Little Cooking Saint – 0197 – Grilled Buttered Corn (e)
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Little Cooking Saint – 0197 – Grilled Buttered Corn (e)

Chapter 197 Grilled Buttered Corn (e)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


As Uncle Wang battled it out with the youth, [1] he could tell that the boy was using some kind of external force to temporarily boost his power. The question is, how long would this power boost last? The jade talisman only gave him a quarter of an hour, therefore, he must quickly kill off this child before he could grow up and become trouble in the future.

However, the little brat has a cool head on his shoulders and realised that he could not face Uncle Wang head-on. Instead, the boy kept retreating whenever he attacked. When Uncle Wang moved to strike someone else, he would move to intercept and cause trouble. The boy was like a slippery loach. Too annoying!

The intent to kill was already there and Uncle Wang kept attacking Lin Fan’s vitals, who kept retreating, using his powers to block or parry Uncle Wang’s blows. [1] This infuriated Uncle Wang, it was like being toyed with! Though Uncle Wang had reached Nascent Formation, this infuriating boy’s realm was at 8th Level, Divine Transformation. The difference was only two levels. If they were to go head to head, Uncle Wang would have won the battle without the trouble, but this boy just kept dodging away!

It was frustrating and humiliating!

[1] Uncle Wang growled and began to form ice in the air again. Let’s see how you dodge an area effect attack! [2] He concentrated on his powers and used the arrows to force the boy into a standstill. It was only a split second, but it was enough for him to thrust his hand through the boy’s chest.

“Lin Fan!” Feng Luo screamed.

[2] A grin formed on his face and Uncle Wang made to curl his hand and rip the boy’s heart out when, suddenly, his whole body froze.

“Aughh!!” with a scream, he pulled his hand out of the boy’s chest and clutched at his head. “Aaaaaahhh!!! Aaaahhh!!!” Unbearable pain swept through his body as a needle drilled through his Sea of Knowledge. Even his heart began to convulse as though it would seize up and fail.

“Who!?” he gritted his teeth against the pain and stare around wildly. His bloodshot eyes suddenly fell on Shiyu and he howled, “You! You’re that Illusionist! I’m going to kill you!”

Shiyu had no idea that mental power attacks were so powerful. Satisfaction flashed through her and she concentrated. This time imagining a large number of very fine needles before launching them at the old man.

However, this time Uncle Wang was prepared. Shiyu’s attack did not have the same devastating effect as before. Moreover, their Cultivation realms were too far apart, a powerful Nascent Formation Cultivator could still force his own mental powers to shield against a much weaker Illusionist.

[1] Uncle Wang demanded everything in his body to move. He must kill this Illusionist! If he allowed this Core Condensation Illusionist to grow up and polish her skills, what would become of the world?

[1] He must kill her!


[3] Time seemed to compress.


[3] Uncle Wang’s body disappeared.

[3] Qing Chen was sent flying.

[3] Uncle Wang reappeared behind Shiyu.

[3] Feng Luo, Lin Fan and Qing Chen desperately dashed forward.

[3] Shiyu turned to run.

[3] A withered old hand seized Shiyu by the nape of her neck.

[3] There was a jerk and an ominous crack.

[3] Shiyu’s body went limp under the merciless hand.

[3] Then, fire burst into existence.

[3] Ocean Heart Flame soundlessly wrapped itself around Uncle Wang’s hand. The burning sensation caused Uncle Wang to throw Shiyu to the ground.

Her neck bone fractured, Shiyu’s body suffered more trauma as it struck the floor. [4] It was very painful. She hated pain the most. Her neck, teeth and jaw hurt like the bitch and the pain was pushing her too close to unconsciousness and death.

[4] Nevertheless, she held on through hate.

[4] Want me to die?

[4] I won’t die like this!

A trace of madness flared in Shiyu’s eyes as she gritted her teeth.

How dare you, how dare you, how dare you!

This horrible old bastard relied on his Cultivation to bully and kill others. How dare you kill innocent people for that arrogant bitch! Even if I can’t kill you, I’ll bite off a chunk of your flesh!

[5] She had landed on her back and was staring into the sky where the old bastard was trying to fight off Ocean Heart Flame. There was an ominous tingling in her hands, but she could still clench them into fists.

Squeezing her eyes shut once, Shiyu snapped them open and called out, “Ocean Heart Flame, come!”

Ocean Heart Flame had already suffered a lot in the past and could not go up against a Nascent Formation expert. Therefore, when it heard Shiyu’s voice, it quickly zipped away from this scary person and landed in the middle of Shiyu’s hand.

[5] Meanwhile, blue-green flames slowly rose from Shiyu’s other hand. When she brought the blue, green and gold flames to meet between her hands, the surrounding area suddenly became very hot. When Lin Fan and Feng Luo saw this, they immediately thought back to last year’s Eastern Sea Tribulation…

“Come! Let’s stop that old dog!” Feng Luo rushed forward with his spear, appearing reckless, but really, he had no intention of fighting this person directly. He just needs to buy time for Shiyu.

He had only covered half the distance when he slowed down and aura condensed at the tip of his spear, “Thousand Blade Wind Breaker!”

It was one of Feng Clan’s most powerful martial arts. It was not something he favoured, but it certainly looked very impressive.

Spiritual power wrapped around the Arcane Iron spearhead, infusing it with green spiritual power until it shone with a dazzling light. When Feng Luo threw the weapon, it roared as it drilled towards Uncle Wang’s head.

The full power of a Core Condensation expert had little effect against a Nascent Formation expert. Uncle Wang stopped the spear in its tracks with one hand. Still, the strength of the spear was enough to pierce through that withered palm.

“Damned little beast!” Uncle Wang threw the spear back at Feng Luo, the wave of his hand was powerful enough to send Feng Luo staggering backwards.

Uncle Wang was incredibly angered by the attack.

[1] How dare a mere Core Condensation little beast injure him! He was about to rush forward and kill Feng Luo when a pair of blades, one covered in flames and the other with frost stopped him. Lin Fan and Qing Chen had arrived.



Shiyu managed to merge the blue-green and gold flames into the paired fish patterns, slowly converging them into the yin yang form. On the left was the Fire Spirit, on the right, the fused blue and green flames. Neither was happy about coming together. Shiyu had to do all she could to force her will on these angry flames.

Slowly and carefully, the fires merged. The temperature around her began to fall rapidly and finally, the fire was compressed to the size of a Longan berry. The little bead rolled in the middle of her palm like brilliant marble. However, neither heat nor energy could be detected from the bead. It looked and felt like a harmless, if pretty, little bead.


In the sky

Lin Fan was covered in blood, his stoic face giving away to exhaustion. The long sword in Qing Chen’s hand had broken into two, his cool façade barely kept together. As for Feng Luo, he had been struck so hard that he had fainted where he landed.

[5] Gripping the bead in her hand, Shiyu rolled to her stomach and carefully got onto her hands and knees. Her neck felt very fragile. Sounds of fighting could be heard as she forced herself to stand and then, with all her strength she covered herself with the protection of Chasing Clouds & Moon and flashed forward like an arrow.

“Lin Fan, get away!”

Lin Fan did not question her and quickly flashed to the side. From the corner of his eye, he saw Shiyu suddenly appearing right in front of the old man.


[1] Uncle Wang did not question why this prey would suddenly present itself to him. He smirked as he reached out to grab her head. He will crush the Sea of Knowledge out of this girl’s ears if it’s the last thing he did. The girl’s fist came up, it was slow enough to his Nascent Formation eyes to see the bead in her hand.

[1] A weapon?

[1] A magic tool?

[1] But what weapon or magic tool of Ninth Realm could-

[1] The Illusionist girl flicked her thumb and the bead struck him in the middle of the head.


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[6] When the horrible old man grabbed Sister Shiyu on the head, Wen Xian screamed. Then, he must have blinked because the next thing he saw was an explosion. An eye scorching fire waved out in the Yin Yang form flashing brilliant gold, blue and green colours like a firework. All the buildings and trees touched by the fire were scorched and collapsed into piles of ashes.

“Beautiful!” Wen Heng’s eyes flashed with satisfaction.

[6] “Wh- what just happen?” Wen Xian was still struggling to understand what was happening. “That fire, that was Sister Shi’s fire, right?”

[6] Just then, something else caught his attention.

The nasty girl in green was on fire! [6] He smirked. The rest of the elders, Elder Feng and the Elders Liu especially, had recognised the Yin Yang fire the moment Shiyu began compressing it and had retreated to a safer distance. The arrogant girl must have thought the elders had backed away because they were afraid of her and was caught close to the epicentre!

[6] Haha.

Too bad she was mostly protected by her green dress and though injured, was still alive and kicking.


[7] Tan-Tai Chu hissed with pain even as she neutralizes the fire licking over her skin. How dare these bugs hurt her! She will kill them all!

[7] Furious eyes darted towards Uncle Wang. That’s right, Uncle Wang will kill all these bugs for her!

“Uncle Wang!” she shouted, wondering why the old man was still floating in the middle of the sky in front of that infuriating fake. Why hadn’t he neutralised her by now?

As the smoke and fire slowly dissipated, Tan-Tai Chu finally had a good look at Uncle Wang’s face. She shrieked.

Uncle Wang’s face looked as though someone had peeled his skin off!

It was so bloody that it was a miracle he was even alive.

[7] Tan-Tai Chu only knew that he was alive due to his vaguely moving mouth.

[7] “Uncle Wang!” she shrieked again, this time there was a tinge of hysteria in her voice. If he was alive, they could still fight their way through this! She glared at the witch with her face with hatred. “Kill that thing!”

However, Uncle Wang did not answer.

The eyes might be alive, but there was no life in them.


[Gumihou: Please do not move or perform stunts if you have a neck fracture]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9



[1] Uncle Wang’s Thoughts: Used his POV and supported it with relevant vocabularies, such as calling Lin Fan ‘boy’ (he’s an old man, so boy is okay) and illustrate his frustrations through his thoughts

[2] Adjusted Details for Logistic Reason: Original text “Though it was only for a moment, his whole body froze. In that split second, it was enough for him to thrust his hand into the boy’s chest”

… …

Wait, so you: Froze > attacked Lin Fan

When… you were frozen?

This is why logistic is important, please don’t put the cart before the horse.


[3] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: In the original text, it was “Shiyu and Uncle Wang evenly matched” followed by “The next moment, her neck was fiercely squeezed

This is the moment where Gumi would scream at the TV, “Which bastard cut the scene!!?”

Also, if you’re being hit at a vital spot, you’re most likely gonna die before you feel it.


For battle scenes like this, it’s better for the camera to pan out and give a shot by shot account of the fight sequence.

What do you think of Gumi’s camera shot technique?

[4] Switch POV to Shiyu: Rearranged the Shiyu’s thoughts from before Note 3 downwards and go from there.

[5] Adjusted Details for Logistics Purpose: I’ll just… let the Shiyu lie on the floor while she power up her attack instead of staring *up* at the enemy in the sky while she power up from a standing position. I’ll pretend her accelerated xuanhuan meridians healed her neckbones enough to jump into the sky and send the attack into the enemy’s face just maybe 20 seconds later. Also, Chasing Clouds & Moon, because Gumi imbued that technique with some sort of protection on the body way back in Chapter 131, Note 6, which just so happen to be so very, very useful now.

[6] Wen Xian’s POV: Because we need a spectator for the explosion

[7] Tan-Tai Chu’s POV: Because we want to enjoy her pain (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Also, added a lot more drama, because we want to revel in her pain! Nyahaha!


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  1. Hamster

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  5. Hamster

    Even though her neck bones were crushed and broken, Shiyu summoned the power of her spinal cord. If the bones couldn’t support the weight of her head, the spinal cord would. From a horizontal position, her head was lifted upwards to a vertical position through the strength of her spinal cord. Shiyu resolved not to let any doctors know because they would complain that the neck muscles were attacked to the broken spine bones and not to the spinal cord. Thus, no matter how stiff the spinal cord was, it had no muscles with which to move. Certainly the broken and crushed bones of the spine couldn’t do the movement as they were in fractured pieces.

    Turning her body around to comply with the different positions of Uncle Wang, Shiyu continued to summon almost all her energy into the bead of power. It had more energy than all the beads the Dutch used to buy Long Island. She was close enough to Uncle Wang for him to reach out to crush her head. As he did so, Shiyu flicked the bead at Uncle Wang’s head.

    The gigantic fiery explosion occurred AT ARM’S LENGTH from Shiyu between Uncle Wang and Shiyu. But the power of her spinal cord withstood the huge forces battering at her head. Who needs a spine when the spinal cord is enough to hold your head up even though no muscles are attacked to the spinal cord. Miraculously, the explosion didn’t set Shiyu on fire, although Tan-Tai-Chu was set on fire despite being further away and the explosion was blocked by Uncle Wang’s head. If anyone was fully exposed to the explosion, it would be Shiyu since the explosion occurred at arm’s length distance between her and Uncle Wang.

    Amazing, who knew a spinal cord could have such strength against an explosion? Was Shiyu’s face burned by the explosion? Uncle Yang did have hold of her head after all so they were physically very close.

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