Little Cooking Saint – 0202 – Grilled Buttered Corn (j)

Little Cooking Saint – 0202 – Grilled Buttered Corn (j)

Chapter 202 Grilled Buttered Corn (j)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


When Shiyu’s team saw their first group of challengers, their facial expressions underwent a couple of changes.

“Why are you here?” asked Lin Fan.

“We might be weaker than you, but we still want to fight you!” declared Ling Xiaoxiao energetically. “We want to see just how wide the gap between us is.”

“No need to see anything. I can take on all of you on my own,” said Feng Luo loftily.

The moment he blurted out these words, Xiao Qi and her ragtag team glared at him. As for his teammates… well, they gave him one meaningful look before they collectively turned their backs to him and stepped off the platform together. Loyalty? What loyalty? We don’t know this guy.

“1 vs 6! If you can’t back up your words, go and explain to the elders later!” Shiyu called with a grin.


When the team of 6 people leapt onto the stage, everyone quieted down. To their amusement and shock, six of the College Champions calmly trotted off the stage, leaving one guy to face the 6 challengers. Wei! Is this some kind of confidence play? Are they looking down on the challengers?

Not long after that, whispers and bets began in earnest as everyone eagerly waited to see what would happen next.

Lin Fan sat down on the specially prepared set of seats for the College Champions. Qi Chuyun remarked, “Surely Feng Luo could take them?”

“Not necessary,”

“Really? But, he’s a 5th Level Core Condensation expert, right?”

Of the people facing Feng Luo, three were at Core Transformation while the other three only Condensation Stage. If he lost, it would be really shameful…

Dong-Fang Zhen took out a piece of chopstick and easily snapped it in half. “A single chopstick breaks easily, but,” he picked up five more chopsticks.

However, before he could continue with his wiseman demonstration, Shiyu snatched up the chopsticks from his hand crushed them into toothpicks. “Five chopsticks still gets smashed flat.”

Dong-Fang Zhen stared at his ruined chopsticks for a moment. Then, in a fit of bitterness threw himself at Xuan Yin and howled into her bosom, “Lady wife! Xiao Shi bullied me!”

Xuan Yin was very cold, “Unfortunately, I am too weak to fight her.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, we’ll just work hard at night. We’ll work very hard every night and raise our Cultivation!”

“Cough! Cough! Cough!” everyone began to cough. Loudly.

Cheeks flushing, Lin Fan fixed his eyes on the platform and said pointedly, “Feng Luo is a Wood Attribute fighter, while his opponents have Fire, Water and Thunder Attribute. If they could work well together… if Feng Luo underestimates them… he will suffer for it.”

“Surely not? Just the gap alone…” Shiyu began.

“The rules of the tournament stipulates that the moment you are off the stage, you lose,” said Qing Chen calmly. “Moreover, the opponents are all acquaintances.”

That’s right, they were all friends and acquaintances. [1] On the one hand, it will be difficult for Feng Luo to seriously attack these people. Especially considering his soft-hearted nature. Moreover, them being acquaintances meant the other side would have some understanding of Feng Luo’s weaknesses and strengths.

[2] On the stage, Xiao Qi’s team went on the offensive.

[2] Electricity crackled around Lao Er’s fists. Though the sparks were not obvious, just graze from his fists would cause quite a shocking electrocution. As one of the more physically adept fighters, Lao Er charged forward and engage Feng Luo in a close contact fight.

Meanwhile, the others launched long-distance Fire and Ice attacks, someone even thought to ice the floor causing Feng Luo to nearly skid off the platform! It was getting very embarrassing.

[2] However, Feng Luo’s embarrassment was only apparent to the expert eyes. To the audience made up of mundane people, they gasped and gaped in amazement at the flashes of elemental attributes and amazing martial arts demonstrated by the contenders. Applause came in waves as the colourful fighting scenes continued.

Naturally, while a good part of the audience stamped their feet and cried ‘Good! Good!’, quite a few found the whole thing boring.

“Tch, is this a monkey show?” someone from the VIP seat sneered.

“Well, the purpose is to sell tickets. So, I suppose this kind of sensationalised performance is more appealing to the ignorant masses.”

“How could the Imperial College not be ashamed?”

“Is that really a Core Condensation expert? Humph, he must be a fake. Coming here is a waste of my time.”

While they were speaking, Feng Luo once again took a direct hit from Lao Er. He was having a very miserable time because the other six were happily attacking him with all they have, trusting his much higher Cultivation to protect him from their attacks. However, Feng Luo had to be extra careful about fighting back. The wrong punch or kick could kill his friends, ah…

Suddenly, Feng Luo’s body seized up. [2] That Lao Er brat had overcharged his last attack! Feng Luo collapsed to the floor, his whole body twitching from being electrocuted.

“Quick! Throw him out!” Lao Er cried excitedly. The moment they kick this guy off the stage, they win!

Lao Er’s Cultivation might be the lowest. However, he can keep a cool head under stress and was, therefore, the temporary commander of the team.

Liu Eleven and Gan Ping were already slapping their hands onto the paralysed Feng Luo. Ling Xiaoxiao [3] froze him with her Ice Attribute just before they tossed him into the air.

“So that’s the so-called Core Condensation expert!” someone mocked. “How shameful.”

However, before anyone could throw any more sneers, Feng Luo, who had been electrocuted, frozen and tossed into the air exploded into movement. The ice shattered and the once miserable-looking young man landed gracefully onto his feet. Ice crunched under his shoes as he stepped towards the middle of the platform where his six opponents were staring at him with open mouths.

Feng Luo brushed his hands down his robes and said, “I must say, you nearly got me.”

[1] “It’s fine,” Lao Er encouraged his friends. “Let’s do this again!”

However, this time Feng Luo did not give them time to attack. With a wave of his hands, vines and grasses suddenly grew out of the platform floor and flashed towards the six-man team. Xiao Qi and her friends tried to escape but all were caught. By the time they thought about breaking the vines, they had been lifted to a good 100ft into the air.

[1] The girls shrieked. Maybe Liu Eleven did too.

The audience also shrieked, with delight!

“Amazing! Amazing!” for a few breaths, the six challengers hovered in the air before Feng Luo finally commanded the vines to gently lower them back to their seats before retreating.

“Be good and watch the rest of the show from there,” said Feng Luo.

Finally, there was only one person in the middle of the platform.

It was clear who the winner was.

Feng Luo saluted the audience and remained on stage while the other champions stepped back onto the platform to receive their next challengers.

“Well? Feeling guilty now?” Lin Fan went straight to the point.

“What do you think?” Feng Luo wiped his sweat discreetly. “My carelessness nearly cost me. They very nearly threw me off the stage.”

“If you had fought seriously instead of teasing them first, this would not happen,”

“I know,” Feng Luo said. “I was wrong, there won’t be a next time.”

“Good,” Lin Fan was not one to hold grudges. Since Feng Luo had already learnt his lesson, he would not pursue the matter anymore.

The first team of challengers had been taken down. The second and third teams were quickly and efficiently defeated too. The Cultivation levels of their opponents were not high and therefore it was easy for them to win.

After five rounds of back to back fighting, it was soon clear that the College Champions could crush their opponents without needing all members to fight.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the stands sat a few very large and tough-looking men in beards. One of them suddenly pointed at Shiyu, “I know that girl!”


“Remember the last time we were hunting around the edges of Monster Beast Mountain Range? She’s the one who burnt Fifth Brother to death!”

The largest of them, the Big Brother, has a scar down one side of his face and a missing ear. Malice glittered in his eyes, “You’re sure about this?”


“It is justice to kill in the name of revenge. Get someone to register us, let’s meet with these so-called champions.”

This group of ‘hunters’ were professional robbers who operate around the edges of Monster Beast Mountain Range. Shiyu had been travelling with Xiao Shu’s group when she burnt one of them to death. Though the plan was to kill in the name of revenge, that excuse was nothing more than a farce. These professional robbers were more than happy to kill under any pretext. The strength of that dead ‘brother’ was not very high, and therefore of little value to their group. However, having the moral high ground under their feet never hurt.

Now that they knew that one of those champions had killed their brother, they have every reason to act like righteous men and fight for ‘justice’. Until one side perished, they would not rest.

When Shiyu casually ended that man’s life that day, she never thought that it would bring about this kind of trouble.

They were about to meet their first tough opponents.


[Gumihou: Well, karma just came back to bite someone’s tushy.]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Additional Information for Reasoning Reason: Like, if you want to have a conclusion, you must do some reasoning to get there. Also, if you start a reasoning line, please carry it all the way to the end.

[2] Additional Details for Dramatic Reasons: Cracks knuckles

Yooooosh, let’s do this!!

[3] It’s unclear who froze Feng Luo, as far as Gumi knows Lao Er has Thunder Attribute, Xiao Qi = Fire, Ling Xiaoxiao = water, the rest are unknown. So, gave Miss Chilli Peppers a little moment to shine here.


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