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Little Cooking Saint – 0200 – Grilled Buttered Corn (h)

Chapter 200 Grilled Buttered Corn (h)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou

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When Shiyu finally informed Lao Er and Xiao Qi about Wen Xian’s departure, both were noticeable sad. However, they dealt with it by going off and training even harder.

Everyone has their own little set of friends. While Shiyu, Lin Fan and Feng Luo forged a deep friendship with each other, the younger ones hung out in their little circle and developed their connections.


[1] Time passed and news of the tournament began to spread.

[1] The ground, which had been damaged by Tan-Tai Chu was further levelled by Dean with the assistance of Uncle Wang [2]. It was eventually turned into a public square where students could participate in battle tournaments with each other to improve their Cultivation and fighting ability.

[1] Once the plaza was built, news that a team of seven people consisting of Shiyu, Lin Fan, Feng Luo, Qing Chen, Chuyun, Xuan Yin and Dong-Fang Zhen would soon be accepting challenges at the Imperial Capital Central Square began to spread.

As long as you can defeat them, you could get your hands on a thousand-year-old rare medicinal herb. The people can come and challenge them in teams of not more than 7 people. Age is irrelevant, but they must be below Divine Transformation realm.

There were still quite a few Cultivators who had come to challenge the Divine Tea Tribulation staying within the Imperial Capital. When these people heard the news, some were disdainful while others were eager to try their luck.

A single thousand-year-old rare herb could cost upwards of a million taels. Those with high Cultivation might not care. However, for the many who were struggling to get into Divine Transformation realm, it was a great windfall.

Therefore, as soon as the news was confirmed, many people came to register as challengers.

The maximum number of people in a team was set at 7 people. However, most of the people who signed up were solo challengers.

Because of this, the Dean and the elders had to modify the rules again.

“For people who signed in as individual teams, they could be matched against a Challenger with the closest Cultivation realm,” said Patriarch Liu. “I believe that’s how most tournaments are designed.


The elders and the Dean accepted this amendment. Anyway, if some other circumstances popped up, they’ll just revise the rules again.

After coming to an agreement over the tournament system, Patriarch Liu went with the Dean to update the people at the Villa about the new system. Patriarch Liu was here to speak of another matter as well.

“It’s like this. My eldest grandson is quite a talented one. I would like him to join your team,” he paused, studying their expression. When none of them said anything, he continued, “I know it’s difficult to decide on this since you’ve never met him. However, it’s fine, you can let him join as a reserve member first and let him into the main team later after you’ve approved of him.”

The main reason for this move was that he, too, coveted the Forge Transformation Pill. If he had known that something like that would be put on the line, he would have dragged that brat over much sooner.

The Dean added, “He’s also an Imperial College student. He’s Cultivating outside now, but is expected to be back soon.”

Since two of the elders personally came to recommend this person to them, Shiyu and the rest could not refuse directly. They could only agree to meet with this mysterious Liu character and see what happens.


Within the Capital, news that the first round of challenges for Shiyu and her team would be scheduled in two days spread like wildfire.

The purpose of the news was to fan the fires of interest and raise ticket sales for the tournament.

The organisers sought to use this first round of challenges as a warm-up to see how well received the tournament would be. None of them had anticipated the public’s enthusiasm. Tickets worth 100 silver taels each were soon sold out.

This caused latecomers to beat their chests and stamped their feet in annoyance. Those who had missed out on the tickets turned to the black market where prices of tickets continued to soar, stopping at 3,000 silver taels per ticket.

Indeed, these tickets were currently the hottest commodity in the market.

It was so hot that the elders and Imperial Family who had started this business were soon raking in the silvers. The Dean even made a rare appearance at the College, smiling and beaming at every person he saw and startling the feathers out of them.

“Now then, let’s hope those little brats would put on a good performance for our audience.”

After all, the reason why the tickets were so hot was because ordinary people wanted to see Cultivators in action. However, if the tournament was too boring, sales would soon fall.

Naturally, people who were not directly benefitting could only stare as the money marched past them and mutter dissatisfactions behind their hands. Some even openly disparage Lin Fan’s group for participating in such vulgar activities. After all, a Cultivator should be like a Cultivator and not be influenced by all these secular views. By selling themselves like this, aren’t they no better than prostitutes?

The elders all laughed when these remarks reached their ears.

These vulgar, secular things had all entered their pockets. If you want to be sour about it, go ahead. If you want to come and pick a fight, come speak to my fists.

The tournament was not the only thing causing a storm within the Imperial City. Below the excitement and cheer of a competition, undercurrents centred around the Imperial College. Many still remembered the incident just two days ago. The blood of those tragic deaths still stained the grounds of the College.

[3] Built over what had once been a site of senseless murder was a public square, a battleground especially created for students to hone their Cultivation through battle. The message was clear.

“If you are not strong enough to protect yourself, you will end up just like them. The weak will die a futile death in the face of evil.”

The Dean’s words were a little harsh and made several people squirmed. However, the truth of it was bone jarringly undeniable.

[3] This flat plot of space had once contained buildings, pathways and shrubs. It had been destroyed by one person in a single move. If you don’t want to die, hurry up and get stronger.

Because of this, nearly everyone within the College was now banding together with their friends to challenge Lin Fan’s team.

Even Xiao Qi and Lao Er were eager to try. They don’t actually knew that many people in the College. [4] Most of their friends were really Wen Xian’s friends. Eventually, they ended up going to the cafeteria to look for Gan Ping. Speaking of which, there was a strange stink at the cafeteria for a few days now, no one really knew what to make of it. However, no one really cared either, they were all busy looking for strong and trustworthy companions!

The brother and sister pair managed to convince Gan Ping to join their group.


With Xiao Shu in their team, that makes four people. When Liu Eleven, who was still in the same Yellow Grade class as them, heard they were looking for people to form a team, he dragged Miss Chilli Pepper Lin Xiaoxiao over and aggressively inserted himself into their group!

Their little team was hastily cobbled together and were a combination different Cultivation levels and experience. Nevertheless, they all joined with the same determination to become stronger.

The list of members within Lin Fan’s team had been circulating around for some time now.

When Liu Yi and Mo Yin saw the names on the list, their faces stiffened a little.

Liu Yi seemed especially affected. He had heard rumours that the eldest son of the main family, that much praised and favoured child, was coming back especially to join the Champion’s team.

As for that Feng Luo, was his Cultivation truly that great?

Then again, Cultivation realm was not the same as true strength.

Liu Yi crushed the list in his fist. He was determined to enter the tournament and see himself.

In the next room, Meng Li was studying her image in the mirror critically. The girl in the mirror looked sweet and delicate, with cheeks as tender as peaches.

She knew that this tournament was a rare chance for her to approach Feng Luo again.

In the end, she still could not let things go…


As though the outside world had nothing to do with them. Lin Fan’s team members all withdrew from the public eye. They were nervous, a little excited, but not at all afraid.

Lin Fan studied the data in his hands, “Because the rewards for this first round of fights are not particularly high, the challengers are mostly people below Core Condensation stage. There are some Core Condensation experts, but not many. Four or five teams actually has Core Condensation Level 5 experts, the strongest challenger this time is a 7th level expert.

It looks like we have a clear advantage, but we must not take things likely. A lot of these people should have more battle experience than us. So, we had better not trip over a ditch just because we underestimate them.”


[Gumihou: Ahaha, being a team leader requires Lin Fan to speak more, lol!]



Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Added Information for Logistics Reason: Created a buffer of information between ‘time passes’, ‘Dean turning the damaged area into a public square’ and ‘the tournament’

I know the fun stuff is imminent, but don’t skimp on the details, please.

[2] USMiC – Uncle Wang: How could the author miss having Uncle Wang build something on ground zero under the Dean’s supervision?

[3] Additional Details for Dramatic Reason: Because we’re talking about deaths here. Also, emphasise a little more on the possible symbolic meaning of building a battle square over a fresh death site.

[4] USMiC – Wen Xian: Reinforce Wen Xian’s presence, especially the loss of his presence here.


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    Tournament Team members should be listed and no substitutions. Otherwise, tournaments become a farce for third party ringers subbing in. It’s also disgusting there is the strategy of politically powerful people forcing a top team to accept their child into their ranks as a substitute just to collect the reward. Rewards should only go to main team members and be limited to just the primary max of seven. So if there is a team of 7 members and 100000 substitutes, only the first original 7 qualify in the tournament and this set of people cannot change for that tournament. Otherwise, the first 7 will play, then at the very end just before they walk out, the 7 substitutes come in and collect the winning rewards in lieu of the main 7 contenders. While this is farfetched as the author won’t write this, I propose that this logic is what the people in this web novel world would definitely do. This is why I want to see the author write some more rules instead of having no rules except a few that are made up as the story goes along.
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