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Tondemo Skill – 251 – Everyone Here is Strong

Chapter 251: Everyone Here is Strong


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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After our short break, we left the safe area.

Before we set out to face the monsters, I took out the Mithril Spear from my [Item Box]. Gideon-san, the Spearman, could not help but stare.

“Woah, a fully Mithril spear…” [5] 

“Yes? Isn’t Gideon-san’s spear made of Mithril as well?”

“Yeah, but only the blade. I’m totally going to get myself a full Mithril spear one day.”

“Ahahaha…” I can’t tell him I got this spear through dubious means…

“As expected of an S Ranker,” Siegwald-san also admired the spear. 

“What are you talking about? Isn’t your Warhammer made of magic iron?” Elland-san gushed. “Considering the amount needed to make a proper Warhammer, isn’t this an excellent piece?” [5]

“Fwahahahah! As expected of a weapons expert! You have a good eye, my brother made this to celebrate my promotion. Compared to humans and elves, I might not have much magic, but among dwarves, I’m pretty much a prodigy!” [1] Siegwald-san lifted his Warhammer and flames flared on the blade. “Mwahahaha! Imagine what happens when I strike an enemy with this!” [5]

“Oi, oi, enough with the weapons talk. We have some guests incoming,” Gaudino-san said, looking down the direction of the passageway.

I looked too and winced at the horde of Venom Tarantulas and Poison Spiders crowding up the entire passageway. “Ugh, there seems to be more of them today.”

“It certainly seems that way,” Elland-san frowned, I guess he also found the monsters disgusting looking.

““[5] Nice! Now, this is worth stretching my wings a bit. Sui, let’s go!”” Dora-chan folded his wings back and zoomed towards the hoard.

““Unfair! Sui wants to defeat monsters too~!”” Sui bounced forward quickly.

“O-oi! Is that fine!?” Gaudino-san shouted, obviously worried for the two smallest party members. [5]

“It’s fine, it’s fine,” I said. “They’re both strong.” [5]

“That’s right, there’s no need to worry.” [4] Elland-san stepped forward with a proud smile. [8] “Both are much stronger than us. Especially Dora-chan… the gorgeous and heroic figure of that graceful back, that fascinating flight pattern, that brilliant attack sequences…”

[8] I looked away, the second-hand embarrassment made me unable to bear to look directly at a certain elf.

[6] Meanwhile…


Fire sprayed from Dora-chan’s mouth in a continuous stream like a flamethrower. [8] Venom Tarantulas and Poison Spiders went up in flames, they appeared to be highly flammable…

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Sui’s highly accurate Acid Bullets struck down all the monsters that managed to get past Dora-chan. ““Aruji, should I leave one for you~?””

“Aa, yes please.”


Hey, I still need to level up, alright? And one is more than enough for me.

A Poison Spider scuttled towards us, [6] its hairs had been badly singed but was otherwise intact.


My spear pierced through the spider like a hot knife through butter. The blade stuck out the spider’s back and with a wrench, I shook it off. [6] The spider fell onto its back, twitched once, and disappeared.

There was no Drop item.

Ah well, Dora-chan and Sui destroyed plenty of the monsters in front, so there should be plenty of Drops to collect.

[6] Once the sound of fighting stopped, I called to Elland-san, “Shall we go pick them up?”

[6] “Alright~”

[6] Elland-san had adapted well to his role as gopher as he scuttled forward to pick up Dropped items. Meanwhile, the members of the [Ark] were staring at the sight with their mouths wide open.

“Um, excuse me, everyone?” I tried waving for their attention.

“Ah, I expect everyone’s surprised by Dora-chan and Sui’s performance. I, too, was very shocked when I first saw it,” Elland-san smiled. “It’s fine, it’s fine, they’ll recover very soon.”

“J-j-just what is that strength…?” Gaudino-san’s face and voice were very stiff. [5]

“Well,” I said reasonably and doing my best to hypnotize them with a this-is-all-normal smile. “I did inform you yesterday that Dora-chan and Sui are pretty strong too.”

“You did mention it… but I never thought that they would be this strong…”

“I’ve never seen or heard about such powerful familiars…” Feodora-san murmured.

“Same here,” said Siegwald-san. “[5] I’ve travelled to a lot of places as an Adventurer for a good while now, but this is my first time seeing something like this. I can understand a Fenrir being powerful, but the strength of the little ones are pretty unexpected.” [5]

“Ahaha, although they are my familiars, I have no idea why they are so strong… I mean, Dora-chan is already strong before he became my familiar…”

“I guess there are some trade secrets you can’t reveal, eh,” said Gaudino-san. “It’s fine, we understand, we won’t ask anymore.”

Other members of the [Ark] nodded.

“Ahahaha,” the truth is, there is no secret. Well, I guess the telepathy part is secret and the Other World trash…

I guess I do have a couple of secrets…

“Dora-chan is a rare and precious dragon who possesses both cuteness and strength. We can just leave everything to him!” declared Elland-san proudly.

I coughed and patted Sui, “Ahem, please ignore Elland-san. Anyway, my two familiars have everything under control. Ah, they will let one monster through for me since I needed to level up.”

On the way, I got the members of the [Ark] to help pick up the Drop items too since I want to concentrate more on fighting.

“Woah, this speed is kind of unreal…”

“We have almost no chance of fighting,”

“Yeah, our job is mainly to pick stuff up,”

“… …”

[9] “By the way,” I said, after dispatching another Venom Tarantula. “Please accept 10% of the Drops as thanks for helping us,” I said casually.

[9] The members of the [Ark] protested, but I somehow managed to convince them to take the 10%.

“Somehow,” said Gaudino-san as he picked up a Thread. “I’m starting to understand how your party cleared Doran’s dungeon.”


“Tamers are really incredible. Even among the S Rankers, I dare say Mukouda-san is an elite among elites,” [8] said Gideon-san.

Well, it’s all down to luck and my [Net Super].

[6] It did not take us long to reach the Boss Room.

“Well then,” I said. “Shall we clear the room?”

“I shall do it,” Fer stepped forward majestically.

““Hey, what the heck!””

““Uncle Fer, that’s not fair….””

“Humph, haven’t you two rampaged enough? Naturally, you should let your elders handle this part.”



Fer the lazy elder only throws his weight around at times like this… [5]

“Oooh, we’re going to see a Fenrir fight?”

“This is something really rare, I must feast my eyes on it!”

[8] As Fer stalked into the Boss Room, the [Ark] crowded around the door with eyes wide open. Fer paused right in the middle of the room, lifted one paw dramatically and-


[8] A single bolt of lightning struck the room and for a moment, everyone’s eyes were blinded.

[8] When we could finally see, we saw Fer in his pure white form standing right in the middle of blackened Venom Tarantulas and Poison Spiders’ corpses.

“It’s over,” he declared.

[6] Perhaps influenced by Fer’s sense of drama, all the blackened and electrocuted bodies choose that moment to disappear.  Drops fell to the floor with a dramatic clatter almost like an applause.

Er, Fer, were you showing off because you were jealous of the attention Dora-chan and Sui were getting?

“Ah, oh look, there are a bunch of Dropped items again. Excuse me, but could you help me pick them up?”

[8] None of the [Ark] answered me. They were still standing there with their mouths wide open and their eyes nearly bulging out of their skulls after Fer’s little performance.


“Yes, yes, I’ll help you. It doesn’t look like they’ll recover anytime soon.”


[Gumihou: Elland-san is getting rather blasé about these amazing performances, lol.]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

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[9] Moved the paragraph re Mukouda convincing [Ark] to accept 10% of the loot down and changed it to dialogue for immediacy and drama.



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