Little Cooking Saint – 0206 – Grilled Buttered Corn (n)
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Little Cooking Saint – 0206 – Grilled Buttered Corn (n)

Chapter 206 Grilled Buttered Corn (n)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Warning! Very graphic, gory scenes of people being hurt and dying.

Erm, Gumihou may have also contributed to making it even more graphic…



[1] [2a] One Ear threw Dong-Fang Zhen to the ground.

[1] The sound of bone cracking seemed to reverberate in the air.

Below the platform, Xuan Yin clenched her fist. How she hated her Cultivation for being so low! If only… if only…

As if sensing her anger, Dong-Fang Zhen forced his eyes open and gasped, “D- don’t come…uh-” before he could finish his words, a punch cave in his chest. [1] He gasped again. If he had been an ordinary person, he would have died twice over.

His Cultivation was no joke and good enough to make him roll over to the side to escape One Ear’s next blow. Instead of flattening his face, the blunt end of the axe crushes the bones of his shoulder and upper arm instead.

[1] The pain was so acute that his mind whited out.


In a few breaths, the exciting competition had turned into a scene of torture. One Ear was toying and ruining Dong-Fang Zhen bit by bit. On the other side of the stadium, the Dean clenched his fist. If it looked like Dong-Fang Zhen couldn’t make it, he will break the rules and pull the boy out.

Fortunately, Qing Chen managed to free himself from his opponent. With great agility, he managed to time between One Ear’s attacks and kicked Dong-Fang Zhen off the platform… [3] who fell right into Xuan Yin’s waiting arms.

So, that solves that problem, but now the Champions were at a 5 vs 4 disadvantage.

Their enemies were the remaining Core Condensation 8 bandit leader and four Core Condensation 5 bandits. In their group, Qi Chuyun has the lowest Cultivation at Core Condensation 1. With only four members and one of them at the lowest end of Core Condensation, the Champions were at a very clear disadvantage.

“If only Feng Luo didn’t get kicked out trying to save that girl,” someone in the audience complained. “They might have a better chance at winning.”

They had no idea who this Qi Chuyun was, but they believed that she was the one dragging everyone back.

The comments were not loud, but as Core Condensation experts, even at Level 1, Qi Chuyun’s hearing was more than enough to capture what was being said. She pressed her lips and narrowed her eyes. It was impossible to know what she was thinking.

Qing Chen had already gotten into a tussle with One Ear. The gap between them was the smallest. Unfortunately, Qing Chen had also fought quite a lot earlier and his right hand had suffered an injury. Even the way he held the sword was shaky. [1] Against One Ear’s swift, brute strength way of fighting, Qing Chen could only go on the defence.

“Lin Fan!” Shiyu called.

The two friends exchanged a glance. That was all the communication they needed. The message was clear.

Quick kill!

Right now, their only choice was to quickly eliminate the enemy before they lose whatever edge they have. None of the three strongest on the platform was tender greenhouse flowers, all of them knew how to kill and have tricks of their own.

Lin Fan and Shiyu kicked their opponents away and rushed at One Ear. [1] Shiyu was the fastest with her little dagger and Chasing Clouds & Moon. Qing Chen had been forced by One Ear close to the edge of the platform, but One Ear had to take his attention off Qing Chen when Shiyu swiped her dagger against his spine. Then, Lin Fan arrived and suddenly, it was a 3 vs 1 fight.

One Ear was also getting a little exhausted by now, but he was still very fierce. [1] Shiyu vaguely wondered where the rest of his bandit backup was when there was booing from the crowd.

A quick look revealed that Qi Chuyun had been forced off the stage. [4] The girl was so fierce that it took four Core Condensation 5 men to force her off the stage! [2b]

Now they only have three members left. [2c] [5] Shiyu broke off from the fight to slash the floor with fire, isolating the bandits away from their leader. While the bandits were distracted by the fire, Qing Chen and Lin Fan sped up their attacks.

One Ear was obviously getting more desperate. [6] With a roar, he lifted his axe to smash Qing Chen to bits when his hand went flying. Lin Fan’s sword barely dripped with blood as he swiped for the bandit leader’s leg. While One Ear was looking incredulously at the stump at the hand of his arm, a sharp pain radiated from his belly. Qing Chen’s sword had plunged halfway through his stomach. With a roar of pain and anger, he batted Qing Chen away, his one remaining hand. He was making a grab for Lin Fan’s head when a light weight landed on his back.

[6] The girl.

[6] The girl with the dagger!

[6] Was One Ear’s final thought before he choked on his own blood and fell to the floor with an almighty thump.


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[7] This was what the audience saw.

The infamous bandit leader, One Ear flat on his back, one hand missing and bleeding from his throat, wrist and belly. The three remaining Champions stood around him with blood dripping from their weapons, cheeks and hands. If the College robes had not been black, they would have looked even more horrific in their blood-splattered clothes.

The audience was still trying to process the shock of seeing the notorious Butcher who had evaded capture for decades die in front of their eyes…

[7] One Ear is… dead?

Suddenly, there was a whoop and cheers filled the stadium.

How unbelievable, ah!

That frightening One Ear had died in the hands of three young students!?

While the audience was busy cheering, they were further treated to the sight of the three remaining champions quickly and efficiently kill off the other bandits.

All seven bandits who had stepped onto the stage were now laying on the ground as corpses. Of the seven champions, only one was badly injured, three kicked out some way or other, leaving three on the stage still standing.

How bloody!

How exciting!

How thrilling, ah!

This is what you call a fight!

Who cares about the dead robbers? They deserve to die! These amazing youngsters just kill a group of powerful bandits!

The strength of the Imperial College is obviously not just talk only. They are not out to just make money or make themselves famous. The rewards are really there to attract powerful fighters!

“Imperial College!”

“Imperial College!”

Who knows which of them began the chant first, but very soon, the cheers turned into chanting. “Imperial College!”


“Imperial College!”

Look! The [8] six Champions were back on stage, the badly injured one had already been carried off.

Worship and respect blazed in their eyes.

Only the strong are worthy of their admiration!

However, not all smiles were sincere.

At the VIP seats, Patriarch Ge stared at the prone body of Dong-Fang Zhen with narrowed eyes.

It would be best if you never wake up again.


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After winning the tournament, Shiyu left with the others. The people within the stadium were reluctant to leave and kept reliving the moment when these incredible College students overturned their luck and killed the bandits.

Not all College students were rich and some of them could not bear to part with 100 silver teals just to spectate a tournament. They were incredibly envious of their richer friends who regaled them with tales of how their fellow students had won against the bandits.

The next match had been suspended until three days later, due to Dong-Fang Zhen’s injury. It allowed the rest of them time to recuperate and recover. Naturally, they spent this time holed up at the Villa.


Meanwhile, a strange rumour began to spread.

“Have you heard? Those so-called Imperial College students killed all their opponents on stage!”


“Yes, all seven were killed.”

“They clearly couldn’t win against their challengers, so they used dirty tricks to kill them to prevent their opponents from getting the prize!”

“How cruel!”

While these rumours could not withstand close scrutiny, there would always be some who believed such things. In their minds, Lin Fan, Shiyu and the rest of the Champions were all manifestations of evil and should be punished. They considered the entire tournament a circus to elevate the Imperial College’s reputation and that the so-called champion’s reputation was probably inflated.

Fire of indignation and justice lit up their hearts when they heard that an entire team of opponents had been killed.

“This must be investigated!”

“Justice must prevail!”

“Let’s go to the Imperial College and wrest justice for those poor dead people!”


[Gumihou: I’m sensing a pattern here…]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Adjust Details for Dramatic Purpose: Sentence adjustments, additional movements, deletion of superfluous sentences as well as other embellishments included.

[2] Deletion of Superfluous sentences: What did Gumi delete you ask?

Oh, things like:

[a] ‘As he spoke…

[b] ‘The four turned back and began to deal with them. The three remaining three suffered a lot between the two attacks. It was very uncomfortable. There were several scars on Shiyu’s back. Despite this, they did not give up trying to kill One Ear

Reason why I deleted this scene.

Reason 1: Note 4

Reason 2: You’ve already decided to kill, so take the advantage while you have it

Reason 3: Note 2c

[c] ‘suddenly, fire broke out and surrounded the four people, isolating them from the fight

Obviously possible, because they were huddling together waiting for you to put them in a circle of fire. I think NOT.

[3] USMiC – Xuan Yin: She had been staring at her beau while he’s being beaten up, surely she would be there to catch him when someone kicked him off?

[4] USMiC – Qi Chuyun: Not sure whether this scene was supposed to show how weak Qi Chuyun was, but damn, if it takes four men to force you off stage…

[5] Fighting scene, do you want to live or not? Speed, split decision and sheer desperation might be the only thing between you and death. You would have all died without the chance to implement [2c]. Sure, go ahead and faff about while One Ear smashes his axe into your back and make you ‘uncomfortable’.


Replace [2c] with [4] related scenes.

[6] One Ear’s thoughts: He’s going to die anyway, so let’s relive his death through his point of view.

[7] Audience’s POV: It was already audience’s POV, but made it more obvious.

[8] Math, please! – At first it’s all seven on stage received their admiration. Then, later, Patriarch Ge stared at Dong-Fang Zhen’s prone body. Like… did you float Dong-Fang Zhen’s body onto the stage? Did you substitute him? With the Liu guy, maybe? Or, maybe the entire stadium of people can’t count to 10?

[9] Change Passive sentence to Dialogue: For drama. Also, it’s kind of awkward to just say the rumour than to put it out in dialogue. Like someone say xxx and so it was yyy, like I mean, zzz happened.


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