Tondemo Skill – 253 – Kamadouma

Chapter 253: Kamadouma [TZ 1]


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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[Zzonkedd 1: This was funny as heck, I didn’t know what it was so I ended up going to a Japanese friend’s stream and asked if anyone knew what a ‘Kakadouma’ was. It just so happened that one of the Japanese dudes in the chat had a big trauma with them, and we all ended up doing some research on these things, haha. Long story short, they look like mutated grasshoppers.] [Gumihou: Aren’t, Kamadouma praying mantis…?]

[Zzonkedd 1: According to my dictionary, it’s a camel cricket. I honestly have never come across that word before in my life, so I had no other choice but to check my dictionary]

[Gumihou: Oh, eww, that ain’t a praying mantis]


I stepped out on the 15th floor wondering what kind of monster would greet us here.

“Shall we go?” I said and bravely stepped off the stairs into the stone passageway.

After walking through the eerily silent passage for a while, Fer’s voice suddenly rose, “Stop. Enemy incoming.”

[8] We all squinted down the passageway and… something brown and leggy came hopping in.

“Is that-”

Umu, it’s fast, so be careful,” [5]

“Wait, is that a… a Toilet Cricket? A Giant Toilet Cricket?!!” My voice went a couple of pitches higher.

The thing that was jumping towards us was officially known as Kamadouma but since they like wet and dark areas, they’re also known as ‘Benjo-Korogi’ or toilet crickets. The ones in Japan are ugly but harmless, this monster-size Toilet Cricket though…

[6] “Aaargh! There are more than one of them!” I screamed. I literally screamed. They are scary, okay?

“Those are… oh, that’s right. This is that floor! Take them down! Take them down right away!” Elland-san was screaming at us.

Even the usually calm and professional Elland-san is…

““Alright! Let’s attack!”” Dora-chan whizzed past me.

““Sui will attack too~~””

While the adults panicked, my smaller familiars dashed towards the incoming Kamadoumas.

Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!

Multiple icicles appeared around Dora-chan and stabbed with unerring accuracy at the hopping insects. However, despite being riddled with many icicles, the Kamdoumas continued to come.

““These bastards! Have some more!””

Twice the amount of icicles appeared and flew towards the Kamadoumas. Finally, they stopped hopping forward.

Meanwhile, Sui was also attacking.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

““Eeeehhh….? Still not falling down?””

The Acid Bullets did not seem to have any effect against the Kamadoumas, which were still heading here by the way!

““Hmm, how about this~””

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Slightly larger Acid Bullets struck the Kamadoumas. [8] This time the bullets went through the tough exoskeleton, sinking into the softer flesh causing the hopping insects to collapse as their bodies began to melt.

“Looks like they’re all gone…” [6] I peered into the shadowy passageway, but no more Toilet Crickets came leaping at us.

“Yes,” Elland-san looked relieved.

“Um, just what are those?”

“These things…” [7] Elland-san gritted his teeth.

“It’s a monster that would eat just about anything,” Fer answered.

“Yes,” [7] Elland-san still has a very disgusted look on his face. “It’s called the Killer Camel Cricket. As Fer-sama said, it eats about anything. Once they appear, there will be nothing left behind…”

[6] “Erk, anything?”

[4] “Well, in the natural world, they live in dark forests and caves so people rarely meet them. However, once they do, everything including bones, hair and everything they carried would be eaten.”

[6] “Ugh,”

“They would even eat iron armour. When there’s nothing else, they’ll start eating each other,” [5] Elland-san looked very grim.

[6] “Ew,”

[6] “That’s not even the worst of it,” Elland-san looked very grim.

[6] “I- I don’t think I want to hear anymore,” I said nervously.

[7] As though he did not hear me, Elland-san went on, “Killer Camel Crickets have a habit of laying their eggs in living things.”

Uweehh… I knew it, I so do not want to know this!

“Well, since this is a dungeon, Killer Camel Crickets don’t actually reproduce through egg laying, but they do lay eggs.”

[6] Don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask, “You mean, on Adventurers?”

[6] Elland-san turned haunted eyes at me. “Well, the Adventurer I encountered was no longer alive when I found him.”

[6] A shiver ran up my spine. Why are bug monsters so creepy!

Suddenly, Elland-san gave me a thumbs up and an eery grin, “But that’s alright, all we have to do is not let them get near us. Hahahaha!”

[6] “Hahaha…” I think Elland-san is a little hysterical now…

Deciding to ignore him, I turned to my more trustworthy companions, “Fer, Dora-chan and Sui, you heard what Elland-san said, right? Annihilate them before any of them could get close.”

Umu, I shall participate on this floor.”

““Of course! I’ll attack them will all my might!””

““Sui will defeat lots and lots~””

Their words were as good as gold and Killer Camel Crickets were quickly defeated one after another. Elland-san and I followed closely from behind, picking up Drop items in the form of Teeth and Carapaces as well as vials of Paralytic Poison.

We encountered a door and found that the room behind it was occupied by Killer Camel Crickets and Giant Killer Camel Crickets. These were quickly annihilated through the joint attacks between Fer, Dora-chan and Sui.

In short, with the combined powers of Fer, Dora-chan and Sui, we soon found ourselves standing in front of the Boss Room.

[8] I know I probably shouldn’t, but I took a peek inside anyway.

It was filled with Killer Camel Crickets and Giant Killer Camel Crickets. [6] The room was not actually large enough to accommodate all of them and the insects were piled practically on top of each other. [8] Nevertheless, there was a slightly empty clearing in the middle of the room.

[8] In the middle of this clearing was the largest Camel Cricket I had ever seen. I finally saw why there was a clearing in this crowded room. The huge Camel Cricket was eating the other crickets.

“Ugh, he’s eating his companions,” I muttered and summoned [Appraisal].


[Killer Camel Cricket King]

An A Rank monster that could chew through anything with its strong teeth and eat their remains.


[8] Apparently, ‘anything’ includes its fellow crickets. [5]

“Dora, Sui, let’s go!”



“Ah, I’ll cast some magic spells from here,” I still need to level up after all. Considering the number of seething bodies here, I could probably hit something even if I cast my magic casually…

“Humph, just don’t hit us,”

“Y-yes, of course!” [6] How careless do you think I am?!

[6] Never mind, don’t answer that.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Stab! Stab! Stab!

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Attacks continued to fly and it was a one-sided mayhem where my familiars mowed down the Crickets within the room. I aimed my Fireball from behind, taking out any Crickets that was more than a bit damaged. I managed to get three of them.

In less than 10 minutes, all that was left of the Boss Room were the large number of Drop items littering the floor.

[6] What about the A Rank Killer Camel Cricket King?

Well, before it could do anything, it was completely destroyed by my familiars with absolutely no way to defend itself…

Anyway, after collecting all the Drops, we proceeded to the 16th floor.


[Gumihou: I don’t you know about you guys, but Gumi is feeling rather sorry for the Killer Camel Cricket King…]


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