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Tondemo Skill – 252 – Ark Returns to the Surface

Chapter 252: Ark Returns to the Surface


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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Even after Elland-san and I finished collecting the Dropped items, members of the [Ark] were still stuck in place. [6] To be fair, the collection of Drops went pretty quickly with Sui and Dora-chan helping us, but still…

[8] Anyway, after all the Drops were collected, Elland-san and I called their names and waved our hands before their faces. After some time, they started to respond.

“Wha- wha- what was th- th-”

“Impossible, that’s just impossible…”

“…crazy, I’ve just seen something crazy. Or, have I gone crazy?”

“… …” shiver, shiver…

“Ah, that is Fer’s speciality, the super one hit blow,” I said with a this-all-perfectly-normal smile.

“Still, i-i-isn’t it a bit too powerful? A bit too excessive? A bit too much!?” [6] I had no idea who said that last bit because the voice went too high pitch at the end.

In the end, all I could say was, “That’s because he’s Fer,”

[6] That’s right, he’s Fer the Fenrir. Fer the Legendary Beast Fenrir.

“Th- that’s right, because he’s the Legendary Beast Fenrir.”

“I know about the legend of how a Fenrir could destroy cities and lay waste to countries, but it’s one thing to hear about it and quite another to see it…” [5] [6] Finally, after convincing them that this was all normal, for a Legendary Beast Fenrir, I roughly sorted out the Drops collected and handed the stunned [Ark] members 10%. This turned out to be a good move because they just put away the bag of Drop items without looking at it and trailed after Elland-san to the back of the Boss Room.

[9] Elland-san paused in the area just before the stairs to the lower ground. I stopped too and finally realised why some of the rooms behind the Boss Room were unnecessarily large. Still, I don’t see any magic circle around.

“So, where’s the magic circle?”

“Aah, I guessed it’s so rarely used that it’s not visible anymore, Feodora, would you please?”

[5] Feodora-san nodded and chanted a spell. Soon, a gentle breeze picked up and blew the dust off the floor. A magic circle containing hieroglyphic characters appeared.

“Ooh, is this the magic circle that could send you to the surface?”

“Yes, starting from the 11th floor, there’s a magic circle on each floor making it more convenient for Adventurers to get to the surface. It’s rarely used in the upper floors since it’s more profitable to fight our way back and collect more Drops. Down here, it’s rarely used because, well, because people rarely go beyond floors 12 and 13.”

“That is rather convenient,” I observed. “I don’t think Doran’s dungeon has anything like this, right?”

“It’s all part of the unique dungeon features,” [6] Ah, Elland-san’s voice has that slightly lecturing tone now. It’s always useful to listen to him when he gets into these moods. [4] “Magic circles such as these are available in other dungeons as well and most of them could be activated with just a little magic. They generally start at the 10th floor, though for some reason, Avering’s dungeons only has magic circles starting from the 11th floor.

In some dungeons, you’ll get a very convenient item called a Transfer Stone, which allows you to teleport into any floor within the dungeon. In terms of dungeon layouts, we have the field type dungeon like the one at Doran, the stone passageway type like this one and a third one that we called the tower-type dungeon.”

“I see, I see, so there are many different types of dungeon layouts,”

“Naturally, the Drops and Loots are different for every dungeon. When I first became an Adventurer, I thought it’s a good idea to visit all the different types of dungeons in the world.” [5]

“Eh, well, I think just Doran and Avering’s dungeons are enough for me. I don’t think I’ll want to visit anymore dungeon-”

“Hoh, to think there are so many different dungeons managed by humans. Humph, looks like I won’t be bored for a while.”

““Oho, so human world dungeons are like that? Nice! I want to visit all of them!””

““Whaaat~ We can visit more dungeons~?””

Shiver, shiver.

[8] A chill ran down my back and I turned around to see Fer, Dora-chan and Sui staring right at me. [5] [1] No, no, no way! No way am I going near another dungeon after this one! Absolutely not!

““You know guys, we need to go to Doran to get the Red Dragon dismantled. After that, we’ll have to go to Carelina to pick up my Wyvern Cloak…”” [5]

““Hey, ask that elf about the other kinds of dungeons in the human world!”” Fer demanded.


““Good idea, let’s decide what kind of dungeon we should visit next!””

““Yayyy~ dungeon trip, dungeon trip~~ Dungeon trips are so fun~~””

Stop it, stop it, Sui and Dora-chan, please stop it! [5]

““We- we’re already inside a dungeon, so please stop talking about other dungeons!””

““Umu, we should focus on this one first. We can talk about other dungeons later,””

““Awesome idea!””

““Sui will focus too~””

[8] Alright, I managed to avoid the topic for now. I hope they will forget about the other dungeons, please forget about the other dungeons…

While I was having my little crisis control here, Gaudino-san and the rest have already set up the magic circle for their teleportation. [5]

“Alright, once that last magic stone is placed, the circle will activate.”

Three magic stones were already placed in the middle of three smaller circles that looked strangely unadorned on the large magic circle. Huh, so that’s where magic stones are supposed to go?

“By the way, the destination changes depending on the size of the magic stones placed on the circles,” Gaudino-san said.

“Ehh, how would you know what size of stones to put in?”

“Anyone can find out about these things with a little investigation,” said Gaudino-san modestly.

[8] Oooh, what an excellent and thorough leader. Hats off to his ‘safety first’ attitude. I should study his methods for future reference.

“Well, I’m really indebted to your party. We’ll be sticking around this city for a while, so leave a message at the Adventurer’s Guild when you reach the surface. We must treat you to a good meal at the very least.” All of the members of the [Ark] nodded at this.

“I’ll treat you to some excellent liquor!” Siegwald-san announced.

“Ahaha,” I’m a little afraid to know what counts as ‘excellent liquor’ to dwarves.

“No matter what, I’m really glad to have met you down here. We’ll have some excellent stories to share later when we reach the surface.”

The men of the [Ark] stepped onto the magic circle, but Feodora-san was still hanging about outside… Ah, she’s now coming our way.

“Hey, Feodora, what are you doing?”

“… delicious food…”

[6] Er, I’m somehow reminded of the zombies we faced yesterday.

“Haaa… I know Mukouda-san’s cooking is very good, but don’t try and follow others just because of food.”

Eh, eh, eh? Feodora-san, surely not…

I already have three familiars who followed me for this very reason.

[6] Don’t tell me you want to become a familiar? Can Elves become familiars?

Gaudino-san sighed again and firmly grabbed Feodora-san by the elbow and marched her into the magic circle.


[8] Well, Feodora-san was shockingly beautiful with her blonde hair, light colour eyes and rather fey otherworldly looks, but like Elland-san, she has feet of clay too.

I watched as this insanely beautiful woman murmured ‘…food…’ as she was forced to stand still in the magic circle. Are all the elves in this world weird or am I just unlucky?

[8] Gaudino-san did not act as though Feodora-san was being weird, he just rolled his eyes while the other two laughed at Feodora-san’s antics.

Feeling a little sorry for the beautiful elf, I said, “I’ll treat you to another meal when I reach the surface, Feodora-san,”

[6] The elf finally stopped struggling and stood properly in place. She was still staring at me though. Erm, please don’t do that.

“Well, I’ll see you above ground,” Gaudino-san gave a little salute before carefully placing the final magic stone into the circle.

[8] As the magic circle flared up with lights, I waved at them. “See you soon!”

Members of the [Ark] waved back. Then, the lights were gone and so were the members of [Ark].

“Looks like they’ve managed to return safely,” observed Elland-san.

“Yes, shall we continue?”

We walked across the now inactive magic circle and headed for the stairs beyond it.


[Gumihou: It’s nice to hear about other Adventurers ^_^]



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  1. Keitarou Tempest

    I know that Mukoda-san is a coward and only wants to live a trouble-free, slow life but in a world with magic and strong beast, you must level up and become strong. He should just accept it and get carried around the different dungeons to level and get knowledge about the world to avoid getting scammed/slaved by bad people (like what happened to the other heroes that were summoned with him). He doesn’t even need to do anything than feed his familiars and get rich with the drops.

    1. Gumihou

      Yeah, what he wishes and what he does are two different things. Poor thing, lol

  2. Evra

    Wah Mukouda could get a wife in this world with his cooking skill

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    Not to judge, but if I were to be trapped in a world without the food that I enjoy here I would also try and become the familiar of someone who cooks like Mukoda 😆

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    Lol, it nearly happened, that elf lady almost became Mukoda’s new familiar, lolz.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

    1. Gumihou

      If this was any other lightnovel, she would have been, lol.

    2. Hamster

      The author seems pretty reluctant to write about the adventures of the other three summoned people. I would have liked seeing them mentioned occasionally like 10% of the words in each chapter, or have them appear for 20% of the words every other chapter. Mukouda usually just tells the reader the results of confrontations, and I am hoping the other people will have more meaningful descriptive confrontations as they level up. Before the author filled Mukouda’s adventuring chapters with a huge wordcount of providing seconds and thirds to whomever, the early chapters had a lot more intrigue and plot to them. I’d like to see a return to that.

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