Little Cooking Saint – 0205 – Grilled Buttered Corn (m)
Two territorial Gulls fighting.

Little Cooking Saint – 0205 – Grilled Buttered Corn (m)

Chapter 205 Grilled Buttered Corn (m)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


“Feng Luo!” Shiyu called.

[1] She abandoned her opponent and flashed forward with Chasing Clouds & Moon and slammed into One Ear’s back, send him sprawling to the floor. [2a] [1] Feng Luo’s vines burst from the ground and slithered around One Ear’s neck. Shiyu grabbed a convenient vine and pulled as though she was forcing a horse to a standstill. [2b]

“Dong-Fang, Chuyun, Xuan Yin, cover one person each. Qing Chen, Lin Fan, cut out the weakest link!” Shiyu roared as she kept pulling, doing her best to choke One Ear to death.

[2c] [1] Qing Chen and Lin Fan immediately converged on the Core Condensation 1 bandit. Lin Fan slapped the man with a hand wrapped with Spiritual power. He was about to throw the man off stage when One Ear suddenly roared.

[1] Vines snapped and both Feng Luo and Shiyu were thrown off by the impact.

“Die, little beast!” panting harshly, One Ear raised a heavy hammer and slammed it down Shiyu… who rolled away immediately. However, the move was a feint!

Instead of slamming downward, the hammer was sent spinning towards Dong-Fang!

“Look out!” Shiyu’s heart was in her mouth.

[1] Vines slipped around Dong-Fang’s waist and pulled him back. The hammer slammed into where Dong-Fang had been, sending tiles flying in all directions. [2d] [1] The eyes of the people who witnessed this went round with shock. Shiyu’s expression changed. They had only intended to throw their target off the platform. None of them expected these people to openly kill.

“What the shit!” Shiyu’s anger rose. A dagger appeared in her hand [2e], “Stick to the plan! I’ll take care of One Ear! You guys take care of the rest!”

Seeing her little dagger, One Ear sneered, “You killed one of my brothers. Today is the day you pay with your blood!”

“Your brother? He must have deserved it!” [1] Shiyu activated Chasing Clouds & Moon, the assassination technique she used thousands of times glided easily over One Ear’s flesh, leaving him with bloody cuts all over his body. [1] Unfortunately, the knife was too short to reach anything vital in that large body.

Injured and annoyed, One Ear brought his hammer down on Shiyu’s back. Shiyu managed to evade the hammer but the large man was unusually agile with his fists. One large fist struck Shiyu in the stomach, sending her rolling across the ground. Before she could get up, a foot stepped on her belly and a hammer was racing down to squash her head flat.

Some of the audience flinched and closed their eyes. Others screamed in fright!

[1] As the hammer came down, the heavy hammerhead vanished in a flash of blue flames!!

“The fxck!!”

They stared around the platform, but every other Champion was too busy with their opponents to help. [1] The weapon had really been melted away by the little girl! That was her signature blue flame!

[1] How could flame melt iron like that in a flash, ah!?

[1] Is this some kind of a joke!?

[1] Too exciting! Everything’s too exciting! The audience kept their eyes wide open, afraid of missing even a bit of the show. Too amazing! Later, when they reminisced together over the fight, everyone would agree that the moment when the hammer melted away was the great turning point!


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[1] One Ear was left holding the iron shaft of his hammer, which had also partially melted, scalding the palm of his hand. Really pissed off now, he took out another weapon from his space ring. This time, it was a huge axe.

Meanwhile, Shiyu had taken the opportunity to roll away. Her belly hurt but she was still good enough to pester this guy until Lin Fan manages to kill off one of those damned bandit brothers.

Fortunately, Lin Fan did not disappoint [2g]. Within three minutes [2h], the head of the Core Condensation 1 bandit went flying.

Someone in the audience screamed. Others with weaker stomachs turned a little green.

“Continue! I can hold on!” Shiyu yelled back.

[1] She was weaker than One Ear by 2 levels, however, she could still harass him with guerrilla tactics. When One Ear attacked she would evade using Chasing Clouds & Moon. When One Ear went after her friends, he would get stabbed in the back, literally.

As time went on, One Ear realised that this little girl was just slashing at him harmlessly and decided to ignore her. Shiyu had been waiting for this moment. Seeing One Ear ignore her various slashes, she got a second dagger and went for his vital points. [1] One Ear roared and tried to crush Shiyu with his axe but she was too fast for him.

A second bandit was cut down.

“Bitch! Die!” One Ear slapped the flat side of the axe at Shiyu as though he swatting at a fly.

The audiences were on the edges of their seats. All eyes were on Shiyu and One Ear. [1] How long before One Ear gets rid of Shiyu? Could he successfully get rid of Shiyu? Could they still bet on the outcome?

Though Shiyu made it looked easy, she was in fact, struggling to stay on top of the fight. One Ear would eventually win but Shiyu is making it very hard for him to kill her.

They continued to struggle for a while. Shiyu dodged another of his attack and… One Ear suddenly turned [2i] and slapped an injured Xuan Yin, who was just there, off the stage.

Then, without losing momentum, he charged towards Qi Chuyun who had been assisting the fight with her long-ranged ice attacks. On the way, he suddenly stumbled. Vines had crawled across the ground to tangle around his ankle. [1] Smirking, he grabbed the vines and with an incredible show of strength, tore them out of the tiles. With a roar, he swung the vines. Feng Luo, who was clutching the other end of the vines was pulled up and sent sprawling towards the edge of the platform.

Seeing the opening made by their boss, two Core Condensation 5 bandits kicked Feng Luo off.

[1] Now they were down to 5 vs 5. The advantage that Shiyu and Lin Fan had so painstakingly built up had disappeared. They were now back to square one.

“Did you have fun?” One Ear smiled grimly at them. [1] He adjusted his grip on his axe and stepped towards the middle of the platform. “Let me show you what a real bloodbath is like. Brothers! Block them, leave the target to me.”

Shiyu’s heart rate picked up. The remaining four bandits attacked them in a frenzy. Meanwhile, One Ear leisurely made a grab for Dong-Fang Zhen.

5 levels were too high a difference. Caught by One Ear, Dong-Fang could not even struggle away.

“Well then, shall we show your father just how you die?” a maniacal grin spread across One Ear’s face. “There is no one in this world that I, One Ear, dare not kill!”


[Gumihou: So, erm, that was exciting. Gumi might have made it even more exciting…]


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凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9




[1] Adjust Details for Dramatic Purpose: Sentence adjustments, additional movements, deletion of superfluous sentences as well as other embellishments included.

[2] Deletion of Superfluous sentences: What did Gumi delete you ask?

Oh, things like:

[a] ‘…now that One Ear is down, he can’t go after Xuan Yin

[b] ‘…now that she and Feng Luo were pressing One Ear to the ground, they had no idea how long he would stay down and could only ask their teammates to hurry’

[c] ‘…after Shiyu’s command, Qing Chen helped Lin Fan

[d] ‘… if the hammer had hit Dong-Fang, he would have become mincemeat

[f] ‘… and aimed it at One Ear

[g] ‘…he was quite strong too’

[h] ‘… of Shiyu dragging things out with One Ear

[i] ‘…towards Xuan Yin who was not far away

Like, there’s blow by blow, but then there’s also: ‘She lifted the cup to her lips and swallowed, drinking the liquid inside.’ kind of superfluous things?


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  1. Eh...

    I’m lost, if Shiyu could use Chasing Clouds, and has a dagger, why did she just give him flesh wounds? Why not go for, I dunno, a joint? An Achilles tendon? Something useful? I mean, I get not being able to get a kill shot, that’s understandable, but at least a maiming? What happened to all those cooking knife skills? Debone the fellow!

    1. Gumihou

      I’m going to assume that the bandit leader is clever enough to wear protection and is 5 times bigger than Shiyu and made of muscles. Also, Shiyu doesn’t use her special knife in combat, so the battle dagger would be the one Lin Fan gave her way back when they were still in Qing Shan City.

      1. Eh...

        Granted, the guy is probably a tank, but joints are always a weak point in armor and the body, as a chef especially should know…then again (it’s gonna become a meme at this rate), rabbit skin…what’s the point of having so many trump cards if you never use any until after your neck is broken?

  2. Hamster

    In a Kingdom or Empire in any reasonable (non-farce) WN or book allows a contest or tournament to pass a rule that makes it legal to assassinate the King or Crown Prince. This is also a reasonable belief readers may hold through reading other stories.

    Yet, here is a tournament which has not limited the killing blows nor does the King have any royal guards standing by to ensure that assassination does not occur.

    1. Gumihou

      Eh, in a world where Might is Right, things like that could get kind of blurry?

      Who knows, there are so many things I could complain, that is just one of them…

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      Can’t remember if DFZ has many other siblings, but his father might consider him expendable if he isn’t strong enough to protect himself…

      1. Gumihou

        Siblings are all dead, he’s the only child (probably). He’s definitely the only son. This was mentioned back in Chapter 118.

        1. Eh...

          Wow, forgot about that…yeah, seems odd his father isn’t keeping tabs on him then…

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