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Little Cooking Saint – 0208 – Grilled Buttered Corn (p)

Chapter 208 Grilled Buttered Corn (p)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


With the wise words ‘The ones with the biggest fist have the loudest voice’ ringing in her ear, Xiao Qi rounded up all the Yellow Grade classmates she could find and they all rushed off to beat up idiots.

Some students were still doing their best to talk some sense into the idiots when Xiao Qi ran up at the head of her mob and sent the first line of people flying into the Star Washing Lake.

It did not take long for the College students to send all the busybodies into the lake. Looking at the hundred people struggling in the water, the fire in Xiao Qi’s chest finally receded.

Elder sister is right, beating up idiots is the best feeling!

The people who made trouble had not expected the College students to actually retaliate. When the crowd of people crawled out of the lake began to howl about how ‘College students are bandits!’ and how ‘Savage and brutal’ these students were. These ‘bandit students’ obligingly showed their ‘savage and brutal’ side and kicked the complainers back into the water.

“Remember, make sure to not kill anyone,” Lao Er said as he stood by the lake, keeping an eye over the desperately splashing people.

None of the students had any intention of killing anyone, they knew how to restrain themselves. In fact, they ended up rescuing the people they had thrown in.

Matters should have ended there, with the troublemakers running home after being ridiculed by the College students.

However, bad news came that very evening. One of the people they dumped into the lake ended up dead after they got home.

Naturally, when death was involved, matters crossed over from ridiculing to coercion. Suddenly, there was a flurry of rumours flying across the City about how Imperial College Students have ‘no care for human life’. How they ‘used their Cultivation to slaughter people’. How even little doll face girls could not be trusted as these sly and cunning creatures would ‘force a person to their death in their own homes’.

Gossips of all kinds flew here and there, each one more colourful and delicious before. The people who spread these rumours patted their chests and vowed to the heavens that they saw everything with their own two eyes and how it was all the truest truth.

Even in this world, there was no lack of rumourmongers. In the modern world, famous idols had to be careful about taking care of their reputation. The slightest rumour about some moral corruption would set tongues wagging and once loyal fans could instantly become haters.

Right now, the position of the Imperial College was similar. People who did not have the complete information only knew that the once aloof and mysterious Imperial College suddenly moved into the public eye. This was then followed by rumours of student brutality and the death of a protester.

It certainly did not help matters when the family of the deceased placed the coffin of the dead right in front of the College entrance, making it clear they wanted to make trouble.


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Shiyu heard about the incident a little later than the others.

She had been cooped up in her Saint’s Dwelling, purifying various medicinal herbs into liquid essence before infusing them into the Burning Knife. Once the liquid cooled, it was decanted into jade bottles and were left to immerse at the bottom of the Spring of Life pond. She plans to check them a few days later.

When she saw Xiao Qi’s anxious little face and found out about the death, she realised what must have happened.

Clearly, someone was out to make trouble for the Imperial College. Otherwise, with the College’s supreme status, how could a bunch of troublemakers suddenly appear for no good reason?

As for that dead person, the body was barely cold when it was determined that he was murdered by College students. Moreover, to even dare to place the coffin right in front of the College gate. [1] If this isn’t deliberate instigation, then what is it?

After soothing Xiao Qi and the other younger ones, Shiyu decided to speak to the Dean. She had barely taken a few steps past the Villa gate when another news reached her ears.

There was another tournament being held at Central Square.

What’s more, this tournament had been planned to coincide on the same days as the College Tournament. To be held in the afternoon, right after the morning tournament organised by the Dean.

It ran in the same format as theirs. With a similar reward system and seven champions for challengers to fight. The only difference was that these champions were considerably older and all of them were Core Condensation 8 experts.

Oh, and the cost of the tickets was only 50 silver taels. Half the price charged by the College.

To be able to witness more powerful people fight at half the price, such a good deal would naturally draw more people to the afternoon tournaments.

To be honest, Shiyu was not at all surprised by the appearance of a competitor.

After all, this was a hugely profitable project, so it was natural that people would create something similar to reap the benefits of a trend. It was only a matter of time.

However, this ‘competitor’ of theirs was clearly out to challenge the Imperial College head-on. The timing, the format, the rumours and the coffin in front of their gate, this was all an elaborated plan to agitate the waters.

In fact, it was likely they had been preparing long before One Ear even made an appearance. [1] Otherwise, how were they able to get past the Dean’s personal scrutiny and slipped those bandits in?

They must have intended to sabotage the tournament by defaming the College Champions and hired people to make trouble at the College gates, believing that the Imperial College would be too busy scrambling to safeguard their reputation and unable to pay attention to the ticket snatchers luring the original fans away.

[1] This three-prong attack appeared impossible to surmount.

The only way they could kill off the competition (figuratively) was to have the College Champions defeat the Core Condensation 8 champions.

Except, you know, all seven of their rival’s champions were Core Condensation 8 while their team averaged at around Core Condensation 4 and 5. Winning a fight against a group like that was just a crazy dream.

Shiyu paused her steps and turned around. There’s no need to see the Dean over this. There is nothing that they, as students, could do about the College’s reputation or political meddling. What she should do, as one of the Champions, was to raise her own Cultivation level. [1] To raise everyone’s level if possible.

[1] But how?

After experiencing tremendous improvement in just a few months, her Cultivation had stalled. She might be the second ‘strongest’ in their team now, but that could change anytime.

Ahh, can’t be lazy. If she doesn’t practice her Cooking Cultivation she won’t improve. Unfortunately, it looked like cooking with ordinary ingredients doesn’t do anything for her Cultivation anymore. [1] She missed the time she could Cultivate just by dissecting Ginseng Fruits…

Could it be possible that she could only Cultivate through processing Spiritual ingredients now?


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That evening, Shiyu did not make anything complicated. After leaving a pot of bone soup to stew, she made her way to the garden to harvest some corn.

Part of the garden had been turned into a vegetable yard. There was not a lot of variety, but vegetables from all four seasons could be found here. The Spiritual aura within the Villa was so abundant that it ignored the changing seasons beyond the gates.

The unhusked corn looked plump and felt heavy. Once peeled, the brilliant yellow corn was so sweet and juicy that the kernels could be eaten raw.

However, Shiyu preferred a different way of eating them.


Corn by itself is already sweet, so there was no need to add anything else. With her convenient Fire Attribute, all Shiyu had to do was focus the fire on her hand let it lightly grill the surface of the corn until it charred up slightly. [2] She had such perfect control over her fire that she could evenly brown the outside of the kernels without drying the inside.

[3] The corn was freshly plucked and therefore still retained most of its natural sweetness. The grilling added a crisp, caramel fragrance to the already sweet and tender corn. Shiyu took a bite and couldn’t help it when her eyes turned into slits with pleasure.

Shiyu had always been the type to make whatever she wanted to eat on the spot.

When Xiao Qi and Lao Er returned from their classes, they saw their elder sister piling up bars of yellow sticks onto a plate.


Shiyu suddenly thought of the Cream Grilled Corn she had back in her past life. If she remembered right, the corn was first grilled, then covered in a layer of egg and breadcrumb mixture, grilled again until the mixture hardened around the corn.

After that, a small piece of butter is placed on the corn and the grilling continued until the butter melted and covered the whole corn. The melted butter is meant to crisp up the breadcrumbs on the corn. As a final touch, the corn is brushed with a little cream.

There were no breadcrumbs for sale in the Eastern Empire, but Shiyu managed to make some with her steamed buns. [4] After beating eggs into the breadcrumbs and placing a large brush by it, she was ready.

[4] First, grill the corn. Shiyu grilled the corn with her spiritual fire, toasting the outside until it’s fragrant.

[4] Xiao Qi jumped up and down, “Is it ready now? Can I have it?” her mouth was watering at the sight of the perfectly grilled corn.

[4] Shiyu smiled indulgently, “Not yet, watch this.”

[4] She then picked up the brush and covered the corn with a layer of egg and breadcrumbs, leaving a bumpy surface over the corn. A quick pass with her power quickly hardened the eggs making the bread crumb stick to the surface of the corn.

[4] Xiao Qi made a face at the oddly whitish and bumpy looking surface but said nothing. Her elder sister often made weird cooking that was awesomely delicious. This must be one of them!

[4] Shiyu then places a small square of butter on the corn and flare up her power again. The butter melted, slipped off the corn and fell to the floor with a splat.

[4] “… …”

[4] “I’ll clean it up,” said Lao Er.

[4] Shiyu placed the second piece of butter on the corn, this time she was ready. She melted the butter carefully and using her incredible speed, balance and hand-eye coordination the butter skated over the surface of the egg and breadcrumbs until the breadcrumbs turned a lovely toasted brown colour.

[4] Please, she said, “Now for the final secret ingredient!” She took up a brush and brushed the surface with a little cream and roasted it again. Oil dripped from the corn, making a sizzling sound, browning the corn even further.

[4] “Here!” Shiyu handed the corn to Xiao Qi who took a large bite. Shiyu watched eagerly as Xiao Qi chewed. The little girl took another large bite and chewed some more. Then she handed the half-eaten corn to Lao Er.

[4] “Well?” Shiyu was eager to know what her little sister think of her special Cream Grilled Corn.

[4] “It’s very good,” said Xiao Qi. “Can I have plain grilled corn next?”

[4] “… …”

[4] Lao Er finished the Cream Grilled Corn. Then, he reached for one of the unhusked corn and said, “I like them raw.”


[Gumihou: If you must know, in the original text, Xiao Qi loved it very much and ate every bite.]


Omake by Gumihou:


Feng Luo: Something smells good. Hey, are those grilled corn?

Shiyu: Here, try my special Cream Grilled Corn!

Feng Luo: Cream Grilled, wow! Sounds delicious. I’ll have some.


Shiyu: Well?

Feng Luo: Hmm, it’s not bad. But it’s a little dry for my taste. Do you have any boiled corn?


Shiyu: Try my Cream Grilled Corn

Xuan Yin ate the corn without comment.

Dong-Fang Zhen: Wow, how did you get the crust around the corn? Hmm, the taste is a little heavy for me. The outside is crisp and the corn is juicy. I guess it’s good.

Shiyu: You guess?

Dong-Fang Zhen: If it’s the corn from your garden, I prefer it steamed with just a tiny sprinkle of [insert expensive brand] salt

Xuan Yin nodded from the side.

Shiyu: …


[Gumi: I’m starting to develop phobia against the last chapter of a long arc]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Additional Detail: Just… additional details, for stuff.

[2] Buttering up Shiyu’s skill – It’s not exactly cooking skills, it’s her fire control skills. Lol!

[3] Adjusted Description for Realism: Original Text ‘The outer layer of corn kernels is chewy, but the inner side is crunchy and sweet, the taste may not be so rich that it was unforgettable, but occasionally one would suddenly and want to nibble on one

Like, I think author-san probably only had subpar corn in her life?

Personally, I’d rather trust this farming manga on the taste of really fresh corn.

[4] Gumi has given you what Shiyu thinks will happen when she tries to make the corn. From Note [4] onwards, is what will actually happen if you do things according to the steps provided by Shiyu. Please also enjoy the omake.

The abomination Shiyu made actually exist in some form. Only without the final cream application. But the guy did manage to apply cheese on the corn, so…

The name of the shop is Stone Grilled Corn, from Jin Hua Street


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  1. Hamster

    San Pang can ask for popcorn, but do they really have the modern version of it?
    Popcorn isn’t made from the type of corn that is tasty on the cob. Tasty “eating” type corn kernels makes for poor popping because their hulls easily leak when heated. Most of them don’t build up steam pressure over 100 psi needed for fluffy popped corn. I’ve tried making “popcorn” from millet with very poor results before reading more to understand what makes popcorn pop. Why millet? I was trying to find something unique to bring to the next office party.

    Knowing that popcorn plant species are different from sweet corn species would let Shiyu outcompete others trying to make popcorn to sell in a stadium venue. Competitors trying to pop sweet corn would have high costs due to the high failure rate of getting big fluffy pops. The other trick Shiyu would use is to pop the kernals in hot flavored oil. Other competitors would probably misunderstand and pop the kernals in a wire basket over a fire and then lightly spray oil or butter over the results. A third advantage is that Shiyu uses magic to heat all kernels without flame.
    The author would probably have Shiyu using mala oil for the popping. Mala Popcorn would be tinted pink and have tiny dark red flecks similar to what would happen if you put szechuan peppers into a pepper mill to grind ultra small flakes. A co-worker once brought in a shaker bottle of cayenne pepper that was ground so fine that each little speck was about 1/3 to 1/2 the width of a human hair. This very fine grinding allows the pepper to stick to popcorn without falling off (eg popcorn salt).

    1. Gumihou

      Rather than popcorn, it’s much easier to pop rice, especially glutinous rice. They already come in separate grains.

      Ancient Rice Crispies served with honey and a dash of chilli powder for that extra kick.

  2. Hamster

    Troublemaker identities for competing events are easily known since a stadium and seats has to be built. This requires permission from the ruler to take over a large public square inside the city walls. A small stadium means few tickets can be sold per event. Without a stadium, there’s no need buy tickets since people stand in the public square to watch the stage.
    The stadium can’t be the public marketplace square because local and international goods merchants, service providers, and companies operate stores and stalls in the marketplace. No private entity can seize control of the city’s public spaces and then charge people to use it.

    1. Gumihou

      Yes, except they totally made it sound like a public place until it wasn’t.

      >.< Gumi had to adjust some small details to make it clear that it was a very Not Public place and mostly use the word 'stadium' in place of 'public square' to refer the place since there's another public plaza somewhere else. Haaahhh.....

      1. Eh...

        San Pang: Corn!!
        Nom nom nom. Scrunches up face.
        San Pang: What’s this weird stuff on it?
        Shiyu: …
        San Pang: Can’t we have popcorn instead?

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