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Tondemo Skill – 247 – A Rankers

Chapter 247: A Rankers


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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When we stepped onto the 14th floor, we were greeted by Venom Tarantulas and Poison Spiders. [6] Have I mentioned I hate bugs? Not only were we greeted by a huge number of giant bugs here but they were also creeping up the walls and ceilings.


This was bad enough by any estimate, but…

“I think I’ve mentioned this before, but there are a lot of special specimens in this dungeon. Variants and mutants that are not found anywhere else.”

Observe Exhibit A: The Venom Tarantula, usually comes in very dark purple that is almost black. However, the ones found on the 14th floor of Avering’s dungeon was slightly more reddish.

If it’s just a matter of colour variant, I could care less. I mean, I’d still care, because huge scary spiders are creepy and scary but I’d have to be extra careful about variants because special individuals contain highly toxic venom. Once bitten, the victim will usually die within minutes.

I mean, I have the [Appraisal] so I can identify a variant with 100% accuracy, but, but, have you seen the passageway?! It’s literally crawling with spiders!!!

In addition to the huge Venom Tarantula, there’s also the slightly smaller Poison Spider. Normally a creepy dark grey eight-legged thing, the limited-edition special variant also comes in slightly bluish tones. If you’re bitten in the wrong place by the bluish ones, you’ll die within two or three hours.

If the party has Antidotes or special extra potent healing potions, the poisoned party member could be saved. As for parties without the appropriate Antidote, well, chances of death in the dungeon is very, very high.

Although I have plenty of Sui’s Special Potions that are also highly effective against poison, I don’t fancy the idea of getting bitten.

[6] Haaaaaahhh…

Why are the monsters here so terrible?

Numerous bugs with extra legs that poison you, just the thought of it is too scary…

““Are you humans done talking? Rather than talk, let’s just destroy them all!!”” Dora-chan roared and a geyser of flame shot from his mouth. It was a repeat of the 13th floor’s Faux Dragon Breath attack.


Unlike the Killer Hornets which died nearly instantly, a few Venom Tarantulas and Poison Spiders broke through Dora-chan’s fire magic and came charging towards us.

““Sui is next~!””

Pew! Pew! Pew!

The Acid Bullet struck the body of the Spiders and Tarantulas, melting them from the spot where they were hit.

““Nice! Take care of those bastards who escaped my fire attack!””

Sui bounced up and down, ““Okay ~””

““Ah, Sui…””

““Don’t worry, Aruji~ Sui will leave one for you~~””

That’s good, because I really need to level up, but I don’t think I can face more than one of these creatures at a time…


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My Mithril Spear pierced through the brain of one Venom Tarantula that Sui had allowed to come near me. Once the hairy body disappeared, a bundle of white thread was left behind.

“Looks like you got another bunch of Venom Tarantula Thread,” observed Elland-san.


“I’ll be honest with you. With so many Drops, my [Item Box] is nearly full.”

With Dora-chan and Sui working together, one casting area attack spells while the other picking stragglers off with unerring accuracy, the number of Drops was incredible. On this floor, we got a lot of Venom Tarantula Threads and Venom Tarantula Poison Bags since there were so many of these arachnids coming at us.

[6] I really don’t want to be the only one picking up Drops once Elland-san’s [Item Box] is full, so, shall we give him that thing?

“Ah, I happened to have a Magic Bag with me, why don’t you just put the Drops there from now on?”

“Oh, nice! How convenient. Then I shall borrow it gladly.”

““Oi! I’m hungry!””

““Sui’s tummy is rumbling too~””

Umu,[5] it should be evening now. It’s time for dinner.”

“Ah, really?” [5]

“Oho, it looks like the Legendary Fenrir is also sensitive to the passage of time. Things had been going so smoothly that I’d lost track of time, hahaha,” [5] Elland-san laughed.

“Ahaha, I get what you mean. Anyway, is there a safe place to rest here?”

Umu, hold on… Hmm, go straight down this path and turn right at the next junction.”

As per Fer’s instructions, we went straight, then turned right. There was a clear passageway that opened up to a fairly spacious room. There were already people there.

This was actually my first time seeing other Adventurers since we left the popular floors. It was a four-person party consisting of two human men, a bearded dwarf and a female elf.

It felt a little awkward to meet other people and for a moment we just stared at each other.

Then, someone from the other party said, “Are you perhaps… Doran’s Guild Master?” [5]

“Oh? You guys looked kind of familiar, hmm, if I’m not wrong you’re an A Rank party called [Ark] right?”

“That’s right, not to be rude, but have you quit being the Guild Master of Doran?”

[8] He might as well have… I thought privately.


[Gumihou: Ohoho, who are these people?]


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