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Tondemo Skill – 248 – Ark

Chapter 248: Ark


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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So, the A Rank party is called [Ark]. [5]

According to them, they had stuck around Doran for a long time just to challenge the dungeon. It seems they left Doran about half a year ago to try their luck with Avering’s dungeon.

“As a guild master, I am duty-bound to gather high ranking Adventurers in case of an emergency. Therefore, I know most of the Adventurers above B Rank,” said Elland-san solemnly.

For a moment there, I thought Elland-san looked like a serious and reliable guild master, looks like he didn’t really leave everything to poor Ugor-san.

“Ugor-kun is rather insistent on this and kept nagging me to memorize the names and faces of these Adventurers.” [5]

… as expected.

“So, what’s Doran’s Guild Master doing in a place like this?” a rough-looking man in his 30s with short blond hair and scars on his cheeks asked. He looked more like a mercenary than a proper Adventurer. He’s the leader of [Ark].

“Well, it’s due to a series of unexpected events…”

“Was it…?” I gave Elland-san a sideway glance. [5]

“Er, that is… for various reasons, I had to go to the Royal Capital. I was on my way back when I heard that a friend of mine was planning to challenge the Avering Dungeon and came along with him…”

… I guess this explanation is still better than ‘a series of unexpected events’.

“I see,” said [Ark’s] leader. He turned to look at me, “and this is the friend?”

“That’s right. This is Mukouda-san, he’s an S Rank Adventurer,”

[6] It was still kind of awkward to think of myself as an S Ranker. Luckily, good manners had been beaten into our Japanese DNA and I introduced myself automatically, “Hello, my name is Mukouda. Nice to meet you,”

[6] The leader stared hard at me.

[6] “Er, I guess it’s kind of hard to believe that I’m an Adventurer…” I began with an awkward laugh.

“Are you Beast Tamer Mukouda-san? The one who cleared Doran’s dungeon?”

“Haa, maa, I guess…” [5]

“I see,” the mercenary-like person’s eyes studied Fer, who was yawning widely. “I heard that you have the Legendary Fenrir as your familiar, I guess it’s true after all.” [5] [6] “Ahahaha…”

“Fufufu, thanks to Mukouda-san, Doran’s dungeon is finally cleared for the first time in history,” Elland-san looked very proud. “It’s still the number one topic of discussion among Adventurers, and I, for one, am very glad for the opportunity to promote our city.”

“Indeed, I heard that the number of Adventurers visiting Doran has vastly increased as well,” said the mercenary-san. “Ah, but pardon my manners. I have neglected to introduce myself. I am Gaudino, the leader of [Ark].”

As if to match his mercenary-like looks, Gaudino-san has a bastard sword strapped to his back. [6] The unusually long handle, made for a two-handed grip, was a dead giveaway. [5]

“These are my party members…”

Gideon: The Spearman, a fine specimen of a young man in his 20s with short brown hair and macho Hollywood actor looks.

Seigwald: Dwarf with a Warhammer. Looks like a typical dwarf with his short stature, full beard and muscular arms.

Feodora: Archer Elf. She has the sharp, clean face of the elven race with hair like fine gold threads that just brushed her shoulders. Very green eyes stared solemnly at us.

There were only four members in the [Ark], I expect Feodora-san should be good with magic too, since elves are usually depicted that way.

After the introduction, Gaudino-san asked, “I’d like to know, how was your trip down to this level?”

[6] “Er…” how should I answer this? [5]

Fortunately, Elland-san came forward to say, “The dungeon is famous for having monsters with special species. However, I have the feeling there have been too many of them.”

“I see, as expected…” he nodded. [8] “This is our second time challenging this particular dungeon and you’re right, the number of special individuals is higher compared to the first time we attempt it.”

[6] “Oh? Is that so?” I asked interestedly. It’s always good to gather more intelligence whenever possible.

“I heard this happens around every 5 or 10 years interval. [8] I believe we have stumbled onto a peak special monster season.” [5]

“Ah, speaking of which, I have heard of this too!” Elland-san exclaimed. “However, I’d forgotten about it since we passed through this dungeon so easily.” [5]

“Easily, eh… As expected of S Rank Adventurers,” Gaudino-san has a rather bitter smile on his face.

“Oh, no, no, it has nothing to do with being an S Rank. I am a former S Ranker myself, but back then I could never have kept up this pace at my peak. It’s all thanks to Mukouda-san.”

Suddenly, everyone swung their gazes at me. Aughh, I get it, I get it, this skinny white-collar corporate slave doesn’t look strong at all and you’re right! Because, “It’s all thanks to my familiars, ahahaha…” [5]

Everyone’s gaze then swung over to the most obvious target, The Legendary Beast Fenrir, and was immediately convinced. [5] [8] “Naturally, Fer the Fenrir is strong, but Dora-chan the Pixie Dragon is very strong too!” Elland-san exclaimed.

“Not to mention Sui, the Special Slime!” [6] I quickly added, feeling Sui trembling in my bag.

“I can understand a Dragon being strong, but a Slime?” Gaudino-san’s eyebrows raised sceptically.

In fact, all their eyebrows were raised.

“Fufu, I too had my doubts at first,” said Elland-san generously. “However, she truly is a special one. I know it’s hard to believe it without witnessing it yourself, but believe this! All of Mukouda-san’s familiars are very strong. It’s thanks to them that we are able to come this far on our first day.”

[6] “Th- the first day?”

Every single member of the [Ark] was shocked. [6] Only the first day and they had already made it this far?!

“Oi! I’m starving! Food!” Fer’s voice was so loud that I nearly fell over.

The rest of the [Ark] members also jumped in shock. [5] [8] The shock lasted a short time, soon, the taller members of the [Ark] began to laugh nervously.

““Hey! He’s right, food!””

““Aruji, Sui is hungry~”” [5]

“I’m sorry, but my familiars are hungry so I’ll need to prepare their food now. Oh, Gaudino-san, would your party like to join us for a meal?”

It’s always a good idea to make friends rather than enemies. If there had been other Adventurers around, I might have to refrain myself, but since it’s just us, it should be fine.

The people from the [Ark] seem to be experienced dungeon challengers, it would be a good idea to hear some stories from them.


[Gumihou: The familiars are hungry, lol!]


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  1. Ben

    Mukouda be like that mom that met a friend so you had to awkwardly stand for hours until the finished freaking talking. Also, why did they just talk out of nowhere and the ark leader was a bit… Aggressive(?) In asking? I really don’t understand it. I guess they are just too extroverted.

    1. Gumihou

      That’s kind of specific yet correct assumption, lol

  2. Hiraite Neko

    Fer: Where’s my food!?
    dora-chan: these humans!!! my food comes first!!!
    fer: human, elves and dwarf.
    dora-chan: augh whatever IM STARVING

    familiars be grumbling at the many times they were delayed by human talk
    mukouda: 😅

  3. Philip

    Indeed, waiting for someone to do something only to see them keep talking with some stranger, it’s a very frustrating experience. Even with 1000 years of experience, the big pupper wants the food asap.
    Thanks for the second chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

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