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Little Cooking Saint – 0203 – Grilled Buttered Corn (k)

Chapter 203 Grilled Buttered Corn (k)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Because it was only the first tournament day, the Dean did not give them any difficult opponents. The main purpose of the tournament was to train up the College students after all. Therefore the Champions won all 10 fights consecutively.

The only difference was how long it took to win a fight. Naturally, against the more powerful, they took a little more time. For the less powerful, they quickly crushed their opponents in the most spectacular way possible. Meanwhile, bets on how long the next team would last began to circulate.

Since there was no pressure to win, Lin Fan and the rest did their best to make the competitions more exciting for the audiences. The Dean had specially instructed them to make things ‘look good’ to get more ticket sales.

“Didn’t I say that people who could declare themselves Champions on the Public Square can’t be trash?” someone announced. “These 100 silver taels is worth every coin.”

“Right? Right? I still can’t believe I’m watching real Cultivators battling it out before my eyes,”

“More importantly, we can personally feast our eyes on Young Liege Feng! Kyaaahhh~!”

Squeals of excitement followed this statement.

“Young Liege Feng such a kind, caring and wonderful person!” another girl sighed. “I’m willing to pay 100 teals every day just to see him in action!”

Anyway, the Champions managed to make it to the end of the tournament without taking a loss.

Still, the audience was very satisfied. Most of them stayed until the game was over and the final protagonist stepped off the field. [1] Even though the champions won every game, it was not at all boring, ah! Did you see all those elemental attacks? That young man’s agility or that girl’s speed? Wasn’t it amazing?!

[1] Though none of the challengers won today, it was all still very exciting. They must catch the next competitions, the longer the tournament run the better the prizes. Although the commoners have no idea what so-and-so herb or this-and-that magical pill was, it must surely be good to attract stronger fighters, right?

[1] Today’s fight was already this exciting, what would the next fight bring!?

[1] Will the Champions keep winning?


On the side of the Champions.

Lin Fan, as team leader, was very satisfied. Aside from Feng Luo’s little stumble, everything went according to plan. However, after today, the opponents will only become stronger and stronger. The prizes would become more and more attractive and eventually, the more powerful people will take the bait.

The bearded men also left the stadium. They were on their way to the registration office when someone strolled into their path.

“One Ear, it’s been a long time,” the man smiled coolly at the group of hulking men. “And here I thought you’re still doing business by the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range. I never thought you’d turn up at the Imperial Capital. I wonder, what brings you to this side of the world?”

The leader of the bandits has one missing ear, and was therefore aptly called ‘One Ear’.

One Ear narrowed his eyes at the elegantly dressed person before him, “So, it’s Patriarch Ge. We’ve already cleared off old debts. Surely there’s no reason for you to come and block our way?”

“Hahaha, coincidence! It’s all a coincidence. I happened to see you and came to give you my greetings. Correct me if I’m wrong, you’re on your way to register yourself as a challenger, have you not? I wish to make a deal. Will you spare me the honour of your presence?” Patriarch Ge said.

One Ear thought for a moment, “Sure, let’s hear this deal of yours first.”

After all, theirs was a business that involved blood and swords. There’s nothing they were not willing to do, as long as the compensation is right.

“Shall we go to that teahouse?”

Patriarch Ge led them to a private room in the teahouse and sat down with One Ear.

Seven or eight [2] men stood behind One Ear, most of them at Core Condensation realm. One Ear himself was the strongest at Core Condensation 8 with three of them at Core Condensation 5.

[3] If all four of the strongest plus three more challenge those Imperial College brats…

[3] Those young people might be strong for their age, but their most powerful fighter was only a Core Condensation 7. Moreover, their weakest fighter was a mere Core Transformation expert. Too young, Patriarch Ge sneered.

[3] He looked over this group of large and powerful men with satisfaction. On the other hand, these are veteran killers. How can that litter of cubs who had never even scented the smell of fresh blood win against a pack of experienced wolves?

“To be honest,” said Patriarch Ge slowly. “I seek you out for your assistance to kill a certain person.”

One Ear sat up, one hand went to rub the scar on the back of the other hand. “Who?”

“It’s one of the Challengers. Your target is the tallest one. If you can injure him badly enough to die on the spot. The amount of silver I’m willing to pay will be beyond your imagination. Enough for you leave this place and never come back,”

“From your tone, I take it if that brat dies, we’ll get into a whole lot of trouble.”

“Don’t you live by betting your lives anyway? More than a few countries have bounties on your heads. If you do this one job, you will have enough money to get away and make a fresh start. Or, are you telling me you are too afraid?”

“Don’t use those cheap tricks with us. We’ll take the order. However, I expect you to clean up after me. Otherwise, don’t think I’d be unwilling to give you up,” One Ear sneered.

A brilliant smile appeared on Patriarch Ge’s face, “But, of course, else why would I seek you out openly like this? Now that the negotiation is done, I shall make all the arrangements for you. Your turn will come in two days. Do make sure to remember our little agreement,”

“Of course,”


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The seats were packed again the next day. Perhaps it was due to their brilliant performance yesterday? It was the same on the third day. The number of people showed no sign of dropping. It was as though the entirety of the Imperial Capital was there.

On this third day, Lin Fan had just sent his opponent packing, [4] all by himself. As he dusted his hands off and waited for his friends to join him on the platform, his thought wondered. There was no sense of accomplishment even after all those wins. Was it because their opponents were too weak?

[4] How could they improve themselves by fighting these weak opponents?

[4] In fact, the greatest challenge was trying not to win too quickly and to give their opponents a little time to shine and stimulate the audience…

“Well,” he said to the rest as they arranged themselves half boredly on the stage. “This is the last group of the day, I hope we get to fight someone stronger soon.”

After all, if this goes on, the tournament would really turn into a monkey show, ah!

“Your wish seems to have come true,” Feng Luo remarked.

They all turned to see the line of people making their way onto the stage.

Indeed, by appearance alone, this group of rough-looking adult men with their fierce eyes, bearded, scarred faces and sheer aura of menace radiating from their bodies…

[5] Lin Fan could feel his teammates tensed up. And no wonder, these cannot be good people. He thought back to what he had overheard two days ago and narrowed his eyes.

Just then, someone in the audience shouted, “Motherfxcker! It’s One Ear! How dare they come to the Imperial Capital?!” some of the audience were Cultivators who had been robbed by this group of bandits in the periphery of Spiritual Beast Mountain Range.

“The Imperial College Champions are about to lose their winning streak! One Ear and his gang are all fierce killers and fighters.”

“Moreover, this is the last fight! The students have already fought five battles already, this is too horrible!”

Before these famous bandits, though they could not say anything good about their characters, they all know that these people were strong. Perhaps too strong even for the Champions! Based on Cultivation strength alone, the Champions already lost!

In the middle of the platform, Lin Fan understood all this. Their enemy this time was more powerful than them. Even if they could win, it would take a lot out of them.


A smirk appeared on Lin Fan’s face.

“Let’s do our best.”


[Gumihou: Final three lines is modified by Gumi for maximum impact.]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Added Details for Dramatic Effect: Give some insight into the audiences’ thoughts.

[2] Numbers man… (;¬_¬)

I can’t believe I nearly gave myself apoplexy over the ‘200,000 people in a Colosseum like building’ in Chapter 201 when the author can’t actually count up to 10.

[3] Patriarch Ge’s Thoughts: Otherwise, the information just seems to float out of nowhere. Gave it a little flavour in terms of style of thought too.

[4] Lin Fan’s thoughts: Also, it was implied (maybe) that he fought the 5th group of the day by himself. Made it explicit and included all the necessary details to back this up.

[5] Switch POV: Why is Shiyu’s POV suddenly here in this one (or two) paragraph?! Switched it back to Lin Fan.


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