either to madly/blindly try to flee from the grossness, or pass out from too much mental dmg and end up as insect/zombie food.

    Thanks for the chapter. I’m glad this part is over.

    1. Gumihou

      I exaggerated Mukouda’s trauma a little more, making it a sensory horror, lol!

      I enjoy following Mukouda as he explores dungeons and trying to eat things that are foreign to him because his reactions are normal people’s reactions.

  2. Sara

    Wow, the cockroach arc is done and I’m so happy for that! At least Mukoda was able to keep walking and he was even attacking, that place is a nightmare.

    1. Gumihou

      Lots of people are happy to see the end of that arc!

  3. Philip

    Not just scary disgusting black things, but also brown things, that would in time become a lot of black things. This dungeon likes to deal mental damage.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

    1. Gumihou

      Mukouda-san is so traumatized he couldn’t even say ‘Cockroach’

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