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Little Cooking Saint – 0198 – Grilled Buttered Corn (f)

Chapter 198 Grilled Buttered Corn (f)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Now that the person they feared most had been reduced to this sorry state, how could the elders stay their hands? They must get rid of these two quickly before the older one recovers his wits and the younger her composure!

[1] Just as the elders got ready to rip their enemies apart, a thin young voice called out, “Wait!”

A rip appeared in the sky and Wen Xian’s head popped out. “Master Dean! Please don’t kill them yet.”

Before they could gather themselves to feel the shock of seeing one of their College student popping out of a random void, their whole body suddenly felt sluggish and one by one, the martial skills they had mustered to attack the outsiders wavered and vanished.

[1] In fact, they were so weakened that they could no longer stay floating in the air and had to land.

A chill went down their backs.

The ability to create a void. The ability to swallow powers away. The ability to weaken one’s enemies.

These were powers beyond even a Nascent Formation expert! An even more powerful master was about to appear!

Wen Xian flipped out of the void and ran over to the elders, “Master Dean, my brother said it’s better for things to end like this, for now.”

“Your brother?” the Dean frowned. “You have a brother?” why did he not know about this brother?

Moreover, just what kind of person is this so-called brother to intervene in matters like this?

Elder Gu’s eye twitched. He recalled the Nascent Formation Leopard that had been killed with a single hit…


With the elders incapacitated by this unexpected stranger, Tan-Tai Chu glanced over at the badly injured, barely breathing Uncle Wang and quickly fled. Leaving behind nothing but an emerald green afterimage.


“Brother! That bad woman ran away!” cried Wen Xian.

“No trouble,” Wen Heng suddenly appeared next to him and smoothed down his brother’s slightly wild hair. Then, Wen Heng handed a five-coloured flower to Wen Xian. The flower exuded such a strong spiritual aura that it looked like steam was wafting from it. “Give this to the injured, one petal per person.”

Given a job to do, Wen Xian happily ran off to obey.

Now that Wen Xian was occupied, Wen Heng turned his attention to the elders.

“I am Wen Xian’s brother,” he said simply. “I have been staying at the Imperial College for some time now.”

The Dean frowned, how could he believe this? The entire College was under his protection, how could anyone come in here without his knowing?

Snorting, he said, “Young man, you-”

Before he could say anything else, Elder Feng and Elder Gu suddenly coughed violently.

Elder Feng hurriedly said, “Sir, why won’t you let us kill that bastard?”

Wen Heng smiled, “Isn’t it a waste to let a Nascent Formation expert die like this? He’s little more than an idiot right. Rather than killing him, just put him to work.”

At this, Elder Feng’s eyes lit up, “This is a wonderful idea. Only… we are not sure how to…”

Behind him, the Dean’s eyes darkened. He stepped forward indignantly, only to be pulled back by Elder Gu who also clapped a hand over the Dean’s mouth, just in case.

“Just get the Master of Illusions to do it,” Wen Heng cast a careless glance at Shiyu, who was currently sitting with her back against a wall.

She had already swallowed the strange flower petal and [2] the crack in her neck was healing rapidly, much to her surprise. She had been sitting with her back and head against the wall to prevent aggravating her injury. Although she still looked quite bruised and banged up, her body had healed to the point that she could stand and move without much problem. The other three badly injured had recovered as well.

“M-master of Illusion?” Elder Gu was stunned. The only Master of Illusion he knew was the one who served beside Elder Tan-Tai. Didn’t they say that Masters of Illusions are very rare? Could it be… one of these youngsters are actually…

Elder Gu was getting rather excited.

Shiyu massaged her neck tentatively. Her neck, back and hands were still hurting and she had pretty much exhausted most of her Spiritual powers. However, seeing Wen Heng here gave her a sense of security like nothing else.

With him around, everything would be alright.

Wen Heng [3] made a soft ‘tsk’ and picked up Uncle Wang by the back of his clothes and tossed him before Shiyu, “Well, give it a try. Brand him with your mental powers.”

“Err,” Shiyu eyed the slightly drooling old man. “How do I do that?”

“… …” Wen Heng was shocked to speechlessness for once. Wei, didn’t I see you compress and hide three different fires into a bead? Did I imagine the moment when the fire bead exploded and sneak attack the opponent’s Sea of Knowledge? Are you telling me that epic moment was an accident?

“You can just leave a trace of your mental powers in his Sea of Knowledge,” he said finally.

“Alright,” said Shiyu agreeably. Since Wen Heng told her to do so, let’s try it! Although she had overused her mental powers, she still has enough to form a small needle and send it directly into the drooling man’s brain. [4] She frowned as the needle dissolved in Uncle Wang’s sea of consciousness. Her mental power had dissolved but did not disappear. Instead, she felt as though there was a connection from her heart to this person. As though she held the strings to this person’s every movement.

“Er, sit up?” she tried. The old man, who had been drooling on the floor sat up neatly. His eyes, which had been dim and lifeless before now held a glimmer of light.

“Good,” said Wen Heng. “He is your servant now. As long as your mental strength is more powerful than his, he will never dare fight back.”

This was… quite an expected ending to the desperate and bloody adventure. Although she was not at all happy with this old bastard’s shameless actions from before, having such a powerful servant was not a bad thing.

“Thank you,” said Shiyu.

“I am merely giving you a little advice in place of your master,” Wen Heng waved her thanks away. “Moreover, I shall be taking Wen Xian with me now.”

“So soon?” she knew that Wen Heng had already stayed too long in this place. However, she had somehow gotten used to his presence and the selfish part of her hoped that he will stick around indefinitely.

“The Ninth Realm is not suitable for Wen Xian,” Wen Heng gave one of his rare explanations.

“En, alright. There’s no helping it,” it’s quite true that Wen Xian was not quite the same as the rest of them. Now that he has an older brother like Wen Heng to guide him, they should send him away with smiles instead.

In fact… Wen Heng was actually quite warm and gentle. The problem was, he’s only warm and gentle towards a selected few.

“As thanks for taking care of Wen Xian. Here’s something for all of you,” Wen Heng withdrew a jade bottle. However, instead of giving it to the youngsters, he threw the bottle towards the Dean. “I heard you’re organising a tournament. There are 10 Forge Transformation Pills in that bottle, use it as the final prize reward.”

By now, the Dean had gotten the hint that this was no ordinary ‘young man’. However, he looked at the jade bottle with a frown. He had no idea what these ‘Forge Transformation Pills’ were.

Beside him, Elder Gu’s face had grown slack with shock. He was staring at the jade bottle with eyes opened so wide that it looked like they might fall out of his face…

Wen Heng continued, “The Imperial College had taken care of Wen Xian for two years. As a gesture of my appreciation, please accept this gift.”

He smiled benevolently at the shocked elders as he raised one hand to the air, [5] a tear appeared in the air as though cut by his hand. Beyond the tear were darkness and chaos. As the elders watched, stunned by this person’s effortless control over the void, the tear widened over the sky until it covered the entirety of the College grounds. Buildings, forests, mountains, lakes, pavilions were all covered by the tear in the sky.

[5] The chaos settled into something deep, black and mysterious. It was as though the night sky had been thrown over the College and yet, sunlight still lit up the place as usual. Unless one looked up at the sky, it was as though the rip was not there at all.

More importantly…

“The Spiritual aura seems to have gotten stronger,” said Patriarch Liu in shock.

[5] The others breathed in the Spiritually rich air and could only stare wordlessly at this incredibly powerful stranger. Just what is this trick, ah?! Just how strong is this guy, ah!?

“This is the Heaven Switching Array that cheats the sun and steals the sky from a different realm, allowing the aura there to spill over here. I’ve arranged it so that it is only limited within the Imperial College. This array will last 200 years,” said Wen Heng.

[5] Two years of limited care on one student exchanged for 200 years of this special array!!?

By the time the elders thought to react, this overly generous (?) guy had already casually taken Wen Xian and stepped through another tear in the void.

A void tore opened at the cafeteria. Wen Xian ran over to the corner where the Soup Shop was located. He found Gan Ping curled up on the floor. The pressure just now was so strong that it had caused internal bleeding…


[Gumihou: Wow, this Wen Heng is really generous. Also, Gan Ping!!!]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Added Details for Dramatic and Logistic Purpose: Stuff to make the transition smoother and more actions instead of bullet point type of writing.

[2] Shiyu’s neck bone: Let’s talk a bit more about your nearly fatal injury, shall we?

[3] Adjusted Details for Logistics: Original Text “Wen Heng walked up to her. Finally grabbed Uncle Wang, and threw him in front of her,

Err, so you walked up to her first, then elongated your arm to grab Uncle Wang to throw him before Shiyu?


You walked to Shiyu, forgot something, went back to grab Uncle Wang and threw him before her?

You could, I dunno, grab Uncle Wang first and dropped him at Shiyu’s feet, right?

[4] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Let’s describe the process of taking over this zombie, alright? Also, the puppet string analogy was provided by Gumi.

[5] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Describe Wen Heng’s gift to the College, because it’s pretty epic.


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